Sunday, December 15, 2013

Yes, there are yellow Cheetahs

When I got what I thought were my Leopard print throws for my new bed, it was pointed out to me that they were probably Cheetah throws. Now, of course I should have realized that the yellow color was a Cheetah-type color. You know, Cheetos are orange! So I looked up some pictures of Cheetahs and sure enough, they come in yellow (and probably orange too!)

See how yellow this Cheetah is?
But then I realized that Cheetahs are CATS! AND MIGHTY BIG CATS. CATS DON'T LIKE ME AND I DON'T LIKE CATS (I have one next door).

But the throw is not real... it's just a print. So all is good in my world.

Here I am on my fake Cheetah throw.

I think I'll go take a nap on MY NEW BED with the Cheetah throw.

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