Monday, December 16, 2013

Official Squirrel Guard - On the job!

Here I am sounding the alarm.
I'll bet you didn't think I could be a squirrel guard AND sleep! But I think I've managed to figure out how to do my new job and avoid ruining my life.

My owner went into Portland for about three hours. As soon as the garage door shut, I ran up to my bed and hopped on my Cheetah comforter.

I took a good long snooze. I am sure "someone" would have woken me up should a squirrel have entered the yard. Don't ya think?

So after my snooze I was walking around sort of bored looking for my Nylabone when I heard the garage door open. I ran downstairs and stationed myself at the sliding glass door looking all alert.

Here I am chasing the squirrel into the woods.
My owner came in and was ever so pleased. She praised me and petted me.

In about twenty minutes I saw that pesky squirrel scrambling along the top of the fence. I sounded the alarm! Arooooooo.... Arooooo!

My owner opened the door and I ran into the yard scaring the squirrel back into the woods. JOB WELL DONE!

And then for good measure I sniffed around the bird feeder to make sure everything was ok. Well, it was.

Here I am sniffing the bird feeder.
I had done my job. The squirrel was sufficiently frightened.

Then I ran up to my desk and wrote this blog entry.

Now, I should have a nap as a reward, right?

Love, Cinnamon the workaholic

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