Thursday, August 24, 2017

Was it the Eclipse that Caused my Problem?

I was shocked! The day of the eclipse I had such a great time at the big Eclipse Brunch I spent the afternoon sleeping it off!

So the next day started like any other day. It got hot in the morning and there was no eclipse. My afternoon was a lazy one. I had my usual kibble for dinner and spent some time in the back yard. And that's when it happened...

All of a sudden I felt a sharp pain in my paw. I didn't know what it was. I licked it and nothing changed. My paw really hurt. I tucked it up under me and slowly limped over to the deck where my owner was enjoying the shade and flowers.

I collapsed on the mat right by the door. She jumped up and wanted to see what was wrong. I was afraid it would hurt so tucked my paw under me. She made me show it to her and she went over the paw and between the pads and didn't find a thing. I kept licking it. I just wanted the pain to go away.

So she let me inside and I limped over to the darkness of the front door entry way and collapsed in the corner.... trying to hide so no one would get the idea that I needed to go to the vet. And my paw still hurt.
Here I am plopped in the corner with my paw safely tucked under me.
I didn't want anyone to touch it. I hurt!
My owner checked everything and then brought over my water so I wouldn't get dehydrated. I wanted nothing to do with walking or even standing.
The offending paw.
She was worried, I could tell. She rummaged through the shelves of the pantry and found some of Francesca's medicine from when her leg hurt her (it was a sprain). So she gave me a dose of some sweet tasting anti-inflamatory/pain medicine and I pulled away even more. I was scared she'd give me something worse... like a pill!

And then she left me alone. I guess she figured I wasn't going to move so she brought my bed over. When she was out of sight, I limped over and plopped on my cushy bed. Once I plopped, I didn't move much all night. I guess I turned around a couple of times. but I didn't go anywhere.
I spent the whole night on my bed by the door.
So I woke up and wondered why my paw didn't hurt. I was afraid to move from my bed thinking it would start hurting to I stayed there. When I heard breakfast being made in the kitchen, I forgot all about my paw and stood up. I didn't hurt! I carefully made my way over to the place where I get my breakfast and I was doing fine. I had breakfast and went to lay down again. Francesca asks for breakfast really early so we often go back to bed after we eat.
I feel much better now. See my paw?
I am mostly glad I didn't have to go to the pokey, proddy vet!
Later on, I walked around slowly and felt just fine. I went outside and felt just fine. I may have rested more than usual but by evening I was totally just fine. I wonder if the eclipse caused this because I don't know what happened!

Love, Cinnamon

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Cinnamon the Coonhound and the 2017 Eclipse

Hi, it's me, Cinnamon, the party animal. I had a great day on Monday the 21st of August because it was SOLAR ECLIPSE DAY! And, I got to attend the party. It all began the weekend prior. Francesca noticed that our owner was spending time doing things like putting dishes and glasses on the dining room table and washing our dog bedding (she thinks it stinks). When things like that happen, it usually means .... PARTY!

This is why our dog bedding stinks.... Francesca!
So, after a weekend of activity, Monday finally rolled around. I knew things were happening when Francesca got up a O Dark Early to go to her favorite day care, A Dog's Best Friend down the street. It turns out it wasn't a fun morning to go because they were so afraid of the impending eclipse that they kept the dogs inside. But not ME! I was free to roam and PARTY!

So after that, I got dressed for the party in my prettiest turquoise party scarf. It was given to me as a finisher at a Southwest Washington Humane Society walkathon. I always know good things will happen when I get my scarf on.
In my party scarf!

So then I laid down by the front door so nothing could happen without me. My owner saw that and opened the door so I could watch for our guests. I sat there for a half hour and then they started coming. It was so exciting! They brought food!
Watching for our guests

So they were all excited and went outside to eat brunch and watch the sky.

They had special glasses so that they could watch the solar eclipse. I didn't look at the sun. I'm not dumb. I just milled about hoping for handouts. I got lots of attention and they petted me. I was having a great time!
I got plenty of attention!
All of a sudden there was a drop in the temperature around us. We were sitting in the sun and it felt like God had turned on the A/C! In fact the sun was shining and it was getting colder. Usually that doesn't happen unless the clouds come in.
I didn't look at the sky
So on TV they were saying that that was the highpoint of the eclipse. We were not in the area of Totality, but we could feel the eclipse and those with glasses could see the eclipse. It was pretty exciting.
Total Eclipse of the Sun!
But I was getting cold, and fortunately the eclipse started going away and it got warmer so I could go out and sunbathe some more.
Back to sunbathing!
 At about noon, they all left. I was sad about that and moped around and napped all afternoon.

Nap time!
My tummy was full of brunch treats and I had experienced the 2017 SOLAR ECLIPSE in my party scarf. (Francesca will tell her story on another day. Right now she's still recovering from the "Solar Eclipse Non-Party at the Doggie Day Care.)

Love, Cinnamon

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Big Day for Francesca: Vet Visit, Heat Wave and the Break Out!

This is Francesca in case you see her wandering
the neighborhood.
We had, what I thought would be, a pretty uneventful day. We were lazing around because it was so hot out today. I live in the Pacific Northwest but temps are supposed to hit 100 several days this week. Ugh!

Vet Visit
So our owner decided to get us into the vet's office for a quick bordatella (kennel cough) vaccination. We were both due for it. Now Francesca is terrified of the vet's office because she has had: pneumonia treatment, surgery for an injury and examination of her painful sprained paw. So you can figure she really doesn't like to go.

So our owner made a deal with the vet's staff. We would both go in like nothing was going to happen and they would be ready with the liquid vaccine in the reception area. No exam room, no weighing and no poking. So we got there and it all worked like clockwork. The vet tech even hauled out the best treats.... from Mud Bay! I was well behaved and Francesca fell for the treats. Before we knew it... all was done!

The Big Break Out
So we got home and our owner thought we were back to resting because it was so hot out. Francesca went outside and was going to lay down in the shade when she spied something. The man next door was having landscaping work done and Francesca could see under the fence. Well, she proceeded to dig in the soft, dry dirt and a hole appeared.

At that point I said to Francesca, "You'd better not do it! I'm going inside to rest on my bed in the A/C. You'd better not do anything!"

About an hour later, our owner got a call from the neighbor down the street. THEY HAD FRANCESCA! Francesca had gone under the fence and out the next door neighbor's open gate. (When you have landscaping work done, they leave the gate open.)

So, fortunately, Francesca was at another house, unharmed, playing in the kid's swimming pool. She told me she already had been in a fight with the neighbor's dog who didn't like her at all. The kids loved her.

Francesca Slinks Around
So Francesca got home, wet paws and all and looked really guilty. I told her, "I told you so!" She wanted water and a treat and decided to go rest on her bed. She had experienced freedom and decided it was both scary and fun. I saw the hole and didn't go near it. I know better. I've been free several times and I always end up getting locked in a neighbor's yard while they call my owner.

Hot Dogs