Tuesday, March 29, 2016

It's Party Time at A Dog's Best Friend Day Care and More!

Hi. It's me, Francesca. I've got an exciting tale to tell. And Cinnamon didn't even get to go!

One Saturday I went for day care to A Dog's Best Friend on Hearthwood in Vancouver. Weekends are different there. There are more boarding dogs than day care dogs and less people. So I don't get as excited about going as I do when I get to go during the week! But this Saturday was different.

They were busy in the office area setting up tables. I was hoping it was a birthday party for one of the dogs and there would be tons of treats! I tried to watch what was going on and sniffed under the door to see if treats were involved.
A party on wheels!
Things got really interesting when a colorful van pulled up. It looked like it was going to be an art party. It said "Wine Fueled Painting Parties." Now I am not above trying to steal a swig of red wine if I see a glass out on the deck. So I'm up for that!

Would I get to do some paw painting? I'm good at putting my paws into something messy. I also am good at nose art. Would I be invited?

I had my lunch and no mention of inviting me to the party. Easels were set up and there was plenty of paints and blank canvasses. And I smelled something good. Mimosas, finger food and human treats. Apparently, much to my disappointment, it was going to be an art party for humans.
The party goers learned how to paint dogs.
So as I hung out with my friends, lots of humans drove up. These were dog-loving humans and they were going to be painting their best friends, the dogs! They were having a great time. Laughing and talking as they learned how to paint dogs. Some young people came to keep us entertained and I like that... very much. I asked one to sneak me some food and he wouldn't. He said the food was people food.

Artists at work painting their best friends.

Soon, the paintings were looking like dogs... all kinds of dogs. And I recognized some of them! When the party was just winding down, my owner showed up to get me. I was excited. Now I could see what all the commotion was about. I was wearing my turquoise Easter collar so figured I'd fit right in. I came rushing out the door (as usual) and stopped. People petted me and said I was cute. And I checked out the paintings as I rushed by.
I recognized some of these dogs!
Here's Alisha. I love the pink background!
Fantastic job!
And just before I went out the door I spied Alisha, my friend from the Riverview Vet Hospital. She and Dr. Kempner helped save me when I had pneumonia. She was painting a portrait of her dog. But then it was over and I hopped into my car to ride home to tell Cinnamon all about my exciting day.

You'll have to watch the Facebook Page for A Dog's Best Friend to see when the next painting party will be held. I already told my owner I want a portrait OF ME! I'll hang it in Cinnamon's and my room.

Love, Francesca

Friday, March 25, 2016

#BrightMind Cinnamon Tries a New Adult Dog Food for Good Cognitive Health

Hi, it’s me, Cinnamon. I’m really excited to share with you a special new dry food I’ve been trying. Purina Pro Plan® BRIGHT MIND Adult not only tastes good and is easy to chew, it was created to help support cognitive health in adult dogs like me.

This post is sponsored by Pro Plan BRIGHT MIND and the BlogPaws® Pet Influencer Network™. I am being compensated for helping enrich the lives of adult and senior dogs, but Coonhound Tales only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Pro Plan BRIGHT MIND is not responsible for the content of this article.   

You know me… I’ve always been “full of it.” I chase squirrels, play with Francesca and think up subjects for my blog. I’m active politically and enjoy getting out and walking 5K volksmarches. I’m a sharp coonhound, mentally and physically.

I’ll bet you didn’t know that I’m in that "aging gracefully" state of life. Truthfully, I’m just now starting to think about my own aging process. With a new dog, 2-year old Francesca, in the house, I have my competition.

I want to keep my status as “Alpha female.” So I was happy to see there is now a special adult formula dog food. Purina Pro Plan discovered a way to promote alertness and mental sharpness in adult dogs through nutrition and just introduced the BRIGHT MIND Adult formula.

So how does this new food help my aging mind? The BRIGHT MIND Adult formula is rich in Arginine, an essential amino acid and DHA & EPA from fish oil. (I like fish oil!). The formula contains antioxidants including vitamins E & C along with B Vitamins, including folic acid and pyridoxine (B6). Older humans will tell you all of this is very familiar to them. So, why not do something good for your adult dog? Of course we are worth it!
Here I am begging to open the new food package!
So I’ve been trying the new food and I’ve been excited ever since we picked up BRIGHT MIND at PetSmart (You can order it online, too). When I got the snazzy new package home, I wanted to open it right away. What I found was that it was easy to transition from my regular food to the new dry food. They recommend you take 7 – 10 days to transition foods (I did it in 3!).
I'm a medium sized dog so opted not to get the Large Dog
food. This one was perfect for me even though
there isn't a Coonhound on the package!
It was just as filling as my old food and easy to eat. But I have peace of mind that I’m getting a special formula that will help me during my adult years. My hope is that I can stay on top of things with crazy Francesca, chase those wily squirrels and keep on blogging about the important things in my life.

You should try BRIGHT MIND too!  Now here’s a deal to help out! Spend $10 on any Purina® Pro Plan® product through 4/3 and you will save $10 on your next purchase of Purina® Pro Plan® Dry Cat or Dry Dog Food (14 lbs. or larger) or Litter (6 lbs. or larger) by 5/1. You can buy it here.

You can follow Purina Pro Plan on Twitter and Facebook. But I like pictures so I follow them on Instagram!
I'll let you know how things work out as I continue my quest for continued good health so follow me on Facebook, too!

This post is sponsored by Pro Plan BRIGHT MIND and the BlogPaws® Pet Influencer Network. I am being compensated for helping enrich the lives of senior dogs, but we only share information we feel is relevant to our readers. Pro Plan BRIGHT MIND is not responsible for the content of this article.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

#PetSmartGrooming Francesca goes to the Dog Groomer and Loves it!

Here I am looking muddy and stinky too!
Hi, it's me, Francesca. Remember when Cinnamon was teasing me about doing a review that involved a bath? Well, I did it! And my grooming appointment with PetSmart® went really well. So well, that it's Cinnamon that is jealous now!

This post is sponsored by PetSmart® and the BlogPaws® Pet Influencer Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about PetSmart Grooming Salons, but Coon Hound Tales only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. PetSmart is not responsible for the content of this article.

This all started out with two issues that I have. They don't bother me, but they seem to bother everyone around me. I, like most coon hounds, do not smell the best (read... stink!) and I had been romping in the dog park and rolling in some really ripe stuff! I needed a bath to be allowed in my house! That's just my first issue.

The second one is that I have "flying hair!" My hair is short but its really plentiful. In fact, I leave white hair all over the place as I walk through the house. It's kind of like Pigpen in the comic strip Peanuts. Hair just drops off of me... and its not seasonal! And, it's everywhere!

So I had to admit I needed help.

It was easy to get an appointment with PetSmart Grooming. We did it all online. We could choose the service needed, the time of day and even choose a groomer if we wanted to. My appointment was on a Friday afternoon so I'd look good for the weekend! I signed up for a bath, pedicure and FURminator treatment. (Well, my owner signed me up).

We drove over to PetSmart which is near my house and walked into the grooming salon in the back. They knew I was coming and had assigned me a groomer since it was my first time. I made a fool of myself jumping up to see what was going on and looking for treats.

Bridget made me feel comfortable and so I kissed her!
My groomer, Bridget, came out to greet me and went over the list of services. Since she mentioned bath, I decided, to escort myself right out the door. It didn't work. I had a leash on. Drat! But then Bridget got down on my level and petted me and told me everything would be ok... and it would be fun to be pampered. I decided to go ahead with the appointment. And, Bridget said I didn't need the FURminator treatment after all. The bath, milk bath conditioner and a hearty brushing would take care of everything.

So I went back for my pedicure. It was over before I knew it. Then it was time for the bath. We went back to the tub area and I got sprayed down. They I had the most marvelous shampoo you could imagine... Tangerine shampoo! Yum. Next was the conditioner to soothe my dry skin and make my coat soft. I loved the massage part. Ahhhhh.
When I came out after the bath, I looked gorgeous!
I wasn't ready for that to be over but it couldn't go on forever. My owner was waiting to take pictures! I felt like a movie star. Back in the salon, I received a wonderful brushing. My loose hair was flying all over the place! The appointment took more than an hour, easy. They gave me the royal treatment.

When I finished, I didn't smell any more and my fur stayed on me... it wasn't flying all over the place! I now have a new best friend at PetSmart and her name is Bridget. She did a great job and made me feel comfortable the whole time. In fact, I'd recommend the services to Cinnamon. Her coat needs to be cleaned and it wouldn't hurt to have it made a bit more shiny!

It's now a couple of weeks after my appointment. Know what? I still don't shed like I used to!

There's some things you need to know before you book your PetSmart Grooming appointment:
- Bring your rabies vaccination information from your vet's office.
- You have to be over 8 weeks old to get services.
- Your owners have to stay behind the doors to the grooming area.
- They guarantee satisfaction.

You can follow PetSmart on Twitter or Facebook. I follow them on Instagram because I like to see dog pictures!

Love, Francesca

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of PetSmart . The opinions and text are all mine.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sour Grapes Cinnamon: She went to THE BEACH!

Here I am sulking.
I haven't written much lately because I have been away. And then after I came back, I found out something that really annoyed me.

Here's the story:

One day we packed up to go somewhere. I found out soon, as we headed east on Hwy 14, that we were going to the Doggie Country Club out in Washougal. Now that's a great place to go and I trotted in willingly. It was fun to see my human friends and meet a few new dogs. Francesca must have played with every dog there. She's such a Play Girl!

So when our owner came to pick us up, I found out something. There was sand and seagrass in the car! SHE WENT TO THE BEACH!

Here's where she went. It was The Boreas Inn, a luxury B&B in Long Beach, WA
So I have been sulking around, even in the sunny weather. I just sulk, sunbathe and wish I could go to the beach too. It turned out that she went to a fancy place that doesn't allow dogs (or even cats). So she couldn't take us.

She said she missed us and petted every dog she met on the Discovery Trail where she walked. Or so she says!

And after she unpacked and got the sand out of her shoes, she gave us this little tile. She visited artist Don Nisbitt in Ilwaco and picked out this "fisherdog" tile. Now I was excited to receive a gift that reminded me of my fishing adventures. But then she went and put it on the stove right by her other tiles. Bummer!
Is it a gift if she puts it where we can't see it without
jumping up and putting our paws on the counter?
Oh well, maybe we'll get to go somewhere soon. I sure hope so. Meanwhile I am suffering from what they call "sour grapes!"

Love, Cinnamon

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Sunny Day! Fisher's Landing 5K Walk

Here's the big hill we went up.
I was full of energy at this point.
Hi, it’s me, Francesca. I just got inside from doing some heavy duty sunbathing on the back deck. Cinnamon and I were getting so tired of all the rain!

So, since it was sunny today, I got to go on a volksmarch. It’s one of those map-guided walks just for my owner and me. We didn’t see any other walkers on the trail this morning… just us.

This walk started at the QFC grocery store on 192nd in Vancouver. It is hosted by the Vancouver Volkssporters. I had to stay in the car while my owner registered. I was NOT happy! I was so tired of being inside and I was raring to go.

And off we went. The first thing we did was climb up a hill to an overlook. It was noisy as there are active quarries in the area. The quarry there began operations about 1881 and is still in operation today. But we walked up the hill to a little grassy park where we could look out over the quarries and to the Columbia River. 
Here I am looking around on the top of the hill.
There was information about Lewis & Clark
and the indigenous people. But I can't read so I don't know
much more than that.
I heard you could see Mt. Hood from there but it was too cloudy. I liked sniffing around up on the hill. Soon, it was time to go back down the hill and continue our walk.

We entered a neighborhood and heard some dogs in the fenced yards. I minded my business and didn’t bark. There was a nice wooded path that took us over Fisher’s Creek. It was too short for my liking because soon we were back walking through more neighborhoods.
Fisher's Creek was cool. There were two bridges and a short trail
I was getting kinda tired when, all of a sudden, we were back at QFC. I hopped in the car and went to sleep. Like Cinnamon, I’m a 5k kinda dog… well, unless I see a squirrel!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

They measured it wrong!

Honestly. Wasn't it a 6K?
Hi everybody. It's me, Cinnamon. Today I went on a volksmarch in my home town of Vancouver, Washington. In fact it was very close to my house. But I went anyway. I love the people. They greet me and pet me and we walk as a group.

But today, even though things started out really good, I got tired. When we got to Fred Meyer to sign up for the walk, I saw my friend Ed. I looked around for Dick and Carolyn but they weren't there. So we signed up and then walked around sniffing the flowers and plants that were for sale. I saw my friend Louise in the herbs section so we had to go sniff around those plants too.

It seemed like forever that we had to wait. But then it was picture time and time to head out following Joe Titone. He leads us. I prefer to walk right behind him.

It was a nice walk through the neighborhoods filled with spring flowers and cherry blossoms. I was really well behaved (unlike Francesca) and walked straight ahead with the group. When we weren't all that far from the end, I got tired and wanted to leave the group and lounge around on the grass. But we kept walking. Finally, we got back to Fred Meyer and I headed to the car and a well-earned nap.

Now I like volksmarching but I am a 5K dog. I really think this was a 6 K. Anyone else agree with me?

Love, Tired Cinnamon