Sunday, June 30, 2013

What a lie! It was supposed to be cool here!

OK, I have endured a trip from Santa Fe to Vancouver, WA and was promised, in return, a much cooler, greener environment. Well, right now I'd agree that it is greener. But cool? NOPE! It was 95 degrees today and there isn't any river running through this property!

Mornings are ok. It is cooler and perhaps good enough for a little romping. But come afternoon it really heats up. I just gave up today and plopped down on the carpet like that old Millie dog that visited me. I JUST PLOPPED. TOO POOPED to play!

I am drinking plenty of water, but that doesn't help. Maybe I need to go back to the beach on Haida Gwaii. Yep, that's where I should be. I can go fishing, crabbing and wading.

I hear that it will be cooler by the Fourth of July. I surely hope so. This weather IS REALLY BUGGING ME!

Signed, Cinnamon, The Hot Dog in the "Couve"

Friday, June 28, 2013

Cinnamon tries to be really, really good - Rant!

I must be feeling better. It is cool and kind of misty out this morning. I've been resting alot. So I have renewed energy for a "Coonie Rant." And here it is...

Here's that elderly dog, Millie, plopped down on my carpet
Last night our friend came to dinner and brought a dog for me to meet. Now, I love meeting dogs. Usually we romp and play and I share my toys and my water bowl. (I am such a good girl!).

So when the door opened and I was locked out in the backyard I was apalled. Imagine, me, Cinnamon, having to stay outside while this NEW DOG walked right into my house! I soon found out why. You see, this dog was REALLY OLD! They were afraid I would scare the dog or, worse yet, try to romp and play with the dog.

I was really upset as I watched through the window while this dog walked (well actually waddled) around the living room and then plopped herself down like she owned the place. I then found out that her name was Millie and that she was, indeed, a very senior dog. I tried my best to understand and respect my seniors. I was really good!

So then they put my harness on and my leash and let me in the house (my house) but I couldn't go up and sniff Millie. I might scare her. So to calm me down, because I always happily greet dogs that visit, they put my leash on the door knob so I couldn't reach Millie.

I decided, rather than bark and pull, to just lie down and be the best dog that I could be. And I did. They noticed and gave me a treat.

So then they put me outside again while they had dinner. Millie just sat there in the same place. I decided to be a really good girl and curl up on the mat outside the dining area and just go to sleep. I had one ear open, though and listed to them through their whole dinner through the screen door. And, Millie? Well, there wasn't much to listen to there. She was just quietly watching them.

So I guess they knew I was really good because they came outside and played with me after dinner. They threw my toy for me. Millie stayed inside (in the same place) plopped down on my carpet. I have to say she was rather boring.
Here I am in my harness locked outside because of MILLIE!

So then it was time for them to leave. Millie waddled outside and our friend picked her up and put her into the car.

Finally I was free of the harness and the leash.... free to romp and play throughout my own house. But you know what I did? I went upstairs to bed. I hope I am not getting old like Millie. That scares me.

I am 5 years young and I was really, really good last night even though I didn't want to be.

I just had to write this so the whole world would know what I was subjected to!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Still Recovering... Or am I Lazy?

This is where I wish I was. I can feel the cool water on my paws just thinking about it!
Well, I slept in and have had a couple of naps today. It's hot outside and I don't feel like running and playing. My appetite is good (of course!) but I just kind of lay around.

And, that's not all. I hear it will be 90 degrees this weekend!

I miss the cool water of Haida Gwaii and would give anything to be there wading in the tide pools. I could sniff around for crab shells and dead fish. I could cool my paws in the water. Oh well, I guess I should be lucky I am not in my homeland of New Mexico. I hear Santa Fe will be reaching 100 degrees!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Still recovering

Well, today is shaping up to be pretty much like yesterday. I did go to the dog park and got in lots of sniffing and two laps before I wimped out. I think it's time for a nap now! Still recovering from my big Canadian trip!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Recovering from my Canadian adventure

Here I am recovering from Canada
I went to bed last night at 5:30 p.m. and got up this morning at 10:30 a.m. I had a great breakfast and went outside in my back yard to eat grass, sniff around and do other things.

I played a bit and ended up in the car doing errands. I played ball, got petted and rested. So that was my day.

I am still tired from the trip. So I went to bed before 6 p.m.

A vacation like I had takes a lot out of a hound.

Good night,


Cinnamon goes Wine Tasting in the Okanagan Valley of BC

Here I am in the car again.
It's my last day of this great Canadian adventure. I've seen bears and eagles. I've had rides on big and small ferries. I've gone fishing and sightseeing. But now I am on the way home. I'm getting tired of being in the car even though I often doze off during the trip. So, I wasn't sure what to expect when we arrived in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia.

I sat up when we got there. I saw huge lakes and hills full of vineyards. A great place to romp and play, I thought! So when we got to a beautiful vineyard and tasting room overlooking a huge lake I was ready to get out of the car. Enough winding roads for me! It's time to play, right? WRONG!
Here I am out of the car at Ex Nihilo Winery. Yay!

They got out and LEFT ME with the windows slightly cracked just so I could hear them talking about Ex Nihilo Vineyards. Now, I'm a smart pup. I know that Ex Nihilo means "creation out of nothing." It didn't look like nothing to me! They had a big patio with cushy couches. I decided ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH. They went into the tasting room where I fantasized that they had lots of dog treats available. I got so upset I bayed and howled and made a complete fool of myself in the car. I wanted OUT. And, I wanted OUT NOW!

They came running out to see what the fuss was all about. It was just me being FED UP WITH BEING LEFT IN THE CAR. They took a look and got me out of the car, went for a walk in the vineyards so I could calm down and then we went over to the nice patio area.

The really nice lady in the tasting room brought their tasting outside! She also brought a book that told about the art that represented the creation story and inspired the name of the winery. They were nice to me and took my picture. They, however, gave me neither treats nor wine. But it was nice to be part of the tasting experience. After purchasing two bottles of wine AND NOTHING FOR ME it was off down the steep roads to another place.
Here's the nice lady telling me the story about the winery.

Here I am sniffing around the vineyard.
But first we passed some interesting wineries with creative names. There was Clean Slate Winery, Black Widow Winery,  Laughing Stock Winery and more. I kept occupied looking at the names and wondering what was down those country roads.

Soon we pulled in to a place called Therapy Vineyards.  It was therapy FOR ME when they invited ME into the tasting room! They even had a dog water bowl outside. I loved it. The people tasting wine petted me and told me how pretty I was. I think I like wine tasting after all!

After a brief walk in the Therapy vineyards, we were off for a longer drive with lake views. I had taken to laying down in back with my eyes open watching the scenery go by. Sometimes I dozed but I was always alert, just in case we went someplace I wanted to go. (Yeah, right!)
Here I am getting some petting therapy at Therapy.

So we headed out a country road and turned toward a massive hillside estate surrounded by acres of vineyards. This would be a great place for romping and chasing a ball! As we parked at Burrowing Owl Estate Winery. I noticed that they had a restaurant with a deck overlooking the valley. I would be happy to wait there, in the shade while they went wine tasting... really! Naaah. I stayed in the car, even though they were dog friendly in there.

They even sold Winery Dogs of BC Calendars in the gift shop. Now that would have been a GREAT GIFT FOR ME! But no, NOTHING for poor Cinnamon. :(

I wish I had this calendar as a souvenir.
I was happy when we left and drove across the border back to the good ol' USA and a really nice motel with lots of grass and a place where I could stay outside and watch the rain clouds gathering. It was a nice evening, they cooked dinner outside and even shared a piece of smoked salmon WITH ME! The next day I would be home to tell my friends at the dog park all about my adventure to Canada.

But for now, I just want to sleep.
Photography copyright: Elizabeth Rose Photography

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Leaving tonight on the BC Ferry to Prince Rupert

The ferry is waiting to take me to the mainland
I'm kinda sad. I've become accustomed to my new moniker as "The Salty Sea Dog." But tonight I'll be back on the ferry (in steerage, of course) headed away from beautiful Haida Gwaii. Since we leave so late in the evening, I'll just be sleeping so that's OK. I won't be missing too much... perhaps a good sunset.

I think Haida Gwaii and the village of Sandspit is a great place to bring a dog. There are beaches to run on, trails to explore and roads along the water to just walk. I have befriended the eagles on the nest down the street. They used to make sounds when I got near their tree but they don't any more. I still go crazy when I smell where the deer have been but I am sure they would get used to me too.

I've met a couple of nice dogs on the beach. One was Diego, a big bull-type dog. He was best pals with a little boy. Both of them seemed to like water games. Diego would go in the water after a stick or even a rock. I just stayed on shore with the salt water lapping at my coonie paws.
This eagle got used to me walking by her nest.

All the people have been friendly here in Sandspit. Some of them even learned my name so when I was out trotting down the road, I would find friends all along the way.

So tonight I will bid farewell to Haida Gwaii. Maybe I'll plan another trip up here. There are more places to explore and smells to smell.

But for now, it's time for a nap!

More Information
Haida Gwaii Tourism Information

Photography copyright: Elizabeth Rose Photography

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Salty Sea Dog Goes to Gray Bay

This is the Copper River. They didn't let me out here!
It was a lazy day at the B&B here on Sandspit. I slept on and off all day because it was raining. But in the evening things cleared and we decided to drive on logging roads into the back woods to a place called Gray Bay.

Now, I am up for anything on the beach because I look for crab shells, dead fish and the like. Beach walking can be great fun. So I leaped in the car when I heard about this adventure.

We went along a road and pretty soon it turned to dirt. I wished I could have gotten out at Copper River and waded. It looked fantastic. And I can sip water out of fresh water rivers. But NO! We were headed for a salt water beach.

First we got out at Copper Bay where there was tons of seaweed. The tide was out and I hopped over rocks hoping to find interesting sea life in the tide pools. Boy that smelled good. I hated to leave but they insisted I get back in the car and drive along the logging road farther into the back woods. We looked at the Copper River and eventually came to a remote place called Gray Bay.
This is Copper Bay. It sure smelled good but they wouldn't let me off the leash

At Gray Bay there were some cool picnic tables made out of hewn logs. But we didn't have a picnic with us. That was really unfortunate because I was REALLY HUNGRY!

Instead it was time to take a walk along the beach. This beach actually had sand. That was after you crunched through the clam shells though. I enjoyed the beach and sniffed seaweed. The tide was coming in so I steered clear of the water. I don't like water that moves toward me and threatens me. We had a great time playing on the beach but, soon it was time to return.

Here I am having a great time at Gray Bay
As we drove down the logging road we saw huge piles of bear scat right in the middle of the road. I was pretty concerned as I thought the bears that left that must be pretty HUGE! I was happy that we quickened the pace and were home for dinner.

I think it's time to go to bed now. I had a great adventure to Gray Bay and am happy to be home SAFELY!

More Information
Getting to Gray Bay

Photography copyright: Elizabeth Rose Photography

Monday, June 17, 2013

Everything is so big here in Haida Gwaii

Here's that huge eagle out in the tide pools
I'm staying in Sandspit at a B&B and today, since the guys went fishing (without me, thank goodness) I am having a day of rest. I heard they were going to fish for halibut and that type of fish is so big there wouldn't be room for ME AND THE FISH in the boat. I'm glad to be on dry land. Halibut are HUGE!

So I was surprised that on the way to the store (I got to ride shotgun since the guys were gone), we ran into some HUGE things. First we saw about 20 eagles down on the beach feeding in the tidepools. Those eagles have 7 foot wingspans and you can hear the big feathers whirring in the wind when they fly overhead. I'm scared of the eagles so keep my distance.
Here I am shocked at the size of the horse near the store.

So after we went to the store we stopped at a field and I got another scare. There was a huge horse looking at me. I howled and I bayed and the horse just stayed there looking at me in the car like I was crazy. I guess this horse was not familiar with "riding to the hounds." It had huge ears and big brown eyes.

This horse had a huge head!
I was glad when we got back to the B&B even though the store is only 5 minutes down the road.

These huge things here just wear a hound out. I think I'll take a nap, now.

Yours truly,

Cinnamon the sea dog.

Photography copyright: Elizabeth Rose Photography

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Cinnamon's First Fishing Trip

Here I am holding on for dear life.
What a day! I got up early and had to skip breakfast so I knew something was up. We got in the van and headed for the Sandspit marina here on Moresby Island. I love the marina because there are lots of cool smells down there. I trotted down the steel slotted gang way like I was a real sea dog. There were lots of boats down there.

I jumped into the green and white boat and thought it might be nice to sniff around and then jump out again. But no! We were casting off and closing the cabin door. I was trapped in a fishing boat! Well, at first it was ok. I got to sit up on the dark green cushion and look outside. But once we got outside the marina, things got scary. They went fast and the boat sprayed water out the back. I hate getting my face wet so I hunkered down on the green cushion and held on for dear life.
Sometimes the boat went really fast!

Next they went really fast and the bottom of the boat hit the waves and made a banging sound. That's when I decided I really wanted OFF THIS THING! I looked, but didn't see a way out so just hid under the seats and prayed it would be over soon. AND IT WAS!

The boat slowed down and I discover that I WAS STILL ALIVE! I had survived the trip through the narrows and had arrived at a fairly calm place for fishing. Now that sounded interesting... catching food!

They got to catch fish and I didn't!
They gave me some snacks and then went and baited their hooks. Down went the weights and hooks and we trolled. That speed was great. I could look all around and pretend I was on a tour of the BC coast. There were deer and bear in the woods and things in the sea that were yet to be discovered.

FISH ON! The first fish of the day was pulling on the line. Everyone scrambled. I just sat on my green cushion and tried to stay out of the way... kinda.

When they reeled in the fish I found out what all the fuss was about. These creatures with the silver scales, beady eyes and sharp teeth were huge! They were salmon.... BIG salmon and I was wondering when we would eat some. The fish was cleaned right there on the back of the boat and then right beneath me they threw the huge beast into the cooler. AND THIS WENT ON FOR 6 HOURS! I snacked, hunkered down on the green cushion and watched the fish hunt. At the end of the day, we had six huge salmon in the cooler and I had listened to way more fish stories than I wanted to. LETS GO HOME! I WANT TO GO POTTY!

And we did. They took off like a bat out of heck and this time I wasn't scared of the noise the boat made. I was becoming a salty old sea dog. I kinda liked riding with the people. (But I still wanted to go potty).

I got really interested in what was in the crab trap.
We went through the narrows and took a detour around an island. What the heck? We slowed down and they went to some buoys and pulled up crab traps. And inside were Dungeness Crabs almost as big as ME! I was really interested in these crawly things. They were more interesting than the beady eyed salmon. But the people pulled me away. You see, if one of them caught me with his claw I might be in real trouble. They were DANGEROUS and they were MAD! I kept my distance but sniffed the air. In to the cooler they went.

We were off again headed in to the marina. I was really glad when we tied up and I could hop off the boat. I perked up and trotted down the wood pier and up the steel gangway. And then... a lovely patch of grass. Relief at last! Phew! After that I got my supper and all was well once again.

Here I am on the beach watching for the eagles.
That night we were invited to some friends' home to eat the crab that was caught. But we didn't go into the house. We crossed the road and went down to the beach where there was food and places to sit.  I got tied to a table so I wouldn't go over and help out too much. But I liked being on the beach, watching the water and smelling the crab they cooked right there. But the best part was when they threw all the leavings out on the beach and the EAGLES came to get it. Imagine... over 6 huge eagles coming to the beach right before our eyes. They were happy to have that food and I was happy to be on dry land once again.

Signed, Cinnamon the Sleepy Sea Dog

Photography copyright: Elizabeth Rose Photography

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tide Pool Dog - Starfish, Snapping Crabs and Good Smells

Here I am way out on the tidal flats
Yay! when I woke up from my morning nap the tide was out. All kinds of good smells were coming from the inlet. Sandspit is located between the wild ocean of Hecate Strait and the calmer waters of Skidegate Inlet and our B&B is just across the street from the Inlet.

I found my trail down to the beach and we started walking on the wet rocks. Pretty soon we were in paw high water slogging through the seaweed and crunching along on the rocks. I spent my time with my nose to the water and found tons of good smells. I was smart and didn't drink any of the salt water.
I don't get why the humans are interested in these boring things.

We got to the edge of the tide pools and saw something amazing. There were sea stars in all kinds of colors. I sniffed at them but they didn't move or anything. I lost interest. I moved on to turn over some rocks with my paw to see what might be lurking under them. All of a sudden I heard something in the air. I looked up and it was AN EAGLE! There I was out in the open. Would the eagle get me? Nope, the eagle was interested in fish. Phew!
Here's that eagle...soaring and looking

We kept wading. I kept sniffing and saw something orange in some seaweed. I went over to it and it MOVED! I put my head down to see if I could chase it and the darn thing came at me with huge snapping claws. It was a CRAB! I pulled my nose away mighty quick and saved myself from getting hurt. I decided to leave that crab alone. It settled back into the tidepool and folded its claws. Phew!

Here's the crab and his BIG claws!
Later I found out that was a Red Rock Crab and is edible but tastes really sweet. I just thought it best to stay away, sweet or not.

So we wandered around a bit more and then decided to go back to the B&B for lunch.

It must be time for my afternoon nap. What an exciting morning it has been!

Photography copyright: Elizabeth Rose Photography

It's a dog's life on Moresby Island in Haida Gwaii, Canada

We'll I've rested up from the lengthy confinement in the bowels of the ferry during the voyage from Prince Rupert to here. I've sniffed around the B&B to get my bearings and I'm beginning to like the island life here on Moresby Island.

Here's my beach.
I'm staying at the Bayview Garden B&B and Hostel right across from the bay. It's just perfect for me with grassy gardens all around and a beach to romp on. I can only be in certain places in the B&B but that's ok. I just love being here on the island. People are more laid back and outdoorsy. That works for me because I'm an outdoorsy kind of hound and I'm definitely laid back.

I go for long walks and even did some long distance running on the beach. Sandspit is just that, a long spit of sand. The only problem with my running is that I wasn't paying attention to the people who wanted me to come back and walk with them. Oh, well. I soon tired and got caught! :) That afternoon I took an extra long nap.

Here's the little ferry that goes between Sandspit and Skidegate.
Every morning I get up and go outside to sniff around. I think deer come through the property at night. Eagles sit in the trees overhead and look at me. I think they should stay in the trees. They are huge. Some crows landed in the cherry trees where I hang out. I jumped at them and scared them away!

Here I am getting ready for my ferry nap.
In the afternoons sometimes we go for a ride. Sometimes we take a small ferry over to Skidegate. I'm so used to ferries now that I just lie down in the back of the van and snooze. The locals here call those "ferry naps." I take "B&B naps," "travel naps," "motel naps," ... you get the picture. All this touring wears a houndie out!

Each evening I take a walk and when I want to go to bed, it's still light. My owner tries to keep me awake but I sneak off to my cushy bed and sleep while people are still enjoying the light and the 10 p.m. sunset.

Here's the party I slept through. The chocolate Lab went, though!
Last night I even slept through a party that was going on outside on the front lawn. I heard later that there was a wonderful chocolate Labrador retriever at the party. I wasn't invited anyway (as usual).

I've heard that we're going fishing Friday. I'm going to be checking out the bait and hiding when they bring the huge fish on board the boat. I hope there aren't too many high waves. I don't want to get wet. But, I'll tell you all about it for sure.

Well, it's time for my morning nap!

Photography copyright: Elizabeth Rose Photography

Monday, June 10, 2013

BC Ferries: Cinnamon rides in steerage

Here's the eagle in Prince Rupert looking down on me.
I said I'd tell you about my ferry ride. I didn't know what to expect. We took a night ferry from Prince Rupert via Skidegate to Sandspit, B.C.

We had to hang around Prince Rupert all day because the ferry didn't depart until 9 p.m. So I got to go on tons of walks, nosed around the docks and even saw an eagle up close. I had to sleep in the car while the people went to dinner. They got some amazing Vietnamese and Chinese food while all I got was a half ration of dog food. Drat!

We got in line at the ferry terminal and I got to go for a last walk around. Soon they announced that they would be loading. My mind was full of good things... sitting on the deck watching the sunset and having a hamburger in the restaurant. Having a beer with Canadian dog friends would top off the evening. I thought the ferry might be tons of fun. Imagine me, Cinnamon, standing on the stern with my nose in the air sniffing that wonderful sea air!
Here's our ferry. Notice there are no windows where I WAS!

So they directed us to Car Deck #4. It was kind of smelly... like a ship's engine. They put my bed over my "viewing platform" and acted kind of sad... guilty actually. Soon the crew announced that the driver and passengers had to leave their cars and go atop. I soon found out that didn't include ME! (Why, am I not surprised?). They patted my head and SHUT THE CAR DOOR! I was staying there for the sailing. WHAT? No walking on deck. No hamburgers. No beer with my friends. NO NOTHING! I was to stay alone in the car ALL NIGHT!

Here's the sunset I missed.
They went up to their cushy stateroom (the one with a window) and settled in. And you know what? They didn't even come down to check on me! I am sure they were up in the lounge having a glass of wine and eating chocolate cake. That's what people do on the ferry, ya know!

Soon the ferry was moving. The chug of the engines and the gentle rocking put me to sleep straightaway. I dreamed of watching the sunset. I dreamed of dining on a burger and looking out the window. But there I was down in steerage with a view of the hull and pipes. But at least I was asleep.

Soon, they announced that drivers and passengers were to return to their vehicles. It was 5 a.m. and we were already in Skidegate and, somehow, had to get over to Sandspit. As the car went down the ramp to dry land, I woke up and stretched. Jeesh, it was early! I just wanted to sleep in.
Please just go away and let me sleep! It's only 5 a.m.!

As soon as we got off the ferry, it was time for me to get out of the car for a bit. We got to look at the beautiful water as the sun rose. But I was sleepy and soon went back to sleep. I didn't know, but there was another ferry trip in store for us. Within an hour, we were loading on to a smaller ferry which would take us to Sandspit and WE WERE RIGHT UP FRONT! I forgot my need to sleep and stood during the 20 minute journey looking at the island getting closer and closer. There were two little Guillemots that actually lived on the ferry. They had red feet and walked funny... kind of like penguins.
Here's those funny birds with the red feet.

So we arrived in Sandspit and disembarked. We were there! Finally we had reached our destination. I was SO HAPPY when we got to the house and went upstairs. There were patches of sun on the floor for me to nap in. My food was there and so was my bed. And best of all, my favorite squeaky toy was brought in, much to my delight.

I haven't met any Canadian dogs here yet but that will happen soon enough. Meanwhile, I think I need to take a nap. This journey has been way too full of excitement. More to come? You betcha!

Article: Pet areas on BC Ferries 

Photography copyright: Elizabeth Rose Photography

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Cinnamon and the Totems

Well, I’m off on my Canadian adventure touring northern British Columbia. I am getting great at sight-seeing. Our friend made a special platform in the back of the car where I can ride comfortably lying, sitting or standing and get a lot of sight-seeing in. I watch for bear, moose and waterfalls. Sometimes I just watch the scenery go by. There’s lots of green and big rivers.

Here's the seat in the car our friend made just for dogs.
I can sleep or sight-see
Yesterday was a day filled with Totems. I had my first introduction to these cedar logs that have animals and other symbols carved on them. At ‘Ksan, the land of “The People of the River Mist,” I got to go out and walk the path, cruise around the grass and look at totems. I liked 'Ksan Historical Village. It’s nice that they allow dogs because it is like a big park with long houses and totems.
Here I am at the Totem Pole park

At ‘Ksan I was nosing around the long houses and all of a sudden I jumped back. I pulled on my leash to GET AWAY FAST! You see, I saw the shape of a bear, my new mortal enemy. I pulled and pulled and the BEAR DIDN’T MOVE! So I walked closer and found it was only a carved cedar animal. It sure looked real and I am embarrassed to say I was “totemly fooled!” (A little coonie humor, eh?)

I was really afraid of this carved bear until
I checked it out more closely.
Next we were off to Gitwangak , “Land of the Rabbits, where I figured I could do some real down home rabbit chasing. But no, it was all about totem poles… AGAIN! We watched a new totem being carved. It was huge and three men were working on it. Gitwangak is home to world famous totem poles and I said hello to some people from Germany. It was ok, but the grass was really high and I got my tummy wet.

So after that we drove to another real village, Kitwancool. There was a big open space along the river that was filled with totems. At the top of one I spied a bear carving, but that was way up at the top. So I felt safe. We walked near one of the houses and a First Nations dog came out to visit me. He was young and had soft fur and was very friendly. He followed me all around looking at the totems with me. After getting snacks at the store, we had to leave my new friend and drive on to a place where it rained and there were many waterfalls.
Here's the First Nations dog I made friends with.

I dozed as we drove along because I knew if there were more bears, they would wake me up.

Maybe tomorrow I'll tell you about my ferry ride. It happens tonight. Maybe they will let me run all around the deck. Ya think?

I am having a great time in Canada!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Canadian Border, Bears and More Bears

Canadian Border
Here is my view of the Canadian Border
I've been in Canada for two days now but yesterday has to be the best day. I doubt if it can be beat!

After all that blogging I did about crossing the border, here is how it went. We got to the crossing at Sumas.  Imagine this.. we were only fifth in line. The border agent motioned to us to come up to her station. She asked a few questions and looked at the passports and then she looked at ME! "I see you have a dog in the car." My owner started to hand over my Rabies Certificate papers, the ones we worked so hard to make sure they met all the criteria, and, with a wave, of her hand, showed she didn't want to see them. She said, "Are the dog's rabies shots up to date?" We all said, "Yes." That was it, she didn't ask about my dog food or about where I was born or anything. Soon we were on our way in a new land full of red and white flags with big red maple leaves on them. We were in Canada and headed for a big adventure.
Driving Coonhound
Here I am in front of the Canadian Superstore. Can I drive?

The first thing we did was stop at the Canadian Super Store. As usual, I couldn't go in and they didn't get anything for me. So I just sat in the driver's seat and pretended I had a Canadian drivers license.

We drove and drove along the Frasier River, through the Gorge, and into the forests. It was a great trip. I was busy watching and so didn't go to sleep no matter how tired I was. They pulled me out of bed at 6 in the morning for this trip and so I was mighty tired.

As we headed through the woods something big and black lumbered across the road ("lumbered," get it? - a little coonie woodsdog humour). Suddenly they yelled, "Bear!". Now I didn't know what a bear was and why it was crossing the road but I looked really hard at that bear as we drove away. The bear disappeared into the woods.

Brown Bear in Canada
This stinky bear was gigantic and scared the poop out of me!
Now that was interesting, but only a precursor to what was to come... the big excitement of the day. We headed up past more woods and looked up on the hill and saw an even bigger bear eating something. He looked down at me and I was glad we kept driving. But, Oh No! They decided they wanted a closer look and turned around and pulled up right below where the bear was. With the window partially rolled down I got a whiff of something that literally made the hair on my neck stand on end. Phew!

As they took pictures I had a good look at a beady-eyed huge brown bear. And he was feeding on a smelly deer carcass. And he was smelly too. He looked me in the eye and at that moment my instincts kicked in. I knew he was my mortal enemy. Me, Cinnamon, the nice hound, had a mortal enemy. I got so scared. With my tail between my legs, I started growling and baying. They asked me to be quiet but I couldn't control myself. I was terrified and it was my job to protect us all. Grrrrr.
Bear Eating
This bear was ripping the deer flesh apart. Ewwwww!

Fortunately for me, they soon tired of taking pictures and drove off down the road. I was still shaken and it took me several kilometers to calm down.

Come to think of it, I was so shaken that I couldn't even blog about it last night.

My first bear! I sure had a story to tell all my American coonie friends!

Photography copyright: Elizabeth Rose Photography

Monday, June 3, 2013

Why I don't go to Dog Parks in Portland (Video)

Well, I had a bath and am resting up for my big trip to Canada. This morning I had a wild time at the dog park here in Vancouver, where people are "normal" and dogs love me.

After my nap, I was checking out videos on You Tube and found this one of a typical dog park in Portland. See, this is why I don't go there. It's full of weird people:

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Birds: Cinnamon likes some but not others

Here I am bird watching.
It was a fine evening in the backyard. My owner and I were communing and bird-watching. First we watched a pair of Red Tailed Hawks circle overhead. I was thinking that they might attack me. I decided the best safe place for me would be to hide under my blue bench.

I kept sniffing the air and sensed a squirrel in the not too distant woods. My owner thought I was a bit loco because the branches were moving. The squirrel was hopping from branch to branch and I really didn't see it. I was too busy sniffing. Smell is my strongest sense by far.

But back to the birds. My favorite visitors to the back yard are the Colibri. Oh, that's right. I'm not in New Mexico anymore. You folks won't understand. Colibri are Hummingbirds. They buzz and they hum in our yard and come to feed at the special bird feeder. When they get their fill, they buzz off into the tree-tops. They love our bird feeder.
Here comes a friendly Hummingbird to our feeder

I am annoyed by bees, flies and blue jays. But why am I not annoyed by the buzzing Colibri? Why don't I growl at them and chase them? I think it is because the Colibri remind me of my homeland... of New Mexico. There are many hummingbirds that fly through when they migrate to and from Mexico. They are my friends. Colibri help the plants and they make my garden pretty. And, most importantly, they remind me of the land of my birth.

My friends in New Mexico had about four hummingbird feeders in their backyard. They had lots of hummers coming and going. I loved spending time there with my friends Pinta and Bridget. I even kind of liked Aly, even though she was testy at times.

Me gusta las Colibries
The Colibri remind me of home. I am kind to them. They don't buzz me and are kind to me!

They are kinder than Sammy the Blue Jay and those Red Tailed Hawks that circle overhead. Of course there are the noisy blackbirds. I get tired of the "Caw, Caw, Caw."

So now that I have had my visit from my Hummingbird friend, I am off to bed.

Photography copyright: Elizabeth Rose Photography