Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Francesca is so Gross! Ewwwww

We are urban coonhounds, Francesca and I, so we are fairly well-mannered and clean. If we lose it and get muddy at the dog park, for example, we'll be headed for a bath for certain.

So I was very surprised to discover Francesca's dirty little secret. I noticed this when she was prancing around in the backyard one day with something in her mouth... something small. Then she would spit it out and roll on it. I didn't know what to make of her actions.

So I waited until she went into the house and checked where she had been rolling. Know what it was? Get ready for this... AN EARTH WORM!

Francesca mouths earthworms (she doesn't eat them) and when she's finished with that, she spits them out and rolls on them. EWWWWWW!

The earthworm wiggle and roll.
Now I've never done anything like that and can't even figure out why she's doing it. Anyone with a dog know?

Mouthing earthworms.... how gross can you get?

Love, Civilized Cinnamon

Monday, April 3, 2017

After the Utah Mighty 5 Tour All We Got Was a Bath

Our owner went on a tour of Utah's National Parks, the Mighty 5 they call them. We didn't get to go. We went to Running Pond Acres, our Doggie Country Club. Now I like that but was looking forward to when our owner returned and brought us TREATS and GIFTS!

So she returned and we were happy to be home. But no TREATS and GIFTS materialized. Hmm. She brought out her souvenirs, five Mighty 5 refrigerator magnets:

Dogs don't care about Refrigerator Magnets
She had a great time and should have brought us something. But she didn't!

So today she got out our old treat box and invited us in to.... TAKE A BATH! I wasn't expecting that. But both Francesca and I were pretty good about having our baths knowing treats would follow. And, it was a sunny day to dry off in the back yard. So all we got from her trip was a BATH!

Here we are all clean and fluffy!
So that's all the excitement for the day!

Love, Cinnamon

Friday, March 3, 2017

Francesca's Dog Talks: Dog Park Rule #3

Francesca is on a rampage about Dog Park Rules... Again! Today she saw no less than four dogs outside the dog park without leashes. Now she'd like to be off leash all the time but can't... because she follows the Dog Park Rules.


You might see a trend here. Every time someone breaks a Dog Park Rule, Francesca gets into trouble! No wonder she's so rule conscious!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Wine Country is Not Always Dog Country

I've always loved going wine tasting with my owner. Why? Well, I don't taste wine but I did find out that many wineries like dogs and let them come in the tasting rooms. Once I get in there, I usually get all kinds of attention! I like that.

So I was thrilled when I was invited to go along on a rainy day wine tasting adventure to the McMinnville area in Oregon. I got my harness on. I had a sheet and towels in case I ended up with muddy paws and I was so excited to jump into the car.

It was a long drive to wine country so I just slept most of the way.

First Stop
Our first stop was at Maysara Winery. It was beautiful, even on a rainy day. I got to get out and walk around a bit. I looked up on the hill and saw vineyard workers and some cattle. I kind of stared at the cattle to make sure they weren't going to chase me!

I got really excited when we went over to the tasting room. We opened the door and I stuck my head in. But then we found out there were NO DOGS ALLOWED. Just service dogs. I got a good enough look to know I would have loved to go in. There were dark red Persian carpets on the floors and nice people at the bar. I suppose they didn't want me in because of the carpets.

So it was back to the car for me and another nap.

After they enjoyed their time at Maysara, I did get to walk around the huge building and check things out. There was water running in ditches. I waded a little bit. I tried to eat some grass but they wouldn't let me!

Second Stop
Our second stop that day, after driving down roads that were beginning to flood, was at the St.
Innocent Winery. I got out and walked around a bit. They had a pretty fountain going... even if it was raining. And, I found out that THERE WERE NO DOGS ALLOWED IN THE TASTING ROOM!

But the reason, this time, was not the carpets. It was that there was a winery dog. A little poodle who was 18 years old was hanging out in the tasting room. I think I would have scared the little dog if I came in. So I stayed in the car, once again!

So after a day of riding around in the car, I slept all the way home. I got to go to wine country but didn't find any dog-friendly wineries that day. I wasn't sad, though. I had the company of people and I got to go on a car trip!

If there are wineries out there that love dogs, please leave the name of your winery in the comments. I'd love to visit your tasting room!

Love, Cinnamon

Francesca's Dog Talks: Dog Park Rule #2

Hi, It's me Francesca. I've been giving talks on the Internet about Dog Park Rules. My first rule was kinda funny. But Rule #2 is very serious. Once a little dog was killed at a dog park near my house. The culprit was a Huskey whose prey instinct kicked in. No one could save the little dog. That was sad. So here's my next talk:

Love, Francesca

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Francesca's Dog Talks: Dog Park Rule #1

Hi, it's me, Francesca. I love going to the dog parks most of the time. But there are times when people don't follow the rules and that makes me mad. Mostly it makes me mad because I am the one who gets in trouble! So here's my first talk about Dog Park Rules:


Now don't get me wrong. I know I am lucky to live in Vancouver, WA where they have such nice dog parks, but please, people... follow the rules!

Love, Francesca

Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Hidey Hole: Cinnamon Gets Francesca in Trouble

It's been a long week full of ice, snow and freezing water bowls. I haven't been too keen on going outside at all. When I do go out, I look for places to get out of the snowdrifts... like under the rhododendron bush and under eaves and things. I don't like to get cold and wet.
The snow covered our toys.
Today, that all ended with a marvelous burst of warm sunshine. It was sunny and it wasn't snowing. I felt so good. First, I spent my morning basking in the sun. If you get up against the fence with the sun shining on your black fur, you can get really warm. And so I did!
This is how you sunbathe in the snow!
Then I started looking for things under the ice. I found a ball and then a ripped up frozen toy. It was fun digging them out and then taunting Francesca by not letting her have one. I pranced around, ran in front of her and had a great time.

Long about noon, the sun was hitting our side deck. It warmed up real nice. I was in a feisty mood so went down under the juniper trees and started trying to dig under the deck. I was surprised. The dirt wasn't frozen! I think that's where our dryer vent is. So I continued a project that I had started before the cold weather started. I continued to try to dig under the deck. Slowly but surely I moved the dirt away. And... Bingo! I could get myself under the deck! I called to Francesca and told her what I had done. She came over and went under the deck with me. We were having a marvelous time sniffing for wild things when we heard our owner looking for us.

Whoops! Caught! We came back out from under the deck and went running up to the door. We had sparkles in our eyes and she could tell we had been up to something. We got treats for coming when we were called and then she locked us in the house. Why? Well, she figured we were up to something because of how long it took us to answer her. And, then she found the fresh dirt under the deck.

Later when we went outside, much to our dismay, we found that all the entrances to the underside of the deck were blocked off with all of her yard junk. We couldn't get to our Hidey Hole. It was starting to get cold so we gave up and laid down in the office to look like we were going to take naps. But actually we were waiting until she went into another room so we could talk.
She thinks this will keep us from getting under the deck!
We need a plan. We need to figure out how to get by all her stuff and GET UNDER THAT DECK! Because it is forbidden territory, and that makes it all the more enticing.

And it was fun getting Francesca in trouble! Hidey Hole, here we come!