Saturday, October 31, 2015

Rainy Day Treats for Halloween: And Tricks!

Well, we got our treats early. This is how we did it!

It was raining outside and so we couldn't go to the dog park. Yeah, we knew that but we decided to pace around and bug our owner. We kept looking at her expectantly. We stood in front of the door and barked to go out and then turned around and came back in again.

So by noon, she got a little tired of us and decided to do errands AND LEAVE US AT HOME ALONE! Well, Francesca said we should get into some mischief. But I said we should just go take a nap. So that's what we did.

When our owner got home she had some things in a bag... light bulbs, batteries and... CHEWS! She went to Mud Bay and bought us some chews. We were so excited.

She took the tags off and handed them to us. There was one for each of us. I thought it was some sort of bone so immediately headed for the door and wanted to go outside and bury it. She saw that it was still raining and didn't let me out. Francesca took hers and immediately started chewing on it After a while of staring mindlessly out the sliding glass door, I decided to do what Francesca was doing and have a good chew!

Here I am going at the chew
So we spent the greater part of the afternoon chewing and enjoying the Halloween treats. It wasn't until I looked at the label I remembered something. These treats were unusual. They were Bully Sticks . I reviewed them once. They are good and all but when you think of what they really are...  IT IS A HALLOWEEN TRICK! Look them up for yourself. (I haven't told Francesca. She'd freak out!)

For those who can't guess what they are, I spell it all out in my earlier article.

Love, Tricky Cinnamon

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: How to Win at Tug-O-War

You might think we are evenly matched.
Well, I know how to win at this game.
I just shake the toy until she gets tired of being wapped in the face and lets go!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Olympic Peninsula of Washington: Very Dog Friendly

I love hiking and exploring!
There’s a lot to do with your canine friend on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula of Washington state. National Forests, State Parks and County Parks love us dogs. Just keep us on leashes and pick up after us and you’ll be invited back time after time. The Olympic Peninsula Visitors Bureau just announced their Dog Friendly Page!

When I visited the Olympic Peninsula, we drove from the Kitsap Peninsula, across the Hood Canal Bridge to the Olympic Peninsula and started exploring. I got to see totem poles at the Jamestown S'Klallam Tribe’s art gallery near SequimThey have a nice parking lot with carvings and views of the bay. 

Last year I got to stay at the beautiful Kalaloch Lodge right on the ocean. I climbed over driftwood on the beach and waited patiently for a bit of salmon when my owner returned from dining in their restaurant. Since we had our own cabin with a carport, things were really convenient. I even saw a rabbit on the lawn outside our sliding glass door.

When my owner dined at Kalaloch,
I got some tastes of salmon afterward!
Oh yes, we got to visit Forks, setting of the Twilight Series books, and I posed in front of Bella’s truck! They have a Timber Museum there and plenty of grassy spots for me to walk around.

There is much more for me to see on the Olympic Peninsula. Now, I still can’t go hiking in the Hoh Rain Forest because it is in the National Park (National Parks are different from National Forests), but there are places in Olympic National Park I CAN GO. I can:

  • Enjoy the campgrounds, picnic areas, and parking lots. 
  • Hike the Spruce Railroad Trail (Olympic Discovery Trail)
  • Enjoy Rialto Beach one-half mile north to Ellen Creek
  • Explore all Kalaloch beaches (from Ruby Beach south to South Beach)
  • Hike the Peabody Creek Trail

I loved jumping around on the driftwood on the beaches.
In fact, there are so many places to hike with your dog that I decided to print out the list that the Olympic Peninsula Visitors Bureau provides on their website. And, the have a dog friendly map for us too.
I think I'd love a stay at Crescent Lake Lodge!

Here's another beach that looks like fun.
But we couldn't bring Francesca because she knock all the stones off the log!
Next time I go to the Olympic Peninsula I want to stay at a cabin at Crescent Lake Lodge or at Lake Quinault Lodge. You know me, I go first class!

Love, Cinnamon the Traveler

Friday, October 23, 2015

Sensitive Francesca’s First Dog Food Review #PinnacleHealthyPets

I, Francesca, am really excited. This is my first product review ever. And I will have no problem with the assignment because it involves eating a healthy dog food with quality ingredients! And I LOVE TO EAT!

This post is sponsored by Pinnacle and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Pinnacle’s reformulated Grain Free Dog Food but Coonhound Tales only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Pinnacle is not responsible for the content of this article.

This is when we got the food
to try and Cinnamon
grabbed a bag too!
I got really excited when my Pinnacle® dog food was delivered. First, I was taken by the shiny bag with beautiful graphics. Cinnamon was excited too and offered to help me with the review right away! Later I found that the shiny bag had another benefit. It kept the food dry and fresh.  I guess I’m not here to tell you how pretty the bag is, though. Now for the “meat of the review.”
I fell in love with the
packaging but that was just the start.
I have a sensitive stomach. My stomach reacts when I get nervous. But as I gradually switched to Pinnacle, I had no negative reactions whatsoever. I liked the taste and it was good for me! The ingredients are natural and the food is grain free. It’s a holistic dog food delivering tasty good health. I tried the Salmon and Potato Recipe with pumpkin and organic quinoa seed. Sounds healthy, right? Well it was also very tasty! I gobbled it right up.

The salmon is the first ingredient meaning the recipe has mostly salmon. I liked that. Then they added organic quinoa seed that provides amino acids to support muscle development. I need that to keep up my bouncing when I am chasing squirrels up trees.
I get really bouncy when I'm
chasing squirrels!

Then the pumpkin is not only included because it’s harvest season, it is high in antioxidant nutrients to keep me healthy. Best of all it is 100% grain free which helps keep my tummy calm. That was really important this past week because Cinnamon and I went to boarding. Now, it’s a nice place but I get nervous when things change. I have to meet new dogs there and the routine is different.

But we took along our Pinnacle Salmon & Potato Recipe in a big bag. I ate it twice a day like I do at home. And, know what? My tummy didn’t bother me and I adjusted just fine.  I was bouncy and happy playing and felt like my food gave me adequate nutrition for about anything that might happen at the “Doggie Country Club.”
Here's my Pinnacle Salmon & Potato
in my pretty bowl.
Pinnacle pet food provides your pet the high caliber ingredients you feed them and more, giving your dog the total nutrition she needs for holistic health.  Their food is the same grade as human food. Pretty good!

You can follow Pinnacle on Facebook and Twitter. It’s a great way to learn more about them.

And don’t worry about switching food. I did just fine!

More Information
Where to Buy Pinnacle Holistic Pet Nutrition
Savings Coupon

Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Truth is Out!

Well, I didn't do too well getting out of the garage with the car so guess where Francesca and I ended up? You guessed it... the Doggie Country Club a.k.a boarding.

I'm not allowed to use their Internet so am in their front office for just a moment writing this.

It was rainy today and we got muddy playing! Our owner wouldn't like that! So now we are bedded down for the night.

Francesca and I share a room with our own back yard. We have separate beds and one doggie door to the outside.

It's really ok. But I'd rather be out on the open road on a pet-friendly ROAD TRIP!

Here's the Country Club office all decorated for harvest:

The entrance to our country club.
Well, that's about it. It's time for lights out. Francesca is already snoring. I'd better get back to our room before they find out I'm using their WiFi!

Love, Cinnamon

It's either the Country Club or a Spur of the Moment Road Trip

Cinnamon drives the getaway car
Well, our owner has been packing. And you know what that means.... boarding for us! So I decided to get a jump on things and plan my own road trip for Francesca and I. I told Francesca to put our food in the back of the car (all 30 lbs. of it), plenty of blankets and some bottled water.

I set the GPS for "dog-friendly motels" and am ready to head out. But wait a minute, I don't have the keys! Francesca is out back barking to distract our owner so we can get the keys.

I'll let you know where we end up. Wish us luck on our BIG ROAD TRIP!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

An Open Letter to Vancouver USA: To the Mayor, to the City Council and to my fellow Citizens

Executive Director
Dogs Against Fireworks
Dear Vancouver:

Last night I received the news that the Vancouver City Council voted unanimously to ban personal fireworks in 2017. I am thrilled with the news and hope that a strong educational campaign and good enforcement plan will ensue.

If anyone has missed what we went through during the "2015 Season of Terror," just click on the July archives from this blog. It's all there in gory details. I can't read it. It brings the terror back. I and all the pets of Vancouver are rejoicing. I'm sure my friends don't like being drugged for a week during 4th of July and I certainly don't want to go through building a bunker in a shower like I did this year. (I have to admit I was still scared).

I want to publicly thank Mayor Leavitt and the entire Vancouver City Council for caring enough about the health and safety (and sanity) of the people of our city (and, of course the pets).

Cruel People
I've been reading the comments in The Columbian today. There are many cruel people out there who don't care. They say they will shoot them off anyway. That it is their right. Why is it their right to do things that terrify us? Why is it their right to set things off that might cause our home to burn down? I don't understand that. Don't I have a right to a fear-free life? That's what my owner is trying to provide for me.

Fund Raisers
There are also people out there who think their rights to raising funds for schools and charities are being curtailed. Well, yes! Why would you want to sell something that might harm children and burn down people's homes. Plus, why would you want to sell something that SCARES PEOPLE AND DOGS?
How can people, in good conscience, sell these things.
I think pets have rights too. That is why we have organizations like the Southwest Washington Humane Society. They believe we have a right to a home, food and a cruelty-free life. And they are the ones to take in the animals who are running scared on the streets on the 4th of July... those that make it, anyway.

I believe I have a right to be in my own backyard over the 4th of July week. I believe I have a right to be medication free. I believe I have a right to join my family for a friendly picnic and not hear the POP, BOOM, BANG of terrifying fire works.

With rights comes social responsibility.

I believe that Vancouver USA cares. And I thank you.

Love, Cinnamon

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Francesca does the Lure Course at the Brush Prairie Dog Park

Today was a good day. It was sunny, the trees were bright gold, red and brown in their fall finery and we were getting to go back to the dog park! Our owner has been under the weather and so that meant NO FUN FOR US!

So Francesca and I were both very excited about going to the dog park today. But we had no idea how special this day was. You see, Clark DogPaw was having a membership drive and fundraiser. They are the people who make sure that we Clark County dogs have the best dog parks possible. I LOVE CLARK DOGPAW!
Something special was going on at my favorite dog park!
So we pulled up and saw lots of people and dogs. There was a tent and something really exciting was happening in the little dog section of the park. I heard a giant Treeing Walking Coonhound baying excitedly. He was singing my song!

Of course at that point, Francesca got really wound up. We headed in to the park. Francesca immediately went to see what the excitement in the little dog section was all about and I headed toward the tent. Usually there are treats at tents. I've learned that!

Something in the little dog park caught my eye. It was white and it was moving. The big TWC hound was going crazy. And, wouldn't ya know.... Francesca joined him. She saw dogs chasing something white all around the little dog park. It looked like fun. Some dogs and Francesca started running up and down the fence line. She barked. She wanted in so bad! Turns out it was a lure course. And you got your turn by making a small donation to Clark DogPaw.
This is what a lure course looks like although we didn't have
our cameras with us today
Since Francesca is suspended from participating in the blog, I thought she should be suspended from fun too! But my owner is a real softie and soon she was signing Francesca up for her turn at the lure course. I looked at it but thought, "How fun is it to chase a plastic bag on a string?" Not much! But by now Francesca was running up and down the fence line barking her head off. She was going bonkers. I tried to tell her that it was only a plastic bag but she didn't listen. Her prey instinct had kicked in.

So I sniffed around, visiting the people at the tent and met some new dogs. I hung out but didn't lower myself to act like those crazy, plastic bag chasing dogs! I did get something though. No treats... but our 2015 Clark DogPaw tag was there and, since I am so well-behaved, I get to wear it clipped on my collar. I was rather proud to show that I was a member of such a well-respected (and needed) organization. I trotted around the park showing everyone!
Here's my newest tag!
So, even though Francesca was panting from running the fence line she perked up when her name was called... "Francesca... you are next at the lure course... come on in!" I had to go watch. Francesca was chomping at the bit as they say. The plastic bag (aka lure) was attached to a line that was strung in a rectangle around the park. A machine made the line move and with it, the plastic bag. It moved pretty fast. The first time around Francesca did the lure course perfectly. She just followed the bag. She did that a couple of times and then started cutting corners, thinking she'd catch it with less effort. But no, it really didn't work. She was tiring so her turn was over. It was suggested that she go get some water. But she wasn't sure she wanted to miss any of the fun as another dog had his turn.

It was a great day. Francesca went home panting and tired. And I went home sporting a shiny new red Clark DogPaw tag. I am now part of an elite group of dogs... a member of Clark DogPaw. The tag matched the red in my chile design collar.
Here I am proudly wearing my Clark Dog Paw tag.

If you think your dog might like to try a lure course, I am sad to tell you this was the last of the year. But, watch the Clark DogPaw website for dates next year. And follow their Facebook page. You can still become a member to support our dog parks. My membership expires in December. I'll be sure and "re-up!"
Here we are at home. Resting up after our exciting trip to the dog park.
Love, Cinnamon, Official Clark DogPaw Member

Friday, October 2, 2015

The Dog Food Test Begins!

Oh Boy! A big box of Pinnacle®Holistic Pet Nutrition arrived today for the big dog food test that will be Francesca's first foodie review.

The big box arrived and we opened it. And.... there were TWO BAGS of food inside! Two bags of Salmon and Potato food. First Francesca looked at the bags and thought the design was beautiful! She loved the dogs on the bags.

Is this all for me?
As soon as she said, "Is this all for me?" I jumped in and offered to help her out. Since I am so gracious and a more delicate eater, I offered to take the smaller of the two bags! See how nice I, Cinnamon, am?

Here I am offering to help Francesca with taste tests.
So watch for our foodie adventure and, Lord willing, watch for Francesca's article!

Love, Cinnamon