Sunday, December 22, 2013

Cinnamon's True Meaning of Christmas

You know me, I'm rather spoiled and self-centered. But I do have a serious side. This year, I saw the true meaning of faith and compassion. I want to share with you what inspired me, Cinnamon, to want to give to others to help dogs like me. These are feel-good stories that may inspire you as they did me, Cinnamon.

The Story of Rafael
Rafael was found in the village of Pojoaque just north of my home town of Santa Fe, New Mexico. A man out walking saw Rafael, just skin and bones and obviously close to dying, lying in the bushes. After looking at Rafael and realizing he was still alive, he wrapped him up in a blanket and took him home. He called Animal Control. He knew that in Santa Fe, Animal Control would take Rafael to the shelter where they actually help dogs. They have a veterinarian there and animal hospital. That is where I had my spay surgery and they took very good care of me.

Here's Raphael right after they found him
So they took Rafael in. They fed him by hand every two hours. They found special food for him. They showered him with love and medical care. They did every test needed to find out if there was something wrong with Rafael. And he began to thrive. For weeks, he still was very skinny, but by December he was gaining so much weight, under their care, that he had a cute little tummy.

In December, also, he was well enough to go into foster care where he could be in a family home and play with other dogs. Rafael gained weight there too. Now he is a celebrity and everyone wants to see him and go to Christmas parties where he is appearing. This warms my little coonie heart. Feliz Navidad a mi amigo Rafael.
Here's everyone loving on Raphael at the Christmas Party. He's a little fattie now!
So Rafael was saved from certain death by caring, loving people. He is only one of the dogs saved at the Santa Fe Shelter and Humane Society.

The Story of Bo Beau
Beau, the coonhound, was a rescue dog. He was rescued by Colorado Coonhound Rescue and placed in a family home. Unfortunately the family went through a divorce and Beau ended up getting "the short end of the stick." In his new living situation he didn't have the supervision he needed. One day he went out hunting and ended up being the prey! A mountain lion got him. He ended up with a ripped back leg and dislocated hip. 
Here's Beau after surgery. He is NOT happy!
His owner couldn't afford the vet bills so he went back to Colorado Coonhound Rescue. They got him to the vets. That started months of wound care, surgery and rehab. People chipped in to help pay for some of his care. I even sent some money from MY earnings. 
Here's Beau today... kinda looking like ME, Cinnamon.
 Beau is doing well and is still getting rehab for his back leg. See how much people care?

The Story of Juanita and her Puppies
Juanita was a scared Bluetick hound when they found her... alone, pregnant and pretty skinny. Colorado Coonhound rescue took her in and gave her love and food. They even built a birthing box for when she was to give birth to her puppies. 

They knew she was carrying lots of puppies but didn't realize that it would be 9 little cuties until the night she went into labor. This brought me back to when I had MY PUPPIES. I don't think I had THAT MANY, though.

So she kept having puppy after puppy. The people stayed up all night with her and helped. She even had one breech. (Poor Juanita). 
Here's some of Juanita's puppies... only SOME!
So after they were born she was totally exhausted. She nursed them and they thrived under the warm lamp in the birthing box.

Over the months, they got fatter and healthier and Juanita got skinny. What was going on? The people at Colorado Coonhound Rescue had her tested and found that she suffered from three types of parasitic worms. UGH!

So she got medicine and was cured. Hallelujah! Eventually all the fat roly poly puppies went to foster care to get adopted and SO DID JUANITA! Don't you think she deserves to retire from being a mom and live a life of leisure? I do! 
Here's Juanita on the way to her forever home. Note the pretty pink collar!

I hope you enjoyed my stories. I care about my fellow canines and love the people that love them. If you want to send some love (and money) to the organizations that cared for my friends, here is where you can donate:

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