Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Cinnamon Goes Fishing

Here I am on my First Fishing Trip in Canada - What did I catch?

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cinnamon has a rough day

In case you want to know... I'm going to Dakota Dog Park today.
Yesterday was not what I expected. I was all excited to get to the dog park and do my sniffing and visiting. I got through the gate and headed for the notice board (I always check the notices to see what's new). A big yellow labrador came bounding down the hill to greet me. She was very sweet. We visited awhile and then I headed up the hill.

I went up to the area where the trees, meadow and great smells are and stayed there for awhile... smelling and rolling.

The nice lady who does doggie day care came by with her nice dogs. We greeted her and then I looked up toward the hill. There was a humongous animal looking right down at ME. Was it a dog or was it a horse? I wasn't sure what it was. It was just BIG! I was scared and it wasn't. I decided to bay... and bay I did. I howled my houndiest howl and let that BIG THING know not to mess with me. Eventually it came down the hill and actually ran like a puppy. It bypassed me and went to see the people. Phew!

So I thought all the problems were over. I headed for the upper gate and all of a sudden this blue "dingo-type" dog came up to me. I wasn't sure if he wanted to play or not. I turned around, kind of scared. Then it happened. He snapped at me. He growled at me. I got really scared. So I snapped and growled back. I haven't looked that mean in eons. But I thought that aggression called for aggression. He backed off.

I decided to check him out and see what he was. Was he a Dingo? Was he a Hyena? Or maybe just a mis-placed cattle dog. He saw me coming close and turned around, bared his teeth and snapped at me. I snapped back and it ended.

But that wasn't the end. Then my owner got scared and talked to his owner. She asked if she had a leash. Then she clipped MY leash on ME, hoping the other dog's owner would also leash her dog. I was led down the hill like a common criminal and I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING! It was SELF DEFENSE! So, after all that excitement, we just left the dog park. I decided I didn't mind and gobbled down my treats.

Later, at home.... after my nap, of course, I was surfing the Internet trying to figure out what to do about the incident.

I came upon a discussion on that was discussing dog fights at the dog park and the writer said: "Leash your dog. Reprimand him or her sternly. Then apologize profusely to the other dog's owner. If your dog was the instigator and has caused some harm or injury to the other dog, immediately and without equivocation offer to pay the vet bill."

Then I went to the DogPaw list of rules and it said: " Dogs MUST be removed from the park at the first sign of aggression." Well, DogPaw is in charge and I am TICKED OFF! As I was being led to the gate to leave the park, I looked up on the hill and saw that mean Dingo-dog running and playing. His owner did not "remove" him at all.

Today I think I will go to my old dog park, Dakota Dog Park. I need a break from all this drama!

Signed, Cinnamon the non-aggressive hound

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Adventures in Suburbia

Today was one of those "Cinnamon Stay" days. I didn't get to go anywhere. I was stuck at home in the suburbs. Yep, I live in Vancouvria and they make fun of our town on YouTube. It's mostly Portlanders that laugh at where I live. It works for me because I am a coonhound and fit in well with gun-toting Clark County folks (well as long as all they do is tote the guns).

So, back to today. I had some amazing adventures. Of course I slept a lot but I was jolted awake by the sound of "Rocky the Flying Squirrel" leaping from branch to branch in the treetops.

Rocky is my backyard squirrel. He taunts me and then runs into the trees in the woods and climbs higher and higher. Sometimes I get a neck ache from watching him. You'll notice Rocky is part of the Vancouvria logo.

So that's Rocky. Well, then there is the daily battle of the hummingbirds. That's always interesting. 

I have two types of hummers in my yard. "Colibrita," is an Anna's Hummingbird. She's kind of small. And then there is the big meany bird... "Rufous," who is rough and chases Colibrita from the feeder. Rufous has some pretty spectacular copper red feathers. Colibrita is kind of a dull green. I always root for Colibrita, my friend. She comes back to the feeder after Rufous is out of the area. She's pretty smart.
This is Colibrita

So between Rocky the Flying Squirrel and the battle of the hummers, there is always something to watch in my yard in the suburbs.

Maybe tomorrow I'll get to go shopping at Old Navy (insider joke). Of course we go to the one at Jantzen Beach in Oregon so we don't have to pay sales tax!

Signed, Cinnamon in Vancouver, Washington

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cinnamon the Social Butterfly

Am I a Social Butterfly?
Today, at the dog park I was called "a social butterfly." Must be that I am a Black and Tan butterfly right? But, no... I was told that I am overly social and that's what it means. (overly?)

Isn't it expected that I greet all the dogs and humans that I encounter along the trail? I thought that was MY JOB! And I had no idea it meant I was some sort of butterfly.

Most dogs, especially hounds, are natural greeters. We have to check out all the dogs in the park and most of their owners too (sometimes they have treats). I usually sniff the other dog, check them out, say hello and keep on walking down the path looking for even newer dogs.

My favorite thing to do is wait in front of the gate to see who is coming into the park next. Will it be that cute little Shih Tzu or one of my houndy friends? The only ones I am not happy to see are the Great Danes or Dobermans. They are just too scary, even for this "Social Butterfly."

Naah, I thought about it when I laid down for my afternoon nap.  I'm not a social butterfly. I'm just plain social. Cinnamon is a friendly dog. I don't go to the dog park to run. I go to sniff, meet and greet! 
Here I am. All dressed up to go to a party!

I'd like to be a real "Social Butterfly" and all that it means. Now if I were invited to a party, I'd love that. I would be the center of attention. I could play hostess too and greet everyone that came through the door. And, of course, I'd look forward to all the food at the party!

So invite me. I might even wear my bestest jewelry!

Cinnamon, the party girl?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: I Love the Beach!

Cinnamon loves the beach... especially climbing on driftwood and "looking."
What might I be looking for here on this beach?

Monday, July 22, 2013

Coonhound Rant: They Clipped My Nails and I Hate Them!

I am so upset. I went to the vet's office for a shot and my owner asked them to check and see if my nails needed clipping. I know it's annoying when I jump in the back of the car and the click, click sound made by my nails is really loud! I know it's annoying when I run on the carpet and leave skid marks. But I don't think the vet's office is THE PLACE for me to get my nails done.
Here's my beautiful paws and nails, the way they should look

So imagine my surprise when they took me back for my shot and then they grabbed my beautiful coonie paws and clip, clip, clipped all my nails. My beautiful pointy long nails ended up all over the floor. It was done in an instant and I was so shocked.

There I was walking out of the back room quietly... no clicky sounds at all. I guess that's ok but what burns me is that my nails have no shape. They were blunt cut! And, they weren't even filed.

I now have blunt LITTLE nails like a common dog!

Gone are my beautiful Coonie Nails on my beautiful Coonie Toes. Coonhounds have long toes like fingers. We use them to climb trees or, like me, to rub my eyes in the morning and to hold my bones while I try to eat the marrow out of the middle.
Here's my ugly blunt nails now.
And notice, no nail polish either!

I take pride in my Coonie Paws. But now, I am embarrassed to be seen in public.

Look what they did to me! I think I'll go hide in my crate and sulk.


Cinnamon with the ugly nails.

Rules for Dogs in the National Parks

Here I am hiking last year in the Santa Fe National Forest
I never understand it when I am not allowed in a park. Parks are perfect for dogs! But the folks at have explained that some back country trails are actually dangerous for me. There may be good reasons why I, Cinnamon, can't go on some of the National Park trails. Imagine that!

Here is their story on pet access to National Parks. The have a great list of links where you can find each park's rules. Some sites have maps showing where dogs like me can visit.

See you on the trail,

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Why I don't go on 10K Volkswalks - Cinnamon makes excuses

Here's Joe and Karen registering for a 10K
They are much too fast for me!
Well my owner just got back from another one of her long walks. They are called Volkswalks (some call them volksmarches) and she's been doing this type of non-competitive walking since the 70's (that's the 1970's!) which is way before I, or any of my recorded ancestors, was even born. 

So when she registers for the walks, there is always someone there asking why I, Cinnamon, don't come. Well to tell you the truth, when she left for the walk this morning I was still curled up in a cute coonie ball on my bed!

So here's why I don't go on volkswalks in the middle of summer:

1. Most of my fur is black. I am a solar collection device and get hot walking in the sun. I get even hotter if I have to walk on pavement. When that happens I just seek out shade, whether it's on the route or not.

2. Volkssports means "sport of the people," in German. I am a dog.

3.  I am a hound and I love nothing more than to spend time sniffing. Walkers like to walk, not sniff. Sniffing slows them down and they get grumpy.
Here I am doing what I do best... sniffing

4. I am a coonhound and we are, by nature, sprinters. We see a critter and we chase them (as long as it doesn't take too long to tree them.) 10K is 6.2 miles. That is longer than most coonhounds go. I can be a fast runner but only for short periods of time.

5. I have to be on the leash during volkswalks. I like to be OFF THE LEASH so would rather go to the dog park!

So that's pretty much why I don't go with my owner on volkswalks. I might try one when the weather cools off this fall or winter.  We'll see.

They say volkssporting is all about Fun, Fitness and Friendship and... FOOD!

I'm a very social dog so would fit in as far as friendship goes. And I sure like to eat so I'd fit in there! But I prefer to work on my fitness either lounging on my bed or chasing dogs at the dog park.

If you people want to know about Volkswalks, just go to the American Volkssport Association website.

Friday, July 19, 2013

What do you do if you see a dog in a hot car?

Here I am in a nice cool car with my favorite people.
I was reading 'The Doggington Post' and came to a scary realization. Apparently it is not ok in all states to rescue a dog that has been left in the car in hot weather.

So what do people do? Just watch the poor dog die of heat stroke? This is really wrong. So here's an excerpt from that article:

"The North Carolina House passed a bill yesterday that gives explicit permission to use “any reasonable means” to rescue dogs and other animals left in hot cars. Currently, 14 US-states prohibit pet owners from leaving animals in hot vehicles, and most allow law enforcement officers to enter the vehicle to rescue a dog in distress."

But apparently this is one of those state by state laws. I was glad to read about the NC bill.  Full Article.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cinnamon Votes. Cinnamon cares about Vancouver USA

Cinnamon votes. Cinnamon cares about Vancouver quality of life.
I have before me a voter's pamphlet for the August 6th primary election of Vancouver City Council members. While I initially thought I should toss this away in the recycling, I started reading it on one of the hotter days of summer. I was lying on my favorite wood bench in my ever-so-safe backyard listening to the twitter of birds in the woods.

Suddenly it came upon me. Maybe I CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  Maybe these people running for City Council will take a stand on MY ISSUE... the danger of fireworks and the length of which fireworks are set off in Vancouver. One of my friends from Portland said recently, "They sure love their fireworks over there in Vancouver, don't they?" I just growled to myself and ignored him.

You see, I had a really rough initiation into living in Vancouver. I moved here at the end of March and loved my quiet family neighborhood with the woods backing up to MY back yard. I loved sitting out in the evening as the sun set. All was peaceful and I did my part to keep down my barking and make this a quiet, stress-free place to live.

But come the end of June, NOT THE 4th of JULY, all heck broke loose. Fireworks were set off every evening, long into the night. And, of course on the 4th of July, it was like a war zone. Now I understood what the 4th of July means to humans.... FREEDOM! But it must be more about FREEDOM TO SCARE DOGS! Those of you who read my blog remember that I felt caged in my crate as that is where I went at the first hint of a firework. It went on for SIX DAYS! That was before and after 4th of July, mind you. Life was tough. I got little sleep and even my owner was walking around with dark circles under her eyes.

Now, when I talked to one of the nice ladies at a fireworks stand (I was doing research, not buying!) she told me that in 2014 Vancouver had decided the following:

In October of 2012 the Vancouver City Council approved an ordinance that will go into effect in 2014. Legal sales dates in the City limits of Vancouver will be 3 days long - July 2, 3 & 4.
Fireworks may only be used on July 4 in 2014 within the Vancouver City limits.
It is important for residents and visitors to observe all laws about the use of fireworks. Be aware of legal dates and times for use. Fines begin at $250 for fireworks use outside of legal times and dates of use. Fines for use of illegal fireworks begin at $500. Full Text

Now that sounds mighty good. I can handle one night of fireworks. Maybe I'll even go out of town, who knows? But my concern is that no one will enforce this and the noise will go on for days and days. Will anyone running for City Council or anyone on the Vancouver City Council address this?

I know that fireworks were not allowed on some of the nights we heard them here. And to tell you the truth I have never seen a police car cruise my neighborhood. Not once! And, believe me, people park in the fire lanes all the time (despite the signs).

So who can reassure me that there will be peace in my neighborhood come July 4th 2014 (and before and after). Will I be safe? Please leave your comments below.

Cinnamon, Executive Director
Dogs Against Fireworks

Wordless Wednesday: Urban Hunter

Here I am hunting... for what? I don't know. Just hunting.

Monday, July 15, 2013

I was GOOD at the Dog Park!

Here I am listening to my owner call me. Or was it the treat bag I was listening to?
Well, I decided I didn't like signs on me. I have fun at the dog park, but I don't like to go home and get shamed.

So today, my owner brought a tiny bag of two Paul Newman treats into the park. (You know, those yummy heart-shaped treats). That got my attention.

I had a wonderful time running and romping. I ran with a pack for awhile and then backed off when they got too rough and bayed at them. They call me the "umpire" when I do that.

So I ran down the hill and when we turned the corner to go toward the gate. I was soooo good. I came when I was called, got my leash clipped on and then got my treats.

So the big question is... did I train my owner or did my owner train me? :)

Friday, July 12, 2013

Special Savings on Dog ID Products During July

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Love, Cinnamon