Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Dog Friendly Holiday Events in My Area

Here's a happy adoptive family.
Last year I thought Christmas was about snow outside and gifts inside. Now that I live in Vancouver, Washington I am realizing that the holidays bring so much more to pets.

First, I found out about the Clark County Gift Fair and their pet adoption opportunities. A friend and her family adopted a wonderful pit bull. This pitty reminded me of Charlotte who lived next door to me in Santa Fe. I never got to play with her because her owner was thinking she wouldn't be well-behaved but we used to talk through the fence when she wasn't listening!

Then I got invited to the Uptown Vancouver tree lighting ceremony. We hung out by Compass Church and enjoyed the family fun and, eventually, the tree lighting. There were lots of kids who petted me. I got scared of the "train," but learned about the lights associated with Christmas.

After the tree lighting we went to Mon Ami Cafe, not for coffee and treats, for a big surprise. I walked through the back door and encountered Anni and Evan with VERY BRIGHT LIGHTS who were doing a photo shoot for Portrait of a Town. Since I am a great fan of Vancouver, Washington, I had to have my photo taken. But I was scared of the lights and the people so am not all that sure it was a good photo.
This is the train that scared me!

After that I got put in the car to go to sleep while my owner and her friends went to Tip Top Tavern for a light dinner. They said it was good but I didn't get any leftovers.

The latest thing we did to celebrate Christmas was to go to the PIR Dog Walk night in Portland. This is just across the I-5 Bridge from my town. We met Terri and Wendy there. They didn't have dogs but there were plenty of other dogs including a dog dressed up like Santa! It was chilly so my owner made me wear my insulated raincoat. (Between you and me, it made me feel warm).

Here's a dog dressed up as Santa
at PIR
We enjoyed the lights and walked 2.5 miles. I worked up an appetite for dinner.

I am hoping to see more Christmas lights and hear it might even snow soon in MY HOME TOWN of Vancouver. I'll let you know!

Love and Peace, Cinnamon

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