Saturday, September 23, 2017

Sequim Washington: Cinnamon's Dog Friendly Vacation

Hi, It’s me, Cinnamon. I’m packing. You ask… “Where are you going Cinnamon?” Well, it’s a long story. I thought I was going “to swim,” and I wasn’t a bit happy about that. But just now I found out that I’m really going to Sequim, Washington which they pronounce, “squim.” So I am checking out the visitors’ website for “sunny Sequim" and it says nothing about making dogs go swimming. So, I'm happy.

These are the Olympic Mountains
I am finding out  that it’s an outdoorsy type of place on the Olympic Peninsula. See… this is what they say:

"Sequim is situated right in the center of the Olympic Discovery Trail, a 120-mile trail that stretches from Port Townsend to Port Angeles across the Olympic Peninsula. Currently, 40 miles of the trail are paved connecting the path from just east of Sequim to Port Angeles. It is perfect for walking and bicycling. The trail will take you through beautiful, scenic areas including along the Strait of Juan de Fuca and through the historic Railroad Bridge Park. There are abundant rest stops, picnic areas, and opportunities to stop at local attractions including the Dungeness Wildlife Refuge Area and the Olympic Game Farm."

Hmmm. Crab, game, trails, and water. It sounds like my kind of place. And… I found out that I’m staying in my very own cabin at the John Wayne Waterfront Resort

When I found that out, I packed my travel bed and my long tie-out so I can explore around the cabin all by myself. I’m going to be in Cabin #4 which is pet friendly. Our friend Nancy will be in the cabin next to it (her cabin will probably be fancier!)
This is where I will have my meals
Here's the water... right outside my cabin!
I’m most excited about being around the water because I always find cool things like crabs, seaweed and dead fish. Yay!

Here's me when I encountered a crab in Haida Gwaii
I think Sequim will be a great getaway for me… especially because Francesca isn’t going! This will be great. Three whole days without Francesca!

Love, Cinnamon