Saturday, November 30, 2013

Gettin' Wild on Thanksgiving

Here's Cousin Sampson and I getting wild!
Hi, it's me, Cinnamon. I'm home now resting up after a wild Thanksgiving at the Country Cousins' home. I could hardly keep awake on the ride home. I was so, so tired!

Well, if you read about my cousins you'll remember Sampson, the huge black lab. Sampson and I hit it off right away and liked to romp and play together. But it wasn't until after Thanksgiving dinner that we really got in trouble.

Here's what happened. We were all very good during Thanksgiving dinner. We laid on the carpet while the people ate all the TURKEY! We kept our noses off the table. We didn't whine and we didn't play. So you could imagine how much energy we had after the dishes were cleared and the people were having their pie in the livingroom.

Sampson and I exploded with JOY! We started slowly... playing "mouthy face." But then we started running around the couch. Of course we got escorted outside after that.

When we came in Sampson and I talked things over. I said, "If we go upstairs, we can play on the landing. That won't bother anyone.... LET'S GO!"  So we bounded up the stairs and romped around on the landing. We had a great time. Now the landing wasn't all that large so Sampson said, "I'll bet you can't beat me racing down the stairs!"
Here's Sampson and I after we were banished outside.

And we were off, we ran down the stairs (I beat Sampson, by the way) and ran up again and then circled the landing for a huge race down the stairs again. We sounded like the thundering hooves of horses. WOO HOO! Sampson made it down the stairs but Aunt Glenda was right there at the bottom. I was going so fast I couldn't stop. SHE CAUGHT ME! I yelped with surprise. I had to be going 60 mph! She held me tight and reprimanded me.

THE FUN WAS OVER! We were told to STOP! To calm down. And we did, reluctantly.

It was kinda like this story..... We were the best Bumpus Hounds ever!

So that is how our Thanksgiving ended.... we got in trouble.

Love, Cinnamon, the fast hound

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving: Cousin #4 is the Best!

Late last night a dark shadow darted out of the newly arrived car. I was almost ready for bed. I wasn't quite ready for what happened.

Here I am meeting cousin #4 - The Best Cousin!
The black shadow darted into the back yard. The bundle of muscles and energy had arrived. I was told that Sampson was here!

I wasn't sure whether or not to be afraid or get excited. The other dogs were introduced first. Remi growled and was annoyed with the new arrival. Indy got excited.

Now it was my turn. The black bundle of energy made a run for me. I had to think fast... snap or play? Snap or Play? PLAY!

All at once I looked at this huge black furry animal and decided that deep down Sampson was only a puppy. AND SAMPSON LIKED TO PLAY!

Here I am playing with Sampson.
We played until we were kicked outside. And then we stopped and listened for coyotes. I showed Sampson how to sniff along the fence line for bunnies. I told Sampson how Uncle Tom would give us treats if we were good.
If we are good Uncle Tom gives us treats!

So Thanksgiving morning dawned. I gave up on watching Glenda cook as I had found a new best thing to do.... PLAY WITH SAMPSON!

We romped, we bit each other's faces and we got kicked outside many, many times! I love my new cousin. He is nothing but fun!

But right now, I think I'd better take a nap. There's going to be much eating and playing at the Country Cousins' house this afternoon!

Right now I am very THANKFUL for FAMILY!

Love, Cinnamon

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Living it up at the Country Cousins'

Here I am riding shotgun on the way to the
Country Cousins' House
Yesterday I just wanted to sleep in but oh no.... it was in the car and off on a road trip! We were headed for the Country Cousins' home in rural Kitsap Peninsula.... in the woods where the rabbits and deer are.

I tried to stay awake during the trip. I even got to ride shotgun but that didn't work. I nodded off constantly and didn't perk up until we headed across the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. I looked down at the water and it reminded me of my time on the island in Haida Gwaii... those were good times. I was a salty sea dog then.
Here's where my cousins live

Soon we pulled off onto a country road and headed into the woods. I could smell those bunnies waiting for me!

When we got there Aunt Glenda had everything organized. Since there were going to be FOUR DOGS in the house for Thanksgiving this weekend, she wanted us all to be carefully introduced to each other.

I got to go in first and greet Uncle Tom. Then she brought out Remi. Remi, if you will remember, is the growly old one who is not sure he likes me. He did bark a little but then remembered that I was a cousin and mellowed out.

So then it was time for her to bring out Indy, the wild one. Indy was so excited to have company she barely noticed me. Imagine!

Here's me and my cousins getting TREATS!
So once we all got acquainted it was TREAT TIME! Uncle Tom ushered us all into the kitchen where we were offered treats if we behaved ourselves.

That began an evening of treats. Glenda was cooking and gave me tidbits. I had my dinner after that. And after that I licked Remi's and Indy's bowls. I was enjoying this treat-filled house and am beginning to find out what Thanksgiving is all about.

You might be thinking... what about the fourth dog? Well that dog is Sampson and he is a Black Lab and he is really young and full of energy. I am wondering if I can handle him. We'll see. I'll let you know when he gets here tonight. He's riding all the way from Spokane.

Meanwhile I'll go out in back and sniff for bunnies again. I like it at the Country Cousins'!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

More Bed Wars: It's a double this time

Here I am on TWO PADS!
Hi, it's me, Cinnamon. I'm home now. As the sun was setting over the Columbia River last night my owner FINALLY picked me up from the Doggie Country Club. I wasn't concerned, though. I was playing with my beagle friend. I was just a little concerned about who would be feeding me dinner!

Once I got home, I looked around and saw that my bed STILL WAS NOT BACK! I did find out that there is a reason for the delay and it is a sad one. But I won't go into that now.

So what my owner did was make a DOUBLE BED for me out of my two crate pads thinking that would make up for the absence of my real bed. I tried it but in the middle of the night ended up ripping the covers off and sleeping on only one pad. And then about 7 a.m. I scratched on my owner's bedroom door to see if she might let me on the furniture for the rest of my snoozing. Well, that didn't work. So I am going back to bed on my crate pad now!

I did find out that she is packing. I think I heard her say that we are going to visit my Country Cousins. Now that will be fun! I'll take pictures of me and my cousins around the Thanksgiving table and post them here. But for now, I'm still needing more sleep. The Doggie Country Club takes a lot out of me!.... all that playing.... all that socializing and networking.

Love, Cinnamon

Monday, November 25, 2013

Cinnamon's Thanksgiving: I am Thankful for the Vancouver, WA Area Dog Parks

Here I am, hunting, at Ross Dog Park
When I can run free, my ears flapping in the breeze, and spend an hour greeting every dog and human who enters the dog park, I am happy. This Thanksgiving I want to say that I am very grateful for all the dog parks in the Vancouver, WA area where I live: 

In 2005, the Vancouver City Council amended the city leash law and the Board of Clark County Commissioners amended the county code to allow development of off-leash areas.

Since then, Vancouver-Clark Parks and Recreation has partnered with Clark County DOGPAW (Dog Owners Group for Park Access in Washington) to help identify, develop and maintain new off-leash areas. DOGPAW also collaborates with other cities and private property owners, like the Bonnevile Power Administration, in their effort to develop new dog parks. 

DOGPAW relies on membership fees and donations to maintain its dog parks and build new ones in Clark County. Membership only costs $15/year for individuals or $25/year for families, and is tax deductible. Visit DOGPAW's website to find out more, or to sign up online:


Ross Off-Leash Dog Recreation Area (west Vancouver)
The Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) donated use of nine acres on the south end of the Ross Complex for an off-leash area. DOGPAW members put up fences, installed waste disposal stations, drafted rules for canine and human users of the park, and are responsible for maintaining the park. This is the first collaboration of its kind between the city of Vancouver, BPA and DOGPAW.
NE Ross St at NE 15th Ave, Vancouver, WA 98663 (45.658046,-122.6556)
  • I-5 exit #3 (Hazel Dell’s Hwy 99)
  • Head north on Hwy 99
  • Go east on NE Ross St to NE 15th Ave
  • Parking at C-TRAN BPA Park & Ride at 15th Ave, with Handicap/Maintenance Entrance at 18th Ave
*Street parking prohibited 
Ross Dog Park

Dakota Memorial Dog Park at Pacific Community Park (east Vancouver)
This 8-acre dog park is located on the north side of Pacific Community Park, on NE 18th Street between 164th and 172nd Avenue in east Vancouver. It is fully fenced with two double-gated entrances accessible from the two parking lots inside the community park. Please note that dogs must be leashed in the parking lot and in all other areas outside the fenced dog park. The dog park features a gravel perimeter trail through open lawn and forested areas, a rustic log agility course, benches and drinking fountains. A dog rinse off area is located on the back side of the restroom on the west side of the park closest to NE 164th Avenue (Note: Dogs must be leashed at the rinse off area and all other areas outside the dog park). A separate area for dogs under 25 pounds is available on this site. 

NE 18th St at NE 164th Ave, Vancouver, WA 98684 (45.63567, -122.50388)
Dakota Dog Park
  • From I-205 exit #28 (Mill Plain Blvd) east. Go north on 164th Ave.
  • From I-5 exit #1A/B (Hwy 14) east. Go north on 164th Ave.
  • From SR-500 (NE Fourth Plain Blvd) east. Go south on 164th Ave.
  • 1515 NE 164th Ave 98684.
  • Entrances off 164th Ave and 172nd Ave (south of 18th St).

Brush Prairie Off-Leash Dog Park
Clark County partnered with DOGPAW to develop this 7.5-acre dog park in 2008. It is located adjacent to the Lauretta Noreen Forest Preserve on NE 149th Street at NE 101st Place, on the west side of NE 117th Avenue (State Route 503). It includes a separate one-acre small (under 25 lbs) dog area.
The park, which is fully fenced with a double-gated entrance accessible on 149th Street, has limited on-site parking. Overflow parking is available at the nearby Center for Agriculture, Science, and Environmental Education (CASEE), at 11104 N.E. 149th Street.
NE 149th St at NE 101st Pl, Brush Prairie, WA 98606 (45.72954, -122.56973)
  • I-205 exit #32 (BATTLE GROUND).
  • Head east on PADDEN PKWY.
  • Go north on NE 117th Ave (SR-503).
  • Go west on NE 149TH ST.
  • Entrance at 149th St with overflow parking at CASEE.
    *Street parking prohibited.
Stevenson Off-Leash Area
Clark County DOGPAW partnered with the city of Washougal in 2009 to develop this park, which is located at 3003 Addy St., just north of State Route 14 in Washougal. The site is 7.5 acres in size with a separate, one-acre space for small (under 25 lbs) dogs.
Westside of Bi-Mart between Main St and Addy St (45.576787,-122.340231)
  • From the North, take I-205 exit 27 (Lewis and Clark Hwy/WA-14 toward Camas)
  • From the South, take I-5 exit 1A (Lewis and Clark Hwy/WA-14 toward Camas)
  • Turn left at 32nd St
  • Turn left at Addy St
  • Destination will be on the right
  • Parking courtesy of Bi-Mart at 3003 Addy St, Washougal, WA 98671
Kane Memorial Dog Park at Hockinson Meadows Community Park
DOGPAW partnered with Clark County and Vancouver-Clark Parks and Recreation in 2011 to develop this 2.5-acre park inside Hockinson Meadows Community Park at 10910 NE 172nd Ave., north of NE 99th Street. It is fully fenced and gated. There is no separate area for small dogs at this park. Dogs must be leashed when outside the dog park, including on the main public trails and in the parking lots. Maps and other information.
NE 172nd & NE 119th St, Brush Prairie, WA 98606 (45.702043, -122.501936)
  • I-205, Exit #32, Padden Pkwy
  • Head east on NE Padden Pkwy toward NE 117th Ave (SR-503)
  • Continue onto NE Ward Rd
  • Slight left at NE 172nd Ave
  • 10910 NE 172nd Ave 98606
  • Please walk your leashed dog, from either parking lot, to the temp OLA north of the ball fields.
    (15 min - 6.3 miles from hwy)

Worried about Beau in Rehab

I'm packing to go home from the Doggie Country Club. (Well, my box of food is in the front office!). I'm having a last romp with my Beagle friend. But what concerns me is Beau the Coonhound who is SUPPOSED TO BE RECOVERING from being bitten by a Mountain Lion.

Last week I showed you the picture of Beau after surgery. He had to wear the "cone of shame" and had his leg all wrapped up.

But now I am reading that he knocks the "cone of shame" off and then attacks and rips his bandages. It was so bad that they had to take him to the vet and sedate him. Then he got another "cone of shame."

The people are only trying to help, Beau!

HE IS NOT TAKING CARE OF HIMSELF. I am so upset about Beau. I want him to get better. But if he doesn't care about himself, who can help him.

I imagine the folks at Colorado Coonhound rescue are upset with Beau. Here they are trying to help the poor guy and he WON'T BEHAVE! It is they that will need rehab after all this!

f you want to help with Beau's medical expenses, feel free to send a donation to Colorado Coonhound Rescue. I did!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Updates from Cinnamon: My welfare and that of Beau the Coonhound

Hi it's me, Cinnamon. I'm at the Doggie Country Club. This isn't jail. They have free WiFi... although I forgot to pack my computer. I'd better make it short.

For those who sympathized with me about how cold I might be at night... NOT TO WORRY! Anne Ogle, I won't have to break out and head over to your house to warm my beautiful coat by your fireplace. In fact, they have a plan for cold nights like this. They divide the dogs into short haired dogs and long-haired dogs.

I am a short haired dog and I can get cold. While my Huskie buddy hates warm rooms. So my room is in the "Short Haired Dog Wing." They keep the heat turned up here. And, they DO check on us. I have my private room and my private run but don't have to worry about getting cold. The staff is really good here!

So on to more important things. Remember Beau, the Coonie who got attacked by a mountain lion? Well, his skin healed so well that they took him into surgery this week and he was in for over 3 hours. It seems like his leg was just, well... ripped. So the surgeons fixed the tears and the muscles and did their best to give him the best leg he could have.

Here's Beau after surgery. We ALL hate the "Cone of Shame!"
He will have some healing time and then will have to go into rehab. I hope. I pray that Beau can use his leg. Meanwhile the surgeons wrapped up his leg really tight and it has to stay that way for a couple of weeks while he heals.

But the funniest part (if there is one) is that he has to wear the "cone of shame" during the healing time. Beau can't be trusted not to take healing into his own hands.

If you want to help with Beau's medical expenses, feel free to send a donation to Colorado Coonhound Rescue. I did!

Well, it's lights out.

Love, Cinnamon

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Somethin's Goin' Down at MY HOUSE

It's been a weird day. My owner has been busy organizing. She took folding tables out to the car. She put some plastic bins in the car. There was no room FOR ME TO GO TO THE DOG PARK!

All of a sudden, this evening, I spied this.... my box of Merrick's Lamb, Apple and Rice food samples were out by the garage door WITH A NOTE. And the note was about ME! It said to feed me two packages for breakfast and two for dinner.


I'll bet I am headed for the Doggie Country Club. I'm always up for a little bit of play at the Country Club and some fun with the nice people there. But you know what? It is going to be in the 20's tonight. Do you think their private cabin heaters will be working? Will they adjust the thermostat if I get cold? I SIMPLY DON'T KNOW! I have never been to the County Club when it was cold out. Oh woe is me! What a worry!

Hey, do they have ice skating since the pool will probably be frozen over? Oh woe is me!

I know I am going. But it might be awhile before I can report back. Meanwhile, I'll quit fretting about my bed and just be thankful for my warm home for ONE MORE NIGHT!

Signed, A worried Cinnamon

Wordless Wednesday: Toy #3 Green Toy

Green Toy - It Squeaks!

You see this squirrel toy? This is a subliminal hint. I want this toy for Christmas!

Love, Cinnamon

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Help Pets in My Home Town: Events for Animal Lovers in the Vancouver WA area

There are some great things going on in Vancouver and Clark County this Christmas season. If you and your owner think that a local pet adoption program (and wine tasting, too) is a good idea, consider heading to the Hilton Vancouver for the Holiday Craft Winefest. 

It takes place on Saturday, November 23rd from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m. You can meet people (not dogs) from the wineries and vineyards in our area and enjoy some local arts. Volunteers from the Second Chance Companions, a local pet charity, will be staffing the To Go bottle sales booth. And, for doing that SCC will receive a percentage of the sales. So be sure and tell your people to stock up on wine and help this humane, no-kill organization staffed entirely by volunteers.

And then, if you know someone who isn't lucky enough to have a pet and have seriously thought about making an addition to their family, suggest they go out to the Clark County Holiday Gift Fair at the Fairgrounds. SCC and other animal welfare organizations will be holding a "Home for the Holidays" event where you can check out homeless animals who NEED GOOD HOMES.
Should I get a kitty?
I'm not going to either of these events because I AM NOT INVITED but I want to support them by getting the word out. Help some homeless animals this season. I may not have my bed, BUT I DO HAVE A HOME!

Love, Cinnamon

Bed Wars III - I feel like Goldilocks

Here I am squeezing into the bed that is usually in the back of the car. Don't I look awkward?
Well my bed should be back in the good old U.S. by now. Our friend was bringing it back from the B&B in Haida Gwaii for us.

Meanwhile I feel like Goldilocks when she went to the Three Bears' house. One bed was too small and one bed was too big. And, if she was lucky, one bed was just right.

That's what I have felt like these past few months. I've been trying out every bed. NOTHING IS LIKE MY BED! Last night I got my car bed out of the back of the car and tried that.

I gave up on the pad and quilt. I gave up on the comforter. I gave up on the floor under the table. So now.... the car bed!

The car bed was familiar so that was good. I usually just sit on it when I am riding in the car.  I curled up on it and went to sleep. So far so good. Then I woke up and moved. Whoops... my ears fell off the side of the bed. IT WAS TOO SMALL!

When will I have the bed THAT IS JUST RIGHT?

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Food Pick Up Day!

Today's the day! Today's the day! We got to go pick up MY FOOD! We belong to a group of dogs and dog owners who are lucky enough to get their food at wholesale prices AND get extra treats and samples thrown in. I love it! I loved today!

Here I am with ALL MY FOOD!

I was thinking of doing a "Haul Video" but my owner nixed that. She's still not feeling tip top. If I get to do a Haul Video some time I'm going to go through all the packets of samples and foods and tell you my opinion of each one. It would be SO MUCH FUN! Maybe, then, I could invite some dogs over for a tasting. We'd all rate each food and come up with a score... kinda like Wine Spectator Magazine.

But back to reality. This was fun enough. I ended up with a 30 pound bag of Merrick's Lamb, Apple and Rice food. Then I got some Merrick's Lamb Treats and some canned foods to try. I like them mixed in with the kibble for something different. And then I got some bags of treats and food samples. I have enough food that I am ready for whatever disaster might befall us... a storm, a tree falling on the house, a squirrel invasion or even FIREWORKS!

All this should last me at least two months and if I ration out the treats, maybe longer. And if I don't have my friends over for a tasting party.... even LONGER!

I just wanted to share with you my good day and ALL THE FOOD I GOT!


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Rainy Day and Sickness in the House

Here I am being good so my owner can sleep
This is really weird. It's raining outside on and off and we aren't doing anything. No shopping. No dog park. No nothing.

You see, last night my owner got sick. She was miserable and made human sickie sounds all night. I don't think she got any sleep at all. I just hunkered down under the table and slept. Something told me that was the most helpful thing to do. At 9 a..m. she got up to make sure she drank some water and saw that I was still sleeping.

So she went back to bed. By 10 a.m. I needed to go outside so I asked really politely. I went outside and came in and had breakfast. Then she went upstairs and laid down on the couch.

Something told me that today would be a nothing day for me and that was ok. I curled up in a coonie ball on the livingroom floor and stayed there for hours.

Usually I am bugging her to play or to take me to the dog park. But today I was really good. I just left her alone to get better.

This afternoon she was taking YET ANOTHER NAP on her bed (she has one... I don't) and I wanted to be with her but didn't know what to do. So I went into her bedroom and sat in front of the window watching the neighbors. I was ever so quiet. This is how I amused myself.

I am praying that my owner gets over her cold soon. She is so miserable. AND I AM BEING THE BEST DOG I CAN BE!

Love, Cinnamon

Friday, November 15, 2013

Win a FREE Book in Cinnamon's Chaser: Unlocking the Genius of the Dog Who Knows a Thousand Words Giveaway

Just before Chaser's book was released I gave you the coon hound perspective. The book, Chaser: Unlocking the Genius of the Dog Who Knows a Thousand Words by John W. Pilley is a book that made me think. 

It is a fun read and you and your dogs will learn something. I know I have!

Because I enjoyed the book, I am having a contest so YOU CAN WIN YOUR OWN COPY.

Between now and December 1st, I, Cinnamon, will choose a from those making comments on my original book review page. Just comment and you'll be entered in the contest. Be sure and leave a way I can contact you via your website or e-mail in case YOU WIN!

The book will be mailed to you from the publisher. So go to my review and comment. That's all you have to do. The winner will be announced HERE!

Good Luck from,

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Juanita and her puppies

Colorado Coonhound Rescue is caring for Juanita and her NINE PUPPIES! Isn't she something? If you have a few extra $$ around, I am sure it could be used for their care.

Juanita is one brave coonie!

Bed Wars: Version II

Ok so here I am, avoiding the bed substitute again. I have decided on another configuration for tonight's sleep. I'll agree to sleep under the table but NOT ON THE BED SUBSTITUTE!

How many days until my real bed arrives? Let me count the days....

Bed Wars!

Here's how she thought I should sleep
I am totally disgusted. My bed was left (by my owner) at the B&B in Haida Gwaii. It won't be here until a few more weeks.

So I decided to adopt the green chair as MY NEW BED. That was met with "No, Cinnamon... OFF!

And, if you follow my life here, you'll know that my owner took my comforter (the bed substitute) and washed it. Then she took my crate pad and my beloved dog quilt and made a bed for me in her office UNDER THE TABLE.

I tried it out and DID NOT LIKE IT. So each time she left the room, I pulled the pad out further and further into the room to see if I could make it more comfortable. Well, that didn't work.
Here I am. I moved my bed substitute out from under the table.
Then I went on strike!

So last night I decided TO GO ON STRIKE! I refused to sleep on any of the so-called bed substitutes and just slept on the carpet. Now I stayed where I was supposed to be just to make my point. But, I am at war with the bed substitute idea.

There is nothing like my very own bed and I sure hope it gets here soon.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Worldess Wednesday: A Toy is Always a Toy

This is what is left of the toy I received from Chaser.
I still love it even though I destroyed the rest of it!

Monday, November 11, 2013

I am NOT a cow!

Here I am looking for the absolute best grass.
It was a great day at Ross Dog Park. It was a great day for eating grass. I love the delectable broad leafed long grasses lightly dressed with a hint of dew. I know exactly where the best stands of grass are at Ross.

But today, as most dogs chased balls, chased each other and romped with frisbees in their mouths, I spent most of my time EATING GRASS. I love the stuff. This is Farm to Table at its best. I spent so much time eating grass, passersby noticed me. "She must be a COW!" "That dog must have an upset stomach."

My owner, basking in the sun, was a bit more patient with me today. I got to eat about as much as I wanted.

When other dogs came by to see what I was doing, I ignored them. If they wanted to play, I scowled at them. I was busy eating.... GRASS!

Just so you don't worry, I eat good dog food that includes peas. I've always eaten grass. It's nothing new. Now just leave me alone!

Why do dogs eat grass - From PetMD

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Big Change - BAD Change

Here is the green chair beckoning me!
I am so upset.... sooo upset! I had a great time at the dog park this morning and when we got home I had a bath. Mind you, my coat is all shiny now and I smell really good, but I really don't like baths.

My owner had been complaining that I was "stinky-poo" all week and she kept threatening to give me a bath.  But that wasn't all.

I was caught about three times all curled up in the green easy chair in "my room." I know I'm not supposed to be on the furniture but, you know what? My bed is still in Haida Gwaii. It isn't even going to be brought back until MID-NOVEMBER! So meanwhile I have to sleep on an old comforter and it isn't even soft. It's like sleeping on the hard floor. 

I got so tired of sleeping without my bed, this week I decided to sneak onto the chair for a good cushy sleep any time I could get away with it. The problem is, I really didn't get away with it. I GOT CAUGHT!

So now my whole world is GETTING TURNED UPSIDE DOWN!

For some reason my owner doesn't want that chair (or the matching couch) smelling like a coonhound. She knows that when she leaves the house I high-tail it onto the chair. So she took it upon herself TO MOVE MY BED. 

I HAVE BEEN KICKED OUT OF MY ROOM! I now have a pad and comforter in HER OFFICE. She plans to shut the door to my room when she leaves so I can sleep on the carpet in the living room or in the office and THAT'S IT!
Here is where I sleep now. In the office. UNDER THE TABLE!

And, next, my toy basket was moved in there. 

So here I am, a clean coonhound WITHOUT A ROOM! I have to share and that's not fair.

Disgusted in Vancouver,