Thursday, October 31, 2013

I Love My New Personalized Hunting Collar

Here's my Hunting Collar. It just came in the mail
Remember the other day when I was shopping on the Internet? Well, I bought two things. The first is what I call my "Hunting Collar." It is orange just like the hunters wear so other hunters won't shoot them. Now, I'm not foolish enough to believe this collar will protect me from hunters, but it does help me be seen.

The collar has reflective material. And, if I get lost, the collar is embroidered with my name and phone number.

But mostly I just like looking pretty. Isn't it pretty on me?

So today I put it on and went hunting along the Burnt Bridge Creek Trail in Vancouver, WA where I live. What was I hunting? Well, this time I was looking for rabbits and squirrels. To find squirrels I look up EVERY TREE I COME TO. That tests the patience of my owner for sure.
Here is how I hunt for squirrels.
Sometimes it makes my neck hurt!

So I spent time hunting and didn't come up with anything at all. (Note to self: Go hunting in the early morning next time).

So if you want a collar (and they come in many colors) like this where you can have your name and phone number (or website, or address... whatever) embroidered on it, check out the collars at Dog ID's at They have several types of reflective collars.
Here's all the colors my collar comes in. You can order one from

It's nice to help out others

My coonie friend Beau who was attacked by a mountain lion is still recovering at the rescue lady's house. Meanwhile I noticed that in this recent photo MY PHOTO CARD TO HIM is posted right in the middle. It made me feel good to see it and know that Beau has lots of friends rooting for him!
Here's poor Beau surrounded by get well wishes from other coonhounds.

You can donate through the Colorado Coonhound Rescue donation page or contact the Vet directly and pay towards the account: Deer Creek Animal Hospital: (303) 973-4200 and the account is 69708 under Colorado Coonhound Rescue.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Beau is home but still will need surgery

My coonie friend Beau is home from the hospital and is staying with the rescue lady.
My spirits are uplifted today. That poor coonhound that was in the hospital was released. Now mind you, he has to have daily dressing changes on his mountain lion bites and will have to return for surgery, but he's much happier in a home with other dogs rather than that hospital where he had tubes for everything.

Between you and me, I can tell he is still hurting. Know how? Well, he is panting and it isn't hot there. When my dog friends are hurting they pant. What I have heard is when the swelling goes down and the infection is gone for good, they will do the surgery and pin his leg. So if you are interested in donating, he still needs your support. Here's how to do it:

You can donate through the Colorado Coonhound Rescue donation page or contact the Vet directly and pay towards the account: Deer Creek Animal Hospital: (303) 973-4200 and the account is 69708 under Colorado Coonhound Rescue.

I'm happy to see Beau sniffing around the kitchen there. GET WELL SOON BEAU!

Wordless Wednesday: Cinnamon at the Beach on the Cliffs

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Coonie Friend Beau is in the Hospital

I usually don't write about sad things (well, except when I got bitten on my nose), but I have a Facebook Friend (Urban Coonhounds FB Group) who is in the hospital. My heart goes out to him because he was a rescue like me several years ago and found a home. But something terrible happened to my friend Beau last week... he got attacked by a mountain lion. Here's Beau in the ER:
See.. Beau looks like me. This picture makes me sad. Poor Beau.
This is what Colorado Coonhound Rescue is saying about MY FRIEND:  Beau the B&T has been at the ER at Deer Creek since Sat. He was attacked by a large animal (mountain lion suspected) last Wed/Thurs and relinquished to us on Saturday so we could get him the care he needs. He's a rescue Alum and the first time in rescue 4 years ago he stole the hearts of everyone around him as he recovered from being emaciated and very ill. He's doing it again We're entering into his treatment plan today for the toggle pin in his hip and his 4-6 month recovery period. Total cost of treatment is $3412.91 plus about $30 a day for 7 days of wound care for the bites.

Here's the note I sent to Beau yesterday. I was really bummed out after I heard that he might have to have his leg amputated. 
I was so sad about Beau yesterday. I sent him this picture.
Turns out, they don't think they will have to do that. There is more to this story including why poor Beau didn't get medical attention right away. But I'll spare you the details. What is important is that many of us who support Colorado Coonhound Rescue are trying to help. You can donate through their donation page or contact the Vet directly and pay towards the account: Deer Creek Animal Hospital: (303) 973-4200 and the account is 69708 under Colorado Coonhound Rescue.

Here's what the nice lady who transported him to the Vet said: It really is Beau that's AWESOME you guys. I just took him to the vet. He's got a solid and true spirit. Any other dog would have bit my face off when I had to move him out of my truck and onto the stretcher, but not Beau, he just made little groany sounds and licked my arm as I scootched him out best I could. Any other dog would have bit me when I lifted him into my truck, but not Beau, he just wagged his tail and begged for my lunch (which I shared).

Beau is in really good hands but I am still worried. 

Meanwhile, I am so emotionally drained, I think I'll take a nap. 

Love, Cinnamon

Monday, October 28, 2013

On Rock Climbing and Equipment Needs

Hi Guys. I slept in this morning. My owner went off to have a cup of tea and a scone with her friends and I just stayed in bed! I think all that fresh sea air wore me out.
Here I am climbing up a rock at the Oregon Coast

I was looking at our pictures and remembering how much fun it was to climb the big rocks on the Oregon Coast.

I'm really pretty good at it. I have great balance and can get up the side of a huge rock so I can stand on it and look all gorgeous. I love standing high up on rocks and logs so I can look out over the sea. I THINK I CAN SEE RUSSIA! (insider joke).

Here I am looking out to sea. Did you notice my ill-fitting harness?
So when I was in Yachats I climbed up the rocks and peered over cliffs and found out that I can get up almost everything. Well, except a tree to catch a squirrel. When I was at Siletz Bay, I climbed up on the driftwood. That was fun too.

I know there are dogs called Treeing Walker Coonhounds. I wish I could climb tree trunks like they do. But I think my legs are too short.

Since my owner is gone for awhile, I've been taking a look at my equipment. Now that I am a long distance walker AND A CLIMBER, I might need a harness that fits better.

Heck, I could practically fall out of this one... it is so big. Do you see how it is hanging off me? (And, doesn't it make me look fat?)

I think I'll go on and see what I can find. This one is a size M/L so maybe I just need a Medium. My owner likes the easy-walk type harnesses because I don't pull as much. Between you and me, I don't like pulling when I walk anyway... except when I encounter another interesting dog on the trail.

I'd better stop writing so I can get my shopping done before my owner comes home!

Love, Cinnamon

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Cinnamon's Volksmarch Log (Since I don't have an IVV Record Book!)

Here I am learning to follow the pink arrows.
I was asked which walks I have done and whether or not I am recording IVV Credit. Well, to tell you the truth, I understood that the AVA didn't allow dogs to get credit for their walks. But I do keep track... in my little coonie brain.

I am getting rather proud of myself. At first I didn't think I could walk more than a few blocks. Sometimes I'd make it around the dog park twice, but that was about it. You know, I am over five years old!

But recently I have been going on 10K volksmarches and I am doing just fine. In fact, today, I walked and hiked a 10K and when I got back to the motel room I took a nap. When I woke up I wanted to go walking SOME MORE! So we went down the ocean trail. I did great! I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF NOW.

So, for the lack of record books, here is what I have accomplished:

10K Vancouver Land Bridge Walk - Vancouver, WA - Vancouver Volkssporters - Website
10K Columbia River Walk - Columbia River Volkssport Club - Website
10K Sherwood - Soup Walk - Sherwood Merrywalkers - Website
10K WSU - Vancouver Cougar Views Walk - All Weather Walkers - Website
10K Halloween Walk in Yachats - Yachats Coastal Gems - Website

You know what? That is FIVE walks and 50 Kilometers. WOW!

While I don't get IVV credit, I guess it is fair because I don't pay a fee to the club either. Now if they accepted registrations for dogs, these clubs would have earned $3 per walk for my efforts. Hmmm. That's something to think about, Volkssport Clubs!

Yachats, Oregon: Huge trees, huge waves and long walks

Here's the beach in the early morning
Yachats, Oregon. How I do love thee. Let me count the ways. Yep, I love the beach and I love the woods. Yachats has it all. I am so happy here. I love the sea air, the crashing waves and all the people on the 804 Trail that say I am adorable and stop to pet me!

This morning we started out by walking the 804 Trail just in back of The Fireside Motel. I also created a commotion in the night so got to go outside then too. They even have a big spotlight on the ocean at night just for me!

But this morning I slept in a little before going for that short walk. I thought that was about it but we were back into the car after breakfast headed for downtown Yachats. The Yachats Coastal Gems walking club was putting on their annual Halloween Walk.

It was pretty fun. I liked the idea of treats and candy at the registration point (although I didn't get any!) and the water bowl put outside JUST FOR ME.

When I saw the SCARY PLACE
I decided to go the other way.

It was another of those 10K forced marches. But I was actually having fun. I got to walk along the ocean some more and then I saw something that said "scary place." I started to go in and then GOT REALLY SCARED. So we skipped the scary place and headed on up the street.

Soon we crossed the highway and hiked into some beautiful woods. This was not a place for squirrels. They just don't seem to have them here. There were huge trees and plenty of mushrooms. The trail went up and up. Someone had put logs on the trail to use as stairs. That made my hiking much easier. Pretty soon, I was just running up and down those stairs!

Then we were back on the streets. We passed a cemetery and I saw that the pink trail arrows pointed UP to a BIG HILL.

I decided not to go that way after I saw the Pet Cemetery in front of me. I wondered if that was for the dogs that got exhausted on hills like the one we were supposed to go up. So we went on a fairly flat street that was fun. At the end was a meandering trail with stairs that took us down to the town. After some more fun along the ocean, we were back at the registration place.

There was a big puppy getting ready to start the walk. I told him about the Pet Cemetery and warned him to NOT GO UP THAT BIG HILL!

By then I was ready for one of those treats that my friend Oakley had left for me and, of course, a long nap! Being at the beach can be exhausting!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Yachats - Beach, Gifts, Treats and Pets

Here I am NOT scared by the crashing waves in Yachats
Here I am, Cinnamon, magically transported to the BEACH! It was another one of those "Cinnamon, get in the car" days when I didn't know where I was going. But I should have known... my long leash and food were loaded, then my owner's jackets and hiking boots were put in.

So after a very winding drive through golden fall scenery, we reached a very nice dog-friendly place, The Fireside. My friend Oakley recommended it. He knows all about the Oregon Coast. In fact, when we got to our room, Oakley had left a GIFT FOR ME! I was so excited. Now I have tons of treats... enough to last me all weekend. And, I love the cute toy that looks like Oakley. I am one lucky dog.
Here's the gift Oakley left for me. Don't worry,
I won't eat the chocolate!

After calming down (I get excited about gifts) we went out the door and to the ocean trail which is just down the path. The waves were crashing and I wasn't a bit scared because I have been a "salty dog" ever since I enjoyed time in Haida Gwaii. I went right down to the rocks and sniffed around. I was looking for some crabs and dead fish.... cool stuff like they had in Haida Gwaii. But all I found was the remnants of a campfire where they must have been toasting marshmallows. Note to self: Check tide table.

So we spent quite a bit of time walking the coastal path. And, you know what? I found out the people here just love dogs. Many times I was stopped so people could pet me. The man in the picture below said that he and his wife were watching me from their balcony earlier and were thrilled to get to meet me and pet me when they took their walk. He scratched my back too!

So it's now time to hit the sack (I have my travel bed here... not my real bed because it is still in Haida Gwaii).  I heard that there is a 10K  walk tomorrow. I'll bet we're going on it. I will be good and tired after that.

I love Yachats! I can't wait for tomorrow!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

WSU Vancouver: Trails, Squirrel Hunting and no Degrees for Dogs

I never know where I am going when I get in the car. Now, it seems, my owner is into taking me on those long distance walks she calls Volksmarches. And they are looooong walks. I've figured out that a walk is a volksmarch when she picks up a map at the registration point. That's when I know I'll get a good work out.

This time we headed north to a hospital at Salmon Creek. I stayed in the dark, clammy parking garage while she registered and got the map.

Then I was invited to get out of the car and come along! We took off down the sidewalk, swishing through the fall leaves. At the bridge we peered down at teeny Salmon Creek. It was waaay down there. I was happily exploring the scents and sights and looked forward to some squirrel hunting.
Here I am wondering if I was going to have to sign up for classes

This is a really good squirrel tree!
We walked way down the street and came upon a big sign... Washington State University - Vancouver. Oh no, I was going to college? Has the reading of Chaser: Unlocking the Genius of the Dog Who Knows a Thousand Words gone to her head? Now, I want to learn.... but I want to do it in a very relaxed way (you know, take naps when I want and sleep in on those foggy mornings). I really didn't want to go to college. I just wanted to hunt squirrels. And, I don't need a degree for that, do I?

I found out that there were trails on that campus, some dirt and some paved. We headed up the hill into a shady treed area. Prime squirrel hunting territory! I was happy. I tried to look up each and every tree.

Here I am sniffing around.
Then we took a dirt trail along a frisbee golf course... even better squirrel hunting trees there. Maybe I'd like college after all!

There was interesting public art on that campus and many more trees. It is a great place to walk and explore, especially on a fall day.

Once we got up the hill we saw the campus buildings and thought it looked like a great place FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO GO TO SCHOOL.

WSU is pretty nice. They put doggie clean-up bags along the trails. I noticed there weren't any dog water dishes out. But I felt relieved actually. It looked like it was not a college for dogs. This wasn't a place where I was going to have to work. This was just a wonderful place to explore and enjoy nature... and squirrels!
Nice campus but they don't offer a degree in squirrel hunting

I had a great day enjoying the autumn sunshine and learned that college campuses can also be for walking, sniffing and exploring.

And then, of course, I took a long nap!

More Information from Cinnamon
WSU Public Art Collection
Cougar Trail Map (don't worry... I didn't see any real cougars)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Monday, October 21, 2013

Clark County Washington Advisory Vote: Cinnamon says YES to Fireworks Limits in Clark County

Cinnamon HATES Fireworks

Well, I have my voter's pamphlet and ballot. And what did I see? Advisory vote No. 6 is all about those dreaded fireworks. Remember last 4th of July? For over a week all there was in my area was BOOM, SNAP, POP, POW! I was so scared I hid in my crate most of the time. And I'm not the only one. I heard that dogs, cats and little children were scared. People lost sleep and it was an overall miserable time.


Here is how it reads:

Fireworks Use and Sale
Should Clark County enact a local ordinance, consistent with state law, which would limit the use of fireworks in the unincorporated areas of Clark County to July 4th of every year, and limit the sale of fireworks in the same area to July 2, 3 and 4?


Now once the humans know the law, what will happen? Will there be fireworks on 4th of July only? Well, if the City of Vancouver, and Clark County won't enforce an ordinance.... then I will be a miserable hound for over a week again. Enforce the ordinances and I will be one happy dog and the Dogs Against Fireworks National Headquarters might just be closed!

Cinnamon, Executive Director
Dogs Against Fireworks

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Cinnamon does the 10K Soup Walk

This is the walk banner. See the dog?
Hi, it's me Cinnamon, and I'm almost back to normal after being away from home for a week at the Doggie Country Club. I had so much fun that I wore myself out. But I got rested up yesterday.

So today I went on a 10K Soup Walk. It was a volkswalk put on by the Sherwood Merrywalkers in Sherwood, Oregon. I wasn't sure what to expect when I got in the car. Was I going to the dog park? Was I going shopping? Was I going on yet another big trip? Nope.... I was just headed for Sherwood.

It was foggy and I thought, perhaps, I should just go back to bed. But when we got to the YMCA (no dogs allowed inside) I waited outside while my owner picked up the map and left some food for the collection.

Then I GOT TO GET OUT OF THE CAR! Yay! Were we going squirrel hunting? Tracking? Sniffing? Nope, she had a map and we had to follow the map and the arrows. No straying. No sniffing. Now, I've done another volkswalk but it was in my home town of Vancouver and we took it really easy. It was a hot day and we enjoyed the shade of the huge trees.
Here I am playing in the leaves. They were so pretty!

I was a bit confused as to why we were there. But we just kept trekking along the streets filled with fall leaves. When we came to a pink arrow, we turned. It didn't matter where I WANTED TO GO. We followed the arrows.

I liked trotting through the crunchy colorful leaves. We got to go downtown and through some wetlands. When we were almost finished with the walk, we came upon this VERY SCARY HOUSE. It was marked "Cemetery," and had ghosts and eyeballs on the fence and ALL KINDS OF SCARY THINGS! I just closed my eyes and kept on trekkin'.

Here's that scary house. I'm scared just looking at the picture!
I was getting really tired when we turned up toward the YMCA. IT WAS OVER! We were headed toward the car and I was looking forward to water and treats. My owner went inside. I heard they were celebrating with home made soup in there but, alas, NO DOGS ALLOWED.
Here's one of those arrows that won't let me hunt squirrels!

On the way home I laid down on my blanket in the back and rested. I did a whole 10K today. I am one athletic dog, right?

I might just try another volkswalk sometime, even if I can't go squirrel hunting on the trail!

In fact, I hear that they have one coming up down at the beach soon and I love beaches! Meanwhile, I think I'll go lounge on my bench in the back yard.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Cinnamon's Confession

I'm tired. I had too much fun. I need to rest.
I'm sorry. I've been so tired since I got back from the Doggie Country Club. I've been lazing around, sleeping and resting.

I admit that I had my owner post the book review I wrote when I was at the Country Club. I admit I've been posting some brief infomercials. And I know you all want to hear more from me.

I barely have enough energy to chase that dratted squirrel in my back yard. But I promise, soon, I will recover and be back to my snarky, self-centered self. I want to get out on the road and write. I want to review things and write. I want to be Cinnamon the Blogging Hound... once again.

But for now, Good Night!

Money Saving Coupon for Cool Dog Stuff

As you know, I, Cinnamon, am a fan and affiliate of Dog ID's. Here's how you get there:

Here is their new coupon code so you can save money. I am saving up for a leather collar with my name on it!

New Coupon Code:  fallsavings10
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Ends:  12/20/2013.
Extras:  Free Shipping on All Orders $49 or More

Friday, October 18, 2013

Amazing Book! Chaser: Unlocking the Genius of the Dog Who Knows a Thousand Words

I'm going to give you the coon hound perspective on a soon-to-be released book, Chaser: Unlocking the Genius of the Dog Who Knows a Thousand Words by John W. Pilley. It is a book that made me think. 

I hadn't really taken time to sit back and think about how I learn things... I just learn. And I don't think my owner thinks about how she teaches me things... she just tries to teach me things. Sometimes she confuses me by using two different words for one thing and being inconsistent with the treats. I don't think she's the greatest teacher but I know she loves me. So I was really glad to go away to the Doggie Country Club and have time to read this new book about a border collie who learned 1,000 words. In fact, it was so easy to read it took me only three evenings, alone in my cabin, to read it. And I LEARNED A LOT!

I have been with my owner since I was four years old, much older than Chaser, the border collie in the book, when she came to her family. She was just a cute puppy with soft fur. They had lots of time to teach her things. Another thing they had going for them was that Chaser's owner was a retired professor of psychology at Wofford College and he needed a post-retirement hobby. He had lots of time on his hands. Instead of traveling like my owner does and boarding Chaser, he made it his project to teach chaser words and behaviors from the get go. He knew how animals learned and he had worked with dogs before Chaser. He kept up with the research on animal behavior.

He had read about a dog that knew a measly 200 words. He decided that his dog, Chaser, would learn at least 1,000 words.He had a plan and Chaser was at the center of Pilley's big project. And know what? Chaser loved it. I wish I had all the attention Chaser got every day. Play was the way Pilley taught Chaser. Play and compliments as positive reinforcement were the way Chaser knew if she had done what her owner wanted her to do. Chaser couldn't get enough of it. She didn't like to be idle. She always wanted to play and learn. In fact, Pilley had to teach her words like "time out" so he could do a few things for himself like watch a TV show. Now, I "time out" all afternoon sometimes. Maybe this is why I don't know 1,000 words. Ya think?

In general, border collies are really smart. They are bred to herd and they are bred to listen to the farmer, or sheepherder. Pilley had a head start because border collies naturally attend to their owners and what their owners say. Now, I have heard that border collies are even considered to be the smartest dogs in the world. So here is this man with an eager to learn puppy and time on his hands. And, to top it off, he had the theoretical knowledge to do the best teaching job possible (notice those BIG words I just used?)

I believe that coon hounds are very smart too. But we were bred for tracking and most of our smarts are in the connection between our noses and our brains. I've got Chaser beat when it comes to recognizing smells. I've got Chaser beat when it comes to following interesting animals through the woods by sniffing their trails. But, don't let my jealousy show here.... I really do think Chaser and her owner were pretty talented.

Chaser: Unlocking the Genius of the Dog Who Knows a Thousand Words takes you through this marvelous story of a relationship between a man and his dog and how that relationship, and good teaching practices, produced a very happy dog who also knew 1,000 words. These weren't just names of things. Chaser eventually learned words for 1,000 toys and could retrieve them when asked to. She could understand full sentences and learned new behaviors by imitating her owner. Oh yes, and she could overhear words and learn them that way too. Oh yes, and she eventually demonstrated deductive reasoning. This was supposed to be impossible for nonhuman animals." WOW!
Here I am with some of my toys. I only have FIVE!

I was amazed at what Chaser ended up doing, especially how she put words together. She could understand names for things, sure, but she could then understand what to do with them. She had hundreds of toys and could tell them all apart. ME? I ONLY HAVE FIVE TOYS! NO WONDER I DON'T KNOW MANY WORDS!

Now before you think Chaser was some sort of lab animal... she wasn't. She was a beloved member of a family. And, her owner made sure she also got to do what she was bred to do... herd sheep. She learned that too! NOW I DON'T GET ENOUGH CHANCES TO TRACK ANIMALS AND HAVE NEVER TREED A RACCOON! Chaser had it made.

I enjoyed Chaser: Unlocking the Genius of the Dog Who Knows a Thousand Words. I think dogs, dog owners and even psychology students would get a lot out of reading the book. And, with the holidays coming up, what a great gift idea!

I found out how dogs learn when I read Professor Pilley's book. I am glad my owner is reading it too. I am sure she'll have a few tricks up her sleeve to help me learn more words (BUT FIRST I NEED MORE TOYS!).

This book will be released on October 29, 2013 and will be available for sale on the publisher's site.

Note: As is common in the pet blogging industry, the writer was provided with a complimentary book for the purpose of review. It is a sponsored review through the BlogPaws Network.  While it has not influenced this review, the writer believes in full disclosure of all potential conflicts of interest.