Monday, April 30, 2018

#AdoptAShelterPetDay Our Adoption Stories in Honor of National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day 2018

I'm going to take a break from my retirement count down to bring you an important message. Shelter pets are out there 24/7 looking for homes. Please consider a shelter pet when you want to add a fur baby to your pack. After you read my story and Francesca's adoption story I hope you will be touched enough to head out to your local shelter or pet rescue group to adopt. Or, if you are not in a position to adopt, donations are ALWAYS needed. Please....

Cinnamon's Adoption Story

It was a dark and snowy day in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was several weeks before Christmas and I was out on the streets all alone, licking the catsup off Burger King wrappers and begging at the pink fajita stand. "Por favor, una comida.... por favor!"  I was working hard on my sad eyes but no one paid attention. Read the rest of Cinnamon's adoption story

Francesca's Adoption Story

I was a puppy in Yamhill County, Oregon. I was really cute, but I was really bouncy too. (What's new?). I always wanted to bounce myself out of the yard where I lived. So the people put me on a chain. I didn't like that. Sometimes I ran out of water. I didn't like that. So one day, when the door was open, I ran away. I ran really far and then it hit me. I WAS ALONE. NO ONE WOULD FEED ME. Read the rest of Francesca's story.

So now it's Adopt a Shelter Pet Day. I hope this day resonates with some of you. And I hope our stories have brought a tear to your eye. Find a place in your heart for one of us. We are there waiting for you.

Love, Cinnamon (the almost retired coonhound)