Tuesday, December 31, 2013

No New Years Eve Fireworks Allowed in Vancouver, Washington

In case any of my neighbors have forgotten (and I have not forgotten almost two weeks of sheer terror over 4th of July).

By Washington state law, fireworks can only be discharged in Washington from 6 p.m. to 12 a.m. (midnight) on Dec. 31 until 1 a.m. Jan. 1, 2014. However, certain cities within Washington ban firework use except during the days surrounding July 4.

For example, as of 12:01 a.m. Jan. 1, 2014, fireworks may be used only on July 4 within Vancouver city limits, according to the city’s website.

Besides it's cold and damp outside. You humans need to stay inside and have your little parties, right?

Love, Cinnamon

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Cinnamon's Year in Review: 2013

I can't believe 2013 is almost over. It has been an event-filled (and somewhat stressful) year for me, Cinnamon, the Coon Hound. It was the year I was convinced to start my blog. Here are the most important events of 2013 for ME!

In March we packed up and left MY HOME TOWN of Santa Fe, New Mexico and drove cross-country to my new home of Vancouver, Washington. I rode shotgun all the way. I had many exciting adventures on the trip but was really, really glad when we moved into our new house. I blogged all about the trip on my owner's blog. She didn't blog because she was too busy driving.  Here's where you can read about my trip and my adventures.

Here I am at the Continental Divide in New Mexico (one of many potty stops)
In April, I thought I was going to get a rest. But noooo, my friends who had been reading my blog during the big trip wanted more. So I started MY OWN BLOG. I blogged about life in my new town of Vancouver and about my first trip to the ocean. I blogged about my backyard and about how I never got my way in the house. I even joined Blog Paws, a pet blogger network. Yep, this is when it ALL STARTED!
Here I am in my new house watching out the window.
I thought this was MY room, but it wasn't really. See the furniture? I'm NOT allowed on it!

I started exploring the area. I went to a dog friendly brew pub in Portland, to a tulip festival, wine tasting, and hiking. I found out that people in the Pacific Northwest go crazy in spring. They've been cooped up all winter so they do all kinds of fun things in spring. I explored the wonderful dog parks of Vancouver and got to meet some dog friends. I found out that there were critters in the woods near my house. I even scared frogs on the Burnt Bridge Creek trail.
Who me? I wasn't scaring any frogs!

I found out I had relatives in Washington State. They live in the woods. One was mean and one was nice. I enjoyed going to this treat-filled house and learning about life in the woods. I even got in trouble!
This is the nice lady at the Hunting Lodge.
One of my cousins wasn't nice to me when I got there.

Then things got really interesting. I WENT ON AN ADVENTURE! I got to go to the wilds of Canada. I went hiking, fishing and tidepooling. I saw A BEAR! I got bitten by mosquitos. I got scared by totem animals and I had to ride in steerage on ferry crossings. But what I found out was that I loved being a salty old sea dog. I loved the ocean, the smell of dead fish and hunting those crunchy crabs. I LOVED CANADA!

Here I am in the fishing boat.

I was sent away to a Survival Training Camp to toughen me up. I got toughened up all right. I got bit right on my nose. I was scared that my modeling career was over. I never had to go back to that camp. I now go to a doggie Country Club for boarding! And, thankfully, my scar has healed.
This is the scar I got in the BIG FIGHT at the Survival Training Camp.

As if one trip to Canada wasn't exciting enough, we went for a second time. This time I did lots of walking in Sandspit from the B&B all the way to the airport and to the Coast Guard dock. I liked to chase the big birds out there. But when my owner packed up, SHE FORGOT MY BED! I suffered for months without my bed. It never did arrive from Canada so we went on a search for another bed... the best bed ever!
Oh how I suffered without my bed. Here I am curled up on a crate mat.

While we were waiting for the bed issue to be resolved, I went to visit my Country Cousins for Thanksgiving. I was mostly thankful that a new cousin, Cousin Samson, came to visit. He was FUN! We played all the time. One time we got in trouble running on the stairs. I LOVE COUSIN SAMSON.
Here I am getting wild with Cousin Samson

After getting input from my readers, we (meaning my owner) found a bed just for me. It wasn't quite the movie star bed I had wished for but it WAS COMFY, soft, billowy and a big step up from what I was dealing with on the floor. I LOVE MY NEW BED!

After way too much waiting, my new bed was delivered.

Christmas was good. I got some treats. But Samson wasn't there. Oh bother! But I got lots of presents. My family put together a Squirrel Hunting Training Kit for me because I was having such a tough time with my new job of Official Squirrel Guard. It was fun and I learned a lot. But when I got home all I wanted to do was sleep. I think 2013 was a stressful year and I needed to rest up!
This was part of my squirrel hunting training kit. Grrrrr!

I refuse to move to a new house in 2014 so don't look for that!

I hope to go to the beach again. I love the beach. I love the waves on the Oregon Coast.

I'm going to be doing more dog product reviews. My owner insists I earn my keep. So I'll blog alot so that she doesn't give me a second job like she did during the Official Squirrel Guard job fiasco!

In January I will have been adopted for TWO YEARS. I'm going to tell you my story... one that you don't know about me. It all took place in Santa Fe, New Mexico. So keep watching my blog for that!

Spencer, the Goldendoodle's Year in Review
Travelin' Jack's Year in Review

Love, Cinnamon

Friday, December 27, 2013

Cinnamon's Sleep Marathon

This is my bed. This is what I do.
I got home from the Country Cousins' yesterday and could hardly stay awake as we drove.... through the fog, across the bridge, in the sun, through more fog, across another bridge. Three hours of that.

Finally we were home. I checked for squirrels in the back yard and then headed upstairs to my cushy new bed with the animal print throw. And that is where I stayed ALL AFTERNOON!

I only awoke for dinner and then took a look outside. It was dark and foggy. It was ideal weather for sleeping. So that is what I did.

Ideal weather for sleeping!

It is now 9:30am the next morning and I've just gotten up. I'm considering going back to bed after breakfast.

I think Christmas WORE ME OUT!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Cinnamon's Christmas Visit to the Country Cousins' Hunting Lodge

Here I am riding shotgun. I'm all decked out in my bow.
Well, on Christmas day after the uneventful non-present opening at home, we jumped in the car and headed for the Country Cousins' in the mossy forest of the Kitsap Penninsula.

It was a special day so I was all decked out in my Christmas finery (aka Bow) for the occasion. I tried to sleep in the car but I was too excited. When we got near their house, my owner rolled down the window so I could smell the perfume of the forest. All of a sudden we slowed down. Someone was in the road ahead of us.... it was Uncle Tom and Indy. They were out for a Christmas walk. I got so excited when I saw Cousin Indy that I started whining. Indy jumped on the car and tried to hug me hello. I love my country cousins.
Here's Cousin Remi. He's the patriarch of the family.

So after that we went into the house (which, I think, also serves as a hunting lodge) so I could see Cousin Remi. He was actually nice to me.. can you imagine? After we settled in and traded toys, I decided to look for Cousin Samson. He was nowhere to be found. He's the best cousin because he plays with me. But he wasn't there. Since I was getting bored, I just curled up and went to sleep.

Soon it was time to open presents. Uncle Tom, Aunt Glenda and family hadn't opened their presents yet so everyone was excited. AND THERE WERE PRESENTS FOR ME! I brought some treats for my cousins but they really overdid Christmas FOR ME. There was a huge sack FULL OF GIFTS. As I opened them, Aunt Glenda told me that the toys inside were not really toys... they were training aids and I needed to be trained to HUNT SQUIRRELS.

What happened, and probably was the reason I was laid off as Official Squirrel Guard, was that all my barking and chasing did nothing to impact the squirrels. They just came back and tried to steal food out of the bird feeder. Instead, what I was hearing from these HUNTING EXPERTS, was that I needed to start HUNTING squirrels so that they couldn't come back at all! (It's all about outcomes!)

And here was how I was going to learn to do it.

1. The Flying Cammo Squirrel toy was designed to help me learn to jump high and catch squirrels. It has a picture of a flying squirrel on it.

2. The Squirrel Squeaky toy is for me to practice catching and carrying squirrels once I catch them.

Here's the Flying Cammo Squirrel Toy

Here I am being instructed on how to practice hunting with the Squirrel Toy
(Notice how well I am paying attention)

Here I am practicing.

I appreciated these gifts but am not at all sure I want to go hunting in my back yard. Can't we just ask them to leave, nicely? I'm an Urban Coonhound and not really comfortable with violence (well, after my stint at the Survival Camp!).

So after all that excitement the family had dinner while we dogs watched. We are good at playing the staring game during dinner. Imagine, three pair of eyes watching every bite of prime rib and vegetables that the people take. It was hard work doing all that staring.

After dinner I got a small piece of prime rib and then scoped out Remi and Indy's dishes to see if they had left anything. Since I was so hungry, I got in all kinds of trouble eating their food. But it was worth it because I got in a few mouthfuls before I was caught!

And, since it was Christmas, all was forgiven and I got bedtime treats right along with Remi and Indy.
Here we are getting TREATS!

Thank you to my Country Cousins for another great holiday.

Peace on Earth (except for squirrels),

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Santa Comes to Cinnamon's House

I'm asleep but I heard Santa downstairs. He was saying "Ho, Ho, Ho...this little dog has too many new toys." So he took ALL MY TOYS and carefully arranged them around the Christmas Tree so as to surprise me on Christmas morning.

I have so many toys that Santa didn't leave a new one. But I, Cinnamon, understand.
Please notice that the movie ticket gifts are not mine. They were gifted to my owner!

You see, all the gifts, this Christmas, I believe, should go to animals in need. So please donate to your local animal rescue organization. That will be a real Christmas Gift.

Meanwhile I'll be playing with ALL MY TOYS!

Love and Peace, Cinnamon

From Cinnamon on Christmas

A Houndy Christmas Video

I thought my houndy friends might enjoy this version of White Christmas. Such joy!
Love, Cinnamon

Monday, December 23, 2013

Wet Dog Day at Multnomah Falls

What does a girl do when she's laid off? Well I can sleep my day away or... go sightseeing! It had been a rainy morning here but it was starting to clear. So I decided to head over to see Multnomah Falls on the Oregon side of the Columbia River. It's not far, really.

I wanted to see if it was still icy there. I wanted to feel the spray on my coonie face. And, I thought a hike might do me good. We started into the Gorge as it got a bit misty. Then it rained. I then knew I had made a mistake. I was going sightseeing in the rain and didn't even pack my raincoat!

We parked and got out to go visit the falls. I saw that the creek was really rushing along and the banks were sandbagged. Wow! This might be more adventure than I wanted.
It was really misty at the falls. I wondered why no one had hiked up to the bridge!
As we approached the falls, it got wetter and wetter. We went up to the view point and I found myself taking a cold shower. Brrrrr.
I thought I was going for a nice dry hike. But noooo!
See how wet I am? I was starting to get ticked off at this point. 
I got wetter and wetter and finally I demanded to GO HOME! Enough of this adventure. There were NO dog treats. There were NO FRIENDLY people to pet me. Everyone was rushing away from the falls because they were getting so wet.

So we went back to the car. No stopping for fudge and no stopping to buy a postcard. We were headed in the right direction, I thought.
When we got back to the car, I wrapped up in my beach towel to get warm.
We took off and headed down I-84 and pulled off at Exit 17. What? No more adventures I hoped. I was looking forward to my nice WARM HOUSE! But we needed gas and then... we headed toward a fast food restaurant for a sandwich. Things were looking up!
Here I am looking all perky and interested as we went through the drive-through.
Chicken sandwich, Fries and a Chocolate Shake, please!

I guess the order taker didn't hear me place my order because when we got to the window THERE WAS NOTHING FOR ME! I had to settle for a few small bites of her sandwich. But that was better than nothing and... I was beginning to feel dry once again.

So that was my afternoon. How was yours?

Love, Cinnamon

Cinnamon gets Laid Off!

Yay! More sleeping time for ME!
I'm shocked! All of a sudden there is no need for an Official Squirrel Guard at my house. I was notified this morning (after I got up and did my stretches at 9 a.m.) that I had been LAID OFF!

It appears that the squirrel feeder bird feeder has been taken out of the back yard and put away. The backyard is much quieter now and so am I. 

The story from management goes like this: Due to the unforeseen increase in squirrel traffic to feeders, it has been decided to terminate the entire Bird Feeding program.

Don't worry about Colibri, the little hummingbird. Her feeder is still out there and she is much happier buzzing around squirrel-free. And the suet feeder is still there.

The weather is milder right now so the birds can find food in the branches and on the forest floor. 

Now that I am laid off from work, I think I'll go back to bed! Besides, I need more time to play with my Christmas toys!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Cinnamon's True Meaning of Christmas

You know me, I'm rather spoiled and self-centered. But I do have a serious side. This year, I saw the true meaning of faith and compassion. I want to share with you what inspired me, Cinnamon, to want to give to others to help dogs like me. These are feel-good stories that may inspire you as they did me, Cinnamon.

The Story of Rafael
Rafael was found in the village of Pojoaque just north of my home town of Santa Fe, New Mexico. A man out walking saw Rafael, just skin and bones and obviously close to dying, lying in the bushes. After looking at Rafael and realizing he was still alive, he wrapped him up in a blanket and took him home. He called Animal Control. He knew that in Santa Fe, Animal Control would take Rafael to the shelter where they actually help dogs. They have a veterinarian there and animal hospital. That is where I had my spay surgery and they took very good care of me.

Here's Raphael right after they found him
So they took Rafael in. They fed him by hand every two hours. They found special food for him. They showered him with love and medical care. They did every test needed to find out if there was something wrong with Rafael. And he began to thrive. For weeks, he still was very skinny, but by December he was gaining so much weight, under their care, that he had a cute little tummy.

In December, also, he was well enough to go into foster care where he could be in a family home and play with other dogs. Rafael gained weight there too. Now he is a celebrity and everyone wants to see him and go to Christmas parties where he is appearing. This warms my little coonie heart. Feliz Navidad a mi amigo Rafael.
Here's everyone loving on Raphael at the Christmas Party. He's a little fattie now!
So Rafael was saved from certain death by caring, loving people. He is only one of the dogs saved at the Santa Fe Shelter and Humane Society.

The Story of Bo Beau
Beau, the coonhound, was a rescue dog. He was rescued by Colorado Coonhound Rescue and placed in a family home. Unfortunately the family went through a divorce and Beau ended up getting "the short end of the stick." In his new living situation he didn't have the supervision he needed. One day he went out hunting and ended up being the prey! A mountain lion got him. He ended up with a ripped back leg and dislocated hip. 
Here's Beau after surgery. He is NOT happy!
His owner couldn't afford the vet bills so he went back to Colorado Coonhound Rescue. They got him to the vets. That started months of wound care, surgery and rehab. People chipped in to help pay for some of his care. I even sent some money from MY earnings. 
Here's Beau today... kinda looking like ME, Cinnamon.
 Beau is doing well and is still getting rehab for his back leg. See how much people care?

The Story of Juanita and her Puppies
Juanita was a scared Bluetick hound when they found her... alone, pregnant and pretty skinny. Colorado Coonhound rescue took her in and gave her love and food. They even built a birthing box for when she was to give birth to her puppies. 

They knew she was carrying lots of puppies but didn't realize that it would be 9 little cuties until the night she went into labor. This brought me back to when I had MY PUPPIES. I don't think I had THAT MANY, though.

So she kept having puppy after puppy. The people stayed up all night with her and helped. She even had one breech. (Poor Juanita). 
Here's some of Juanita's puppies... only SOME!
So after they were born she was totally exhausted. She nursed them and they thrived under the warm lamp in the birthing box.

Over the months, they got fatter and healthier and Juanita got skinny. What was going on? The people at Colorado Coonhound Rescue had her tested and found that she suffered from three types of parasitic worms. UGH!

So she got medicine and was cured. Hallelujah! Eventually all the fat roly poly puppies went to foster care to get adopted and SO DID JUANITA! Don't you think she deserves to retire from being a mom and live a life of leisure? I do! 
Here's Juanita on the way to her forever home. Note the pretty pink collar!

I hope you enjoyed my stories. I care about my fellow canines and love the people that love them. If you want to send some love (and money) to the organizations that cared for my friends, here is where you can donate: