Monday, December 23, 2013

Cinnamon gets Laid Off!

Yay! More sleeping time for ME!
I'm shocked! All of a sudden there is no need for an Official Squirrel Guard at my house. I was notified this morning (after I got up and did my stretches at 9 a.m.) that I had been LAID OFF!

It appears that the squirrel feeder bird feeder has been taken out of the back yard and put away. The backyard is much quieter now and so am I. 

The story from management goes like this: Due to the unforeseen increase in squirrel traffic to feeders, it has been decided to terminate the entire Bird Feeding program.

Don't worry about Colibri, the little hummingbird. Her feeder is still out there and she is much happier buzzing around squirrel-free. And the suet feeder is still there.

The weather is milder right now so the birds can find food in the branches and on the forest floor. 

Now that I am laid off from work, I think I'll go back to bed! Besides, I need more time to play with my Christmas toys!

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