Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Family is about GIFTS!

See how I hold my Nylabone with my paws?
I love visiting the Country Cousins. I always will have both dog and people company there. I always get excited when I get to their door.

So I was equally excited when a box arrived with GIFTS FOR ME! Inside the box were Nylabones! I never thought I'd like a bone that wasn't a bone. But when I was visiting my cousins, they had so much fun chewing these things that I got into the act. They were rather patient with me and shared their bones.

So when Auntie Glenda sent me NYLABONES I was excited. I have been chewing on both ends of my bones ever since. I hold one end with my coonie paws while I gnaw on the other end. Then I switch ends so my bone is even on both ends. It works for me.

Thank you Auntie Glenda for making my day.

Stay tuned for the exciting BED DELIVERY! It's icy outside so I sure hope the delivery truck can get through.

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