Monday, December 9, 2013

Bed Update: B minus 2 - Think of Puppies!

Puppies, Puppies... I love Puppies!
While I am waiting (ever so long) for my bed to be delivered on the 11th, I spend most of my hours looking sad and forlorn. However, that doesn't make the delivery happen faster.

So I search the Internet and look on Facebook for things that make ME happy.

One of those things is coonie puppies! Here's a couple of pictures of Juanita's puppies. Remember, she had NINE of them!

Look at their ears.... don't you just want to pet their cute little ears?

They are getting rather cute. I suppose if I was taking care of NINE puppies I wouldn't care where I slept. I'd just want to SLEEP!
A basket FULL of puppies!

If you want to help with Juanita's birthing and puppy expenses and Beau's medical expenses, feel free to send a donation to Colorado Coonhound Rescue. I did!

Love, Cinnamon

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