Sunday, April 7, 2013

When is a room a dog's room?

Here I am on my bed watching out my window.
It has been really hectic around here. I've been shut out of the garage when she unpacks, I get shooed out of the way when she puts things away and so I often retreat to my room to gaze out my window.

Sometimes I see neighborhood people walking their dogs and other times I see people drive up and steal our moving boxes and paper. I try barking at them but then she puts me outside. I just can't win!

But most confusing of all is the constant turf battle over MY room. Many of you will remember that when we moved in I went room to room trying to decide which room would be MINE. Once she put my dog bed in a front room, I figured it was really mine. When the movers showed up, she had them put my crate in the closet. So then I was double sure that was my room.

I took to sleeping there the first day we were in the house. Sunbeams shown down on my bed and warmed my little coonie body. I was happy.

But a few days after that things got crazy. First I was disrupted as a TV was put in MY room and the cable guy hooked it up. Now that's ok. I could watch the Pet Channel and Animal Channel. I asked the cable guy to make sure both were in our plan and he said they were. Great!

The next thing that happened was that the couch and chair arrived from the furniture store. Now things were looking up. Back home in Santa Fe I wasn't allowed on the couch. But since this cushy couch was being placed in MY room, I was really excited. I couldn't wait to share a picture with my friends on Urban Coonhouds. It would be a picture of me all sprawled out on my new green couch with my head on one of the cushy pillows. Wow, this was good!

Soon all the commotion settled down. She went to the garage to unpack some more and I decided to try out my new couch. It was really big. I chose the right hand corner to curl up in a nice neat "coonie ball." Besides, there was a lovely pillow there that coordinated with my cinnamon coloring. ZZZZzzzzzzz.

All of a sudden, I awoke to, "Cinnamon, NO! Get OFF!" I jumped off the couch and headed for my crate (my little safe place). How confusing. Why was she mad? This was MY room and MY couch! Grrrrr.

I then found out the truth. I didn't really have my own room. This was HER room and HER couch and HER TV. Yes, the bed and crate were mine, but why o why couldn't I have my own room?

Don't most dogs have their own rooms? I thought that is why we moved into a large house.


Cinnamon, the confused coonie.


  1. Here's a comment for Cinnamon from the Urban Coonhounds Facebook page: "Gretchen n Pearl think since your fur matches the couch.... what is the big deal about it getting a few dog hairs on it. Your mom needs to chill out.... Tell her it is very nice have a houndie to curl up with when watching TV. We like how your window is the right height for looking out of while your sitting down."

  2. Cinnamon, I totally agree with Gretchen n Pearl -- SHE needs to chill out!!!

  3. The couch is yours. It's like a coonhound rule. Your mom is just misinformed!

    If she doesn't want coonound hair on her couch, that is what they make beautiful quilts for. I have 3 in constant rotation.

  4. Zooey agrees with the consensus; if it's in your room, then it's really yours. She has the rest of the house, and really, if there is a snuggly blanket, it's a win-win for you both.

  5. From Cinnamon: Oh goody. That means that I get to choose the shows we watch in that room too! Are there Lassie re-runs?


Thanks for your comment. Love, Cinnamon