Saturday, January 27, 2018

Dental Cleaning for Dogs - Francesca the Coonhound's Story

Hi. It's me Francesca. I've fully recovered from my recent dental cleaning and so can tell you all about it.

First of all, I don't know what Cinnamon was talking about in her story. I think she made most of it up! I also went to Forever Pet Dental here in Vancouver but here's what happened to me!

Starving to Death

The first thing I have to say about dental cleaning day is that I don't like it. Why? I didn't get any breakfast. Nada! I was allowed to have water, though. Now coonhounds are creatures of habit and my habit is breakfast when I get up in the morning. Instead, I was told to get ready to leave for the dental office. So I jumped in the back of the car because that's what I do. Usually it means I'm going to day care or to the dog park so I don't mind. But that day was different.

First One in the Dental Office 

Well, it was only 7:15 when we went in to the dental office. They were really nice to me but didn't give me any treats. My owner had to sign some papers. I still didn't know what the office was all about. It didn't look like my vet's office so I didn't get scared. After a few minutes some other dogs came in. I didn't like it when the big one opened the door. So they waited until I was put into a room with my owner. I guess I scared them!
This is where I went.
In the room my owner and the vet tech talked. I still didn't know what it was all about. Soon they took me back and I guess my owner left.

I got weighed, had my "glamor shot" taken and then they put me in a cage. I watched the other dogs do the same thing. Hmmmm. A cage. But I didn't stay in the cage long. They came to get me and shaved a patch of fur off my leg. What the heck? I soon found out. They stuck a needle in my leg!

This is what they call my Glamor Shot!
But that wasn't the only shot I got!

And then I woke up. When I woke up I was really drowsy and kinda dizzy. I don't know what happened. But they petted me and called my name and soon I was walking around, sniffing for treats and smiling at the office staff. They took me outside to walk a little and go potty.

They all told me how good I had been. Good at what, I thought. I didn't remember anything at all.

Before and After Shots - The Big Reveal

Soon my owner came and they showed her these pictures. These were labeled before:

You can see the calculus on my teeth and I had some sore gums.

These really needed a cleaning!

These were labeled after:
This shows how beautiful and white my teeth ended up.

This shows how weird and crooked my teeth are. I have a severe over bite.
So now I put two and two together. I had a dental cleaning. My teeth did feel a little sore but mostly I was very hungry!

After the consultation with the veterinarian, we gathered all the papers and went home and then... I GOT TO EAT DINNER!

After that I went to sleep and slept very, very well. The next day I felt better and asked Cinnamon why she wrote the article about space aliens because I sure never saw any at the dentists office!

Love, Francesca