Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Hidey Hole: Cinnamon Gets Francesca in Trouble

It's been a long week full of ice, snow and freezing water bowls. I haven't been too keen on going outside at all. When I do go out, I look for places to get out of the snowdrifts... like under the rhododendron bush and under eaves and things. I don't like to get cold and wet.
The snow covered our toys.
Today, that all ended with a marvelous burst of warm sunshine. It was sunny and it wasn't snowing. I felt so good. First, I spent my morning basking in the sun. If you get up against the fence with the sun shining on your black fur, you can get really warm. And so I did!
This is how you sunbathe in the snow!
Then I started looking for things under the ice. I found a ball and then a ripped up frozen toy. It was fun digging them out and then taunting Francesca by not letting her have one. I pranced around, ran in front of her and had a great time.

Long about noon, the sun was hitting our side deck. It warmed up real nice. I was in a feisty mood so went down under the juniper trees and started trying to dig under the deck. I was surprised. The dirt wasn't frozen! I think that's where our dryer vent is. So I continued a project that I had started before the cold weather started. I continued to try to dig under the deck. Slowly but surely I moved the dirt away. And... Bingo! I could get myself under the deck! I called to Francesca and told her what I had done. She came over and went under the deck with me. We were having a marvelous time sniffing for wild things when we heard our owner looking for us.

Whoops! Caught! We came back out from under the deck and went running up to the door. We had sparkles in our eyes and she could tell we had been up to something. We got treats for coming when we were called and then she locked us in the house. Why? Well, she figured we were up to something because of how long it took us to answer her. And, then she found the fresh dirt under the deck.

Later when we went outside, much to our dismay, we found that all the entrances to the underside of the deck were blocked off with all of her yard junk. We couldn't get to our Hidey Hole. It was starting to get cold so we gave up and laid down in the office to look like we were going to take naps. But actually we were waiting until she went into another room so we could talk.
She thinks this will keep us from getting under the deck!
We need a plan. We need to figure out how to get by all her stuff and GET UNDER THAT DECK! Because it is forbidden territory, and that makes it all the more enticing.

And it was fun getting Francesca in trouble! Hidey Hole, here we come!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Coonhound Tales Endorses Anne McEnerny-Ogle for Mayor of Vancouver, WA #vanwa

From time to time we get political here but only when it matters. So we sent our owner to the kick-off breakfast for Anne McEnerny-Ogle's campaign for Mayor. In addition to enjoying the breakfast (she didn't bring us any), she picked up buttons and a yard sign. Since we gave up trying to pound the yard sign into in the frozen front yard, we decided to have a meeting about how we can lend our support for Anne for Mayor. And here's what we decided:

And of course Francesca had to chime in. But, truthfully, she has some good points to share:


Anne is just Pawsome!

Love, Cinnamon and Francesca.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Fireworks are NOT LEGAL in Vancouver, Washington on New Year's Eve

After I worked so hard on a fireworks ban for the City of Vancouver. And after I celebrated when the Mayor and City Council voted to approve the ban, I keep hearing that Fireworks are legal in Clark County. Well, I live in Clark County so that is so confusing.

There are some places where sales are allowed in Clark County and there are some places where setting the dratted things off on New Years Eve is allowed BUT FIREWORKS ARE NOT LEGAL IN THE CITY OF VANCOUVER.

Now I'm glad I live in Vancouver. In Vancouver you can't shoot off stuff on New Years Eve. It's against the law! So don't go shopping in Clark County and bring that horrible stuff into MY city. Why don't you stay inside and have a great little party?

Enough said,

Cinnamon the Coonhound
Executive Director
Dogs Against Fireworks

Friday, December 16, 2016

A Dog's Thoughts on Los Cabos, Mexico

Our owner finally returned from Los Cabos. That's way down in the tip of the Baja Peninsula where it's warm. Meanwhile Francesca and I were stuck in the snow at the Doggie Country Club. When she got back she told us all about Los Cabos and we realized that we missed a GREAT TRIP.
Dogs hanging out on the Plaza
First of all, when she visited San Jose del Cabo she found out they have a really good humane society. So the street dogs can be adopted and cared for. The Los Cabos Humane Society cares for dogs from Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. They offer accessible spay and neuter surgeries, adoption and foster care programs and promote the humane treatment of domestic animals

I could see myself walking
around here.
When my owner visited San Jose del Cabo she noticed there weren't many street dogs. Some that she saw actually had homes but were let out to laze around the Plaza. They looked healthy and well-fed. One of the hoteliers said she picked up a stray dog in a parking lot, took it to the humane society, left a donation and the dog would be helped on the road to good health and, hopefully, a new home. I was impressed. You probably know Francesca and I were both street dogs and were adopted from the shelter.

Now that we knew dogs had good lives there, our interest increased. While we didn't get any gifts from Los Cabos, we saw that the artists valued dogs and incorporated them in their art. We saw the photos our owner took during the Thursday night Art Walk in San Jose del Cabo.

The good thing about the historic district there is that there aren't too many cars. And, they cars go pretty slow through the narrow streets. It might be safe. And, there are parks and arroyos to hang out in. I could see myself trotting around checking everything out... and practicing my Spanish!

Here's a great piece of dog art that she didn't bring home.
I rather like it!

Here's some Muertos folk art showing love of a dog.. Mi Mejor Amigo, it says... "My Best Friend."
My owner should have bought this and brought it home for our wall but she didn't.

And then I found out they had beautiful beaches there with calm waves. On the beach you can run and play... as long as you don't chase the horses!

The beaches are big and sandy. But watch out for the Caballos!
Now where to stay... well, my owner spent some time at the beautiful boutique hotel El Encanto which is full of gardens and nice flowers to smell. They allow dogs. Well, they have a long list of rules but I could obey them easily!
This is where I'd like to stay.
They allow dogs at El Encanto
So then I thought I should find out about how to get to Mexico. The Mexican travel expert at laid it all out in an article. Mexican regulations allow travelers to enter the country with up to two dogs or cats, but if traveling by air, airlines will only allow one pet per person. You have to bring the proper health paperwork and that has to include, of course, a Rabies Certificate.

I don't want to fly so we'd be driving ALL THE WAY. It's a long trip but if we could visit for the winter, it might be worth it. And, if we could stop a lot on the way. I just don't want to get stuck in the belly of an airplane.  Or, again, maybe we'll just send our owner!
I think I'll pass on flying. But I sure would like to visit Mexico!
Love, Cinnamon (Canela)

Thursday, December 15, 2016

It's Dog Time in Arizona's Desert Botanical Garden

Photo credit: DBG
Sometimes I think I’d like to be a snowbird type of dog. You know… head for the warm weather in the winter. I especially think about it when I get information about DOG EVENTS in the southwest. 

Here’s a good one that came across my desk:

It’s time once again for Dog’s Day in the Garden at the renowned Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, Arizona. Take advantage of this special opportunity to bring the whole family, dogs included, to the Garden. Go for a walk on the trails, meet other dog lovers, and heel for photo opportunities. Learn about local dog-related nonprofits, shop and enjoy samples with your pup, and experience hands-on, canine-themed activities. Proceeds from canine admission fee benefit the Arizona Humane Society.

Garden admission includes:
·         All ages craft activity
·         Samples of dog treats
·         Special presentations from behavioral solutions to local activities for you and your dog
·         Doga (dog yoga) spaces limited
·         Before you enter the Garden, visit the Arizona Humane Society Waggin’ Wheels Mobile Adoption Vehicle near the Garden Entry | 8 a.m. - 2 p.m.

All dogs must be on a leash and remain on marked trails at all times. All dogs must be up-to-date on all vaccinations and registrations. Handlers are required to pick up after their dogs and properly dispose of their waste. Desert Botanical Garden reserves the right to refuse entry to or remove any dog thought to be dangerous to other dogs or visitors. Dogs will only be admitted to the Garden between the hours of 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. Programming is subject to change. 

WHEN: Saturday / January 28, 2017 / 8 a.m. - 2 p.m.
COST:   Humans included with membership or paid Garden admission. Dog admission $4 each. Proceeds benefit the Arizona Humane Society.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Why I Love Getting the Mail - #Chewy

Most of you know that I, Cinnamon, test out products and write about my experiences. And, you know, I do get paid for those posts and disclose that. I buy food, toys and vet visits with those checks and appreciate getting to test products very much!

But today, what I am telling you is from my heart... not from my pocketbook. No one asked that I talk to you about I just decided I have to tell you about their customer service and great packages I receive right on my front porch... in record time.

This all started when my owner got a huge coupon from in the mail. She looked at the savings and thought it was worth trying. So when she ordered she got the coupon discount, another discount for putting our food on auto-ship and then got free 2 day shipping because the order was over a certain amount. So in effect, I got a 30 pound bag of my favorite food and two toys for less than $30. Amazing.
Here's Francesca trying to get into our Chewy's shipment. Back, Francesca, Back!
 So that was nice, but what we then found out is that real people answer the customer service line and, unlike many businesses, they actually provide service. We had ordered Hill's Ideal Balance Natural Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food and two bags of my favorite treats, Hill's Science Diet Jerky Strips with Real Beef. But it wasn't coming soon enough. We were almost out of food. So the nice customer service people moved up our shipment. Since it was over $49 we got free 1 - 2 day shipping.

So this time, our owner screwed up again. We were planning to go to the Doggie Country Club for a whole week and our food wasn't scheduled to be delivered until we had left. So we found out that you can change your ship date right online. And it works! In two days, at 4:30 p.m. exactly, there was a thud on my front porch. Francesca and I ran to the door with our tails wagging.
FedEx came through again.
Here's our big box. We're so excited!

Our owner opened the door and there it was... a nice big box with the huge sack of food and two bags of treats. We were so excited!

Chewy's has become our favorite online source because they have all kinds of products, deliver on time, deliver intact boxes with no damage and make things easy. Oh yes, the prices are amazing.

I can't wait until next month to see what we get!

Love, Cinnamon