Monday, December 2, 2013

Shopping for a New Bed - Input Needed!

You may remember (how could you forget) that my owner left my bed at the B&B in Haida Gwaii in August. The B&B owner offered to bring it back after his November trip to close up the property.

Today we found out (drum roll) THAT HE FORGOT THE BED TOO! He was preoccupied (and for a sad reason) and left the bed at the top of the stairs.

So YAY! we are going shopping for a new bed. I need everyone's input on the best bed for a coonie like me. Here are some ideas.  Originally I had a mattress type of bed from Petco. It was thick and wonderful but in about a year and a half it sagged in the middle. (AND, I AM NOT FAT!).

I know I want a big bed. I know I want one with a washable cover. So which should I get? I need your input. Please leave comments, bed suggestions... and keep in mind I am a coonhound.

How about this one. Don't you think it would be perfect? After all, I AM a star.
How about this one. It is made by the people who make "My Pillow" and is available on QVC
How about this one? It is pretty. I wouldn't want the sheep dog though!
This one looks very regal. Do you think I'd like this one?
I am so mixed up. There are so many choices out there. What ideas do YOU have. Please leave your comments below and links for where I can find a really good bed and what type would be best for a 5 year old coonie like me!

Love, Sleepy Cinnamon


  1. I like the looks of the regal one but the metal work might poke in your back and it might be drafty. The one with the sheep dog is probably best since he is smiling.

    1. Cinnamon says.... "Good observation, Marty."

  2. Elvis loves this bed:

    He likes the bolster edges for snuggling in. Got him a medium so its spacious.

  3. Nothing beats LL Bean's Therapeutic Dog Couch! Cinnamon, I think you'd like the feature that keeps it cool in summer and warm in winter. And you can get other covers to match the color to your mood - You are moody, aren't you? Besides, a label from LLBean will impress your canine friebds. Be sure to check out the coats too. They're all here;

  4. Cinnamon says: "Dear Gram - Yes, I am moody and yes I like to impress my friends! My raincoat is from Lands End and it has my name embroidered on it!"

  5. Pretty Upper Crust, aren't you? Well, perfection deserves perfection!


Thanks for your comment. Love, Cinnamon