Monday, September 30, 2013

See? I shouldn't have to go out in the rain

The big storm has passed and there have been some sunny times today when I could get outside. I was looking at the Urban Coonhounds Facebook group and saw this posted. Maybe there is a good rationale for my staying inside during these rainy times? See!!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Cinnamon has S.A.D.

See, don't I look sad on this rainy day?
It's wet. It's raining and I just want to stay indoors. I go outside only for the bare necessities. I go as quickly as possible.

When I left Santa Fe, my home, we were in the midst of a multi-year drought. I was used to dry, sandy terrain. I was used to sun. Once in a while it snowed. But that was alright because it was NOT WET! But this stuff in the Pacific Northwest is really wet. And, to add insult to injury, the wind blows 40 m.p.h. and blows the rain right into my fur.

All I feel like doing is sleeping. It's been dark outside for two days. It rains most of the time and I haven't seen the sun in those two days. I haven't been to the dog park and I haven't been out walking because my owner went wine tasting near McMinnville. I'll bet it was SUNNY there!

So what will this first winter in the Pacific Northwest bring me? Right now I feel Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) coming on BIG TIME

And to top it off, I still don't have my bed back and am sleeping on a quilt.  I think I'll go back to sleep now!

Love, Cinnamon on her quilt coming down with S.A.D.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Coffee Dog

Here I am getting petted at Mon Ami
I've always wanted to go out for coffee and socialize like humans do. I have friends that meet for coffee and they always have a good time... drinking coffee, smoothies, tea and the like. Sometimes they have crepes!

So when I was invited to Mon Ami my mind was dancing with visions of latte's and chicken crepes. I was going to socialize with everyone in the Hough neighborhood and have a great morning. The sun was out and I jumped in to the back of the car... all excited.

We got there and our friends had a table inside. Whoops! Dogs are not allowed inside Mon Ami. Luckily they had a front patio with tables where I could hang out and watch the people come and go. I was just about to order my chicken crepes and latte' when another dog showed up.

I tried to be friendly and nosed the dog a bit... but HE GROWLED. This dog was MEAN! Didn't he know what Mon Ami means? It is french for MY FRIEND!

My owner pulled me back and made me stand behind her chair so the dog wouldn't growl at me. I was ticked. Not only did I have to skip breakfast, I wasn't having all that much fun.

But soon Mr. Growly left and I was having fun again. My friend petted me and one of the Mon Ami staff members came out to see me. Turns out he had a Treeing Walker Coon Hound.... a real coon hound fan. So I warmed myself in the sun and had a great time at Mon Ami.

Soon I was home and had my standard dog food breakfast... no crepes, no coffee..... oh well.

Love, Cinnamon, everyone's meilleur ami

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Maddie is coming to Portland but I can't see her.

Maddie, is a wonderful coonhound who inspires me to write. While Maddie doesn't write, she is the star of her own book, Maddie on Things. What Maddie does is patiently, quietly, balance. She is a rescue dog like me.

But alas, I just found out that I can't go see Maddie. NO COONHOUNDS ALLOWED at the book signing. 

Theron has requested that nobody bring their dogs. Sorry. Also, no food. Both other dogs and food are distractions for Maddie and Theron wants her to focus on balancing and being friendly to everyone.

I know that the place will be mobbed so if your humans want to see Maddie they should go early. Meanwhile, I will remain home ALONE and MISSING MADDIE!

Here's where the humans are going:
Broadway Books
1714 NE Broadway
Portland, OR 97232

The signing takes place October 1st from 7 - 8 p.m. If you can't go, you can purchase Maddie on Things on

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Back from the Country Club

Here is the coonie weather vane at the Country Club
Well, today it rained a lot and I chose indoor activities at the Country Club for dogs. I just didn't feel like getting wet. I played a little with one of my friends. But mostly I just lounged around. What a life. I can sleep or play... whatever I choose.

So I slept. When my owner drove through the big white gates she noticed the weather vane that had a dog on it just like me. Did that mean this is "Cinnamon's Country Club?" I sure hope so.

When she got there she was surprised that I was neither wet nor tired. Usually when I go to boarding I play until I drop. But not here. It is a place where I can relax if I want. They bring me my food at the appointed hour and I can even have breakfast in bed if I want.

So I jumped in the car and we drove down the beautifully landscaped drive to return home... in the rain.

When I got home I went straight for my toys and had some romping time. I had dinner and now I am thinking it is time to play MORE!

Know what? I didn't get in trouble at this boarding place. NO MORE SCARS FOR ME!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Hi from the Doggie Country Club

Here's the gate to the Country Club
Hi, it's me, Cinnamon. They have great Wi-Fi here at the Country Club. Yep, I am staying at a bona fide dog country club. I am out at a country estate where they board dogs. Well, they call it "Bed and Biscuit!"

When we went through the gates yesterday I knew I was in for a treat. Two nice ladies greeted me and took me out to play with two nice dogs. I didn't have to mingle with any mean dogs at all!

At night we all sleep in our own cabins on dog beds. We have a private patio and yard. Mine has grass. I miss my owner and feel alone at night but I know this is only temporary.

I hear they have a pool here and for an extra fee I can go swimming. I sure hope I am not doing that because I don't know how to swim!

Well, that's it for now. Maybe tonight they will serve drinks around the pool and we'll have a dance. Who knows!

Love, Cinnamon at the Country Club
Running Pond Acres

Friday, September 20, 2013

Do not forget me!

I shall not be forgotten!
This is my "do not forget me" pose. I know she is packing for the weekend to go away for a special wedding event. And I know I am not invited. I also know I am not going to the "Survival School" boarding camp. It was just too rough for me.

So I have strategically positioned myself (looking cute, I might add) in front of the garage door. She can't load the car without tripping over me. And, she certainly can't leave me, right?

I'll report in on the new boarding place. I hear it is a classy joint.

Least we forget, Cinnamon

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The truth about the bed...

Here I am sitting on my bed.
Well, in my last post I alluded to something about my bed..... you know, my memory foam mattress dog bed (or was it a sleep number bed... I can't recall). Anyway, I've had a very special bed since I was adopted in New Mexico.

The bed is the only reason I no longer get on the couch to sleep. That bed saved me from thousands of "No, Get Down," scoldings. It was my favorite bed, ever. My owner changed the towel on the bed every couple of days. She had a special stack of faded towels just for my bedding.

My bed became my best friend. I would sit on it to look out the window. I would curl up and sleep on it on cold winter nights. I would stretch out and lay on it on hot nights. I loved my bed.

My bed came with me on the long trip north to Washington and with me the first time I visited Haida Gwaii. I  felt at home when I had my bed with me in a motel room.

Here I am all stretched out sleeping on MY BED.

Once she was on the ferry she realized she had forgotten my bed. I had to sleep on old quilts in motel rooms. And, they just don't have the cushy feel of MY BED. So now I am sleeping on a quilt... nothing but a quilt! In fact, I now go into my crate when I want a sense of something familiar.

I WANT MY BED BACK! How would you feel if someone forgot YOUR BED? Bad nights ahead... I just know it!

Signed, Cinnamon the bedless hound
Photography copyright: Elizabeth Rose Photography

Monday, September 16, 2013

Cinnamon's Last Vacation Day Was Perfect

Here's the motel and the SUNSET!
It was late when we got in to the motel in Hope, B.C. We had planned to make it over the border and stay in the U.S. but the trip got started late. It wasn't MY fault!

I got a great big surprise when we reached our motel in Hope

The nice owner of Swiss Chalets Motel directed our car to park in front of a little cabin. And I saw.... a private YARD with GRASS and a picnic table. The first thing I did was roll in the clean green grass. Then my owner tied my 20 foot leash to the picnic table and I roamed the yard sniffing the trees and even chasing a Blue Jay.

Soon it was dinner time and I got to eat OUTSIDE! It was just like home. I slept inside, of course on a cushy quilt (you'll find out why later) and at 7 a.m. she had to drag me out of bed to get back on the road. I LOVED the little motel cabin in Hope, B.C.
Here I am checking out the Police Dog wood carving.

You should all come to visit Hope. It is surrounded by mountains and has walking paths and interesting carvings made out of trees. In fact, among all the bears, there was a tribute to a Police Dog! And, there was a sign pointing to DOG MOUNTAIN.

This must be where Canadian dogs go for vacation. They really respect their dogs in Hope!

Photography copyright: Elizabeth Rose Photography

Thursday, September 12, 2013

My Haida Gwaii Vacation

It's over now and I'm headed for the ferry. Tonight I will sleep in the car while we cross over to mainland British Columbia. I've had a great vacation. It was sorely (pun intended) needed after all the trauma of my scarred nose. I've gotten over it. Actually, the scab fell off (I know, TMI!) and it looks much better. At least the Canadian dogs didn't seem to pay much attention to it.

Here I am at low tide smelling stuff
So here are the highlights of my vacation.

I got to go onto the rocky beach while the water lapped at the shore. When it was low tide, there were tons of great smells. I got in trouble when I tried to pick up broken crab shells and fish skeletons. But that's all part of my life. I like doing things to get in trouble!

My next favorite thing, usually after a walk on the beach, was "sunbeaming." I'd go all over the beach house trying to find the best sunbeam so I could lay in it. If the sun was too high, I'd just stand in the sunbeam. Today, while I was waiting for the trip to the ferry, I laid on the grass in the sun. What a life!
Here I am in a great sunbeam

My third favorite thing was standing out on the Coast Guard dock looking at the birds. I saw seagulls galore, a crane and.... my favorite, the Eagle. I like watching birds. I don't try and chase them. When we were driving down an old logging road the huge black ravens flew just in front of the car leading the way. That was fun. I think they enjoyed our company too.

Ravens are very important birds here in Haida Gwaii  According to the Haida people who live here, Raven is responsible for creating Haida Gwaii, releasing the sun from its tiny box and making the stars and the moon. 

I think the ravens on the road were having fun with us.... after all, they are known as tricksters.

So now I have to return to the mainland. No more crab shells, no more dead fish smells, no more sea grass, no more playing with dogs on the beach. It has been a great vacation.

More About Haida Gwaii Vacations

Photography copyright: Elizabeth Rose Photography

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dangerous foods for dogs... really?

I've been out and about on the island here, scarfing up seeds, fish bones, shells and anything that tickles my fancy. So I was a little concerned when I saw this infographic. I guess I'd better not be quaffing any Kokanee beers on the ferry trip home!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Ferry Good Day

Here's the big ferry and the little ferry
When you live on an island, ferries are your connection to the outside world. We arrive on BC Ferries from Prince Rupert but get on and off Moresby Island via MV Kwuna. I call that the little ferry. By now, I am an old hand at riding the ferries.

Today we wanted to take a road trip to Masset so we boarded the little ferry at Alliford Bay. It was a glorious morning with bright sunshine and mild temperatures. I immediately got ready for my “ferry nap” as the crossing takes just over 20 minutes. When we board, I lie down and rest. It’s what you do on the ferries.
We spent the day driving around Graham Island. At the lunch stop I thought I might get something good because I was really hungry after all that sea air. But no…. all I got was two greasy French fries AND had to wait until 8 p.m. to get home for my dinner. We missed the earlier ferry because THEIR lunches took too long to prepare. Hmmm…. Greasy French fries.  Imagine!

So we drove along the shore watching the huge ravens swoop out of the woods. We saw a deer or two and soon we were in town back at the ferry dock for our return trip.

My big BC Ferry was there as well. It made my little ferry look so tiny. Since I was getting really sleepy I demanded that we sail with my door open and so we did. Initially I put my head outside as the ferry set sail. The fresh air smelled so good. But after a while, it just made me sleepy. It could also be that I was starving… SUBSISTING ON TWO GREASY FRENCH FRIES!
I enjoyed my ferry nap. Soon we were docked and drove home. I played outside a bit and then had a real good dog food dinner. And after that… well, Good Night!

Photography copyright: Elizabeth Rose Photography

Friday, September 6, 2013

Cinnamon on Vacation: Dorking around on the Dock

Here's those dumb Pink Salmon swimming in circles
Well, it's clear I'm not going fishing on this trip to Canada. They are going out for 8 + hours and that is a bit much for me. You see, nothing is brief when fishermen are after the biggest fish and are having a lot of fun.

So I rode to the dock with them to say goodbye. I thought maybe they would share a "boat cookie" with me but no.... they were saving them for themselves. I hope they catch some huge salmon and even a halibut.

So after they left I nosed around the dock and saw huge pink salmon swimming in circles under the dock. I think they were lost. They are supposed to be going upstream to spawn right about now... not swim in circles under the dock! Maybe they'll get a GPS and figure things out.

So after I looked at the salmon for awhile, I strolled down the dock to check out the boats. These boats were good sized ones.... ones where I could run around the deck if I was sailing on them. I thought they might be better than the small C-Dory I went fishing on... the one where I got scared. So I checked out the big boat very seriously.
Here I am checking out the big boat for a potential cruise!

After that we walked ALL THE WAY HOME in the sun. I stopped to see an eagle and to nose around in the grass looking for something crunchy.

So today was a good vacation day. I'm off to take a nap to rest up after all of today's activities. I'm one tired pooch!

Love, Cinnamon on Vacation

Photography copyright: Elizabeth Rose Photography

Thursday, September 5, 2013

What does a coonhound do on vacation?

Here I am "sunbeaming" reflected in a mirror
Here I am in Canada on vacation. I am relaxing and completely forgetting the trauma of my scarred nose.

So what do Coonhounds do on vacation? Well, I do things like search for dead fish on the beach, sniff tide pools, bay at horses, take long walks, and long sleeps.

One of my favorite things to do at the B&B here is to find sunbeams. Once I find a good sunbeam, I lay in it. Sunbeams are kind of like going to a spa. They are warm and rejuvenating. I LOVE SUNBEAMS.

On the downside, I have to put up with a lot of island dogs who think they own the place (well, they really do).

Tonight I got some salami and cheese from my owner and her friend. What a treat that was. Of course I didn't get ANY chanterelle mushrooms or pork chops. That is what they cooked for dinner. I like the mushrooms if they are cooked in butter. And of course I would love a nice lean pork chop. But no luck at the table... even if I was very, very good.
Here's the dinner the people made for THEMSELVES.

I've rolled in the grass, sniffed the seaweed and dodged the incoming tide. There is much to do here in Sandspit, BC. I am truly enjoying my vacation!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: What I saw in line to board the ferry to Haida Gwaii Canada

What would YOU say if you saw this headed for the island you were visiting? Yikes!

Photography copyright: Elizabeth Rose Photography

BC Ferry Adventure: Upgraded to Business Class

Here we are driving onto the Ferry
It was a great day touring Northern British Columbia. We walked along Cow Bay enjoying the sunshine at Prince Rupert. I was very patient while they went grocery shopping and picked up bagels at Tim Horton's. In fact I was VERY PATIENT during the whole trip when we stopped at grocery stores to get things for friends at Sandspit. You see, they live on an island and groceries arrive only once a week at the little island store.

So back to the issue at paw. I am an experienced BC Ferry passenger. Last time I complained a bit because I had to ride in "steerage" while the people went up top to a cushy cabin with a porthole. I felt like a second class citizen as I rode in the bow of the ship in a locked car. The only good thing was that the car was loaded with food so I knew I'd never starve if we ended up marooned on a remote island somewhere!

So this time I had a plan. I made my move at the Overwaitea grocery store at Prince Rupert. I slinked from the back of the car up front and curled up in the driver's seat in the best coonie ball I could create. I was staking my territory. When they came back with their groceries they had to tell me to get back to my place. I was asleep and didn't want to move.
Here's the Breaker's Pub in Prince Rupert where THEY ate.

So next, they went to the Breaker's Pub for dinner leaving me with a handful of dog food and water. What's new, eh? After THEY had dinner we drove down to the ferry terminal and got in line. I was abruptly awakened for one last walk. I was so glad when I saw my friend who works at the Ferry Terminal. He always pets me.

I was even more glad when the BC Ferries staff member came over the loudspeaker and announced they would be loading. The sun was setting and I was more than ready to go to sleep. We were motioned on board and were assigned a place in the bow. That is near the A/C and I like that! I couldn't wait for the people to LEAVE! They locked the doors and as soon as they headed up to the passenger deck I JUMPED INTO THE FRONT SEAT for a long night's sleep.

See? I upgraded myself to Business Class. Enough of the dog seat. I was curled up on the driver's seat just like a human. I was cool. As the ferry left the dock, the hum of the engines put me to sleep. It was a smooth crossing and I was zonked.

At 5 a.m. the Purser came on the loudspeaker and announced that we were docking. OH NO! The people would be there too soon for me. I sleep until 9 a.m., don't ya know? OH NO! there they were coming to greet me. They unlocked the doors and I gave them a dirty look. It was TOO EARLY. They put up with my sleepiness but when the cars started disembarking I had to move. I was FORCED to return to the back seat. Grrrr.

So after we got off the ferry, we drove a bit to look at the sunrise. I got to see and smell beautiful Haida Gwaii. The cool air woke me up and I enjoyed the dawn. I'm ready for another Haida Gwaii adventure! (Well, after I take a nap).

Cinnamon, the Salty Sea Dog

Photography copyright: Elizabeth Rose Photography

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Cinnamon's Canadian Vacation - A Great Day!

This is the Visitors Centre at Williams Lake
With the Huge Logs
Today was a great travel day in British Columbia. We left Cache Creek and stopped at the Visitors Centre in Williams Lake.  It is so impressive they call it a Tourism Discovery Centre. It is made out of HUGE logs. But what impressed me was the sign on the door… “All Pets Welcome!”  That meant ME, CINNAMON… I GOT TO GO IN!

OMG... A treat!
I love going through doors and seeing what is inside buildings… especially when I am invited! So I went inside and strode up to the front desk. The pretty young lady said, “Welcome!” And then… AND THEN… she said “Do you want a dog treat?” I got so excited I barely could behave myself. Imagine me… getting a treat in Canada! It was a great little dog biscuit. I sure enjoyed it!

Here’s what they say about this amazing HUGE log building: The Tourism Discovery Centre is, in total, a 14,596 square foot log structure.  The log and timber frame was built by local log home builders.

The centre post with its flared root intact is approximately 10 feet across and rises over 52 feet.  It was sensitively harvested  (whatever that means) from Bella Coola and estimated to be 745 years old.  The building was kinda like being in the woods. I had fun going up the wood stairs, looking out over the beautiful lake and then, innocently walking close to the reception desk hoping for another biscuit. (I didn't get a second treat).

Here I am sniffing around the corn fields
This was a great stop but there was more fun ahead. We saw signs for Soda Creek U-Pick Corn. While I don’t like corn I DO like farms. Where there are farms there are usually dogs and cows and horses.

I got excited as we headed down the dirt and gravel road. What a view of the valley! And soon, we were down in the valley where they grew the corn. I got to get out and romp around the corn fields while they picked. I saw a horse but didn’t go over and check it out. I’ve learned that horses are MUCH BIGGER when you are close to them. No, thanks. Horses can stay in the distance.

We loaded up the corn to give to people on Haida Gwaii and drove back up the dirt road.

I am now in the motel  in Vanderhoof, the one with the trees and picnic tables. I can’t run loose so I think I’ll turn in. There is a fresh towel on my bed and a full bowl of water. Life is good on the road in Canada.

Love, Cinnamon, the ride-along hound.