Saturday, May 25, 2013

Can Dogs be Obsessive Compulsive?

Here's my food and my bowl, just like it should be.
I think I may have a screw loose. I do things I know are weird but I don't have any control over these things. I worry that I may have some mental issues. Do I?

I fret about this Here's an example. Today my owner went walking with friends at a very early hour. Now, she was certain I didn't want to get up that early. And I agreed.

So she quietly filled my bowl downstairs, cracked the back door and took off. I continued snoozing. About 10 a.m. I woke up and stretched. Boy, was the house quiet. I ran downstairs and she wasn't there. I noticed that the door was open so ran out into the yard for awhile. When I cam back in, my tummy told me it was time for brunch. I looked over at my bowl and there was something in there. It was the usual food. But it just wasn't right so I skipped it.

So what wasn't right and why didn't I eat my food? Well, I am used to my owner opening the cabinet and taking out a bag or container of food. Then she puts my bowl on the counter and pours out some food. It makes a sound in my bowl like a slot machine paying off. Boy do I love that sound, When I hear it, I start salivating.

So the bowl today didn't make that sound. I just wasn't in the mood to eat. I need those steps... the cabinet, the container and the pouring into my bowl, or it just isn't the same.

Sometimes we watch Big Bang Theory. Sheldon is my favorite character. He likes things "just so" too. He has a special place to sit on his couch. He must knock on friends' doors three times. He's labeled a bit obsessive-compulsive. Or maybe he as Aspberger's. I like Sheldon. He would understand.

Now to be fair, I have to say I don't care if the food is in a Lock and Lock container or in the original bag. Either works for me. But it MUST be poured into my bowl and I MUST hear it.

On the Urban Coonhound Facebook page they say that coonhounds are creatures of habit. Is this all it is, or should I be labelled Obsessive-Compulsive and go to some sort of pet therapist? Hmmmm.

If you or your coonhound have any traits like this, please comment here. Otherwise I will be worrying ALL night!


  1. From another coonie: Pavlov. He musta had coonhounds. ~Charleston

  2. Nah, not OCD...just a creature of habit! You'll be just fine!

  3. From a coonie expert: "My experience is that routine is key. If t's outside of routine, then forget it...out of their comfort zone so they aren't sure if it's "OK". Does that make sense?"

  4. So "coonie expert:" Since when is butter on the counter OK but food in a bowl left for her is not?


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