Friday, May 11, 2018

Cinnamon the Coonhound was #KGWTV Dog of the Day Today!

Hi: It's me, Cinnamon. This has been a marvelous week for me. First my Retirement Party and now being recognized on KGW TV!

Love, Cinnamon

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Cinnamon is Available to be Brand Ambassador to Pet Friendly Travel Destinations

Hi Everybody:

It's me, Cinnamon, the retired dog blogger. So now that I am rested up, and have extra time on my hands I'm working on my retirement hobbies. Travel is high on the list so I want everyone to know that I am on the look-out for pet-friendly destinations, hotels and restaurants to review.

I'm even available for select destinations to be your dog-friendly Brand Ambassador. Sort of like I do for Vancouver USA, my home town.

Since I'm 10 now, I don't do adventure travel. I stick to luxury travel where they have cushy beds and great treats. Does this sound like your place? Just let me know!


Monday, April 30, 2018

#AdoptAShelterPetDay Our Adoption Stories in Honor of National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day 2018

I'm going to take a break from my retirement count down to bring you an important message. Shelter pets are out there 24/7 looking for homes. Please consider a shelter pet when you want to add a fur baby to your pack. After you read my story and Francesca's adoption story I hope you will be touched enough to head out to your local shelter or pet rescue group to adopt. Or, if you are not in a position to adopt, donations are ALWAYS needed. Please....

Cinnamon's Adoption Story

It was a dark and snowy day in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was several weeks before Christmas and I was out on the streets all alone, licking the catsup off Burger King wrappers and begging at the pink fajita stand. "Por favor, una comida.... por favor!"  I was working hard on my sad eyes but no one paid attention. Read the rest of Cinnamon's adoption story

Francesca's Adoption Story

I was a puppy in Yamhill County, Oregon. I was really cute, but I was really bouncy too. (What's new?). I always wanted to bounce myself out of the yard where I lived. So the people put me on a chain. I didn't like that. Sometimes I ran out of water. I didn't like that. So one day, when the door was open, I ran away. I ran really far and then it hit me. I WAS ALONE. NO ONE WOULD FEED ME. Read the rest of Francesca's story.

So now it's Adopt a Shelter Pet Day. I hope this day resonates with some of you. And I hope our stories have brought a tear to your eye. Find a place in your heart for one of us. We are there waiting for you.

Love, Cinnamon (the almost retired coonhound)

Friday, February 23, 2018

Find Cinnamon and Francesca on Facebook

Hi: It's me Cinnamon, the almost retired dog blogger. Well, due to popular demand, I continue writing... but only briefer notes and more photos!

You can find Francesca, the party animal, and I on Facebook. You can follow us over there (and please like our page too). It's open to the public and you can comment too!

So while I continue my countdown to my HUGE retirement party, please join us on Facebook because that's another retirement hobby of mine... posting on Facebook.

Let's add up these hobbies now:

Luxury Travel

Yep, it will be a busy retirement life for me!

Love, Cinnamon

Friday, February 9, 2018

It is Decided. I will Retire!

Well, my survey showed that people are overwhelmingly in favor of my retirement. I don't know how I feel about that. Is it because they don't like reading what Francesca and I write or is it because they love me and want to see me sleep as much as I want. I can fret about it or just work on planning my retirement party. Since I have some beach time coming up and LOVE TO WRITE ABOUT IT, I can't retire quite yet. But I have a date! Countdown with me to the BIG PARTY!

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Should I Retire?

Hi, it's me, Cinnamon. Sometimes I just like to sleep. And then there's Francesca... all she wants to do is bark and play. So no one does much blogging unless we go on a trip. I really enjoy sharing my thoughts and life on Facebook. It's easier for an old dog. So.... should I retire from blogging? What do you think?

Sometimes I really want to sleep.... and not be a world
famous blogger.

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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Dental Cleaning for Dogs - Francesca the Coonhound's Story

Hi. It's me Francesca. I've fully recovered from my recent dental cleaning and so can tell you all about it.

First of all, I don't know what Cinnamon was talking about in her story. I think she made most of it up! I also went to Forever Pet Dental here in Vancouver but here's what happened to me!

Starving to Death

The first thing I have to say about dental cleaning day is that I don't like it. Why? I didn't get any breakfast. Nada! I was allowed to have water, though. Now coonhounds are creatures of habit and my habit is breakfast when I get up in the morning. Instead, I was told to get ready to leave for the dental office. So I jumped in the back of the car because that's what I do. Usually it means I'm going to day care or to the dog park so I don't mind. But that day was different.

First One in the Dental Office 

Well, it was only 7:15 when we went in to the dental office. They were really nice to me but didn't give me any treats. My owner had to sign some papers. I still didn't know what the office was all about. It didn't look like my vet's office so I didn't get scared. After a few minutes some other dogs came in. I didn't like it when the big one opened the door. So they waited until I was put into a room with my owner. I guess I scared them!
This is where I went.
In the room my owner and the vet tech talked. I still didn't know what it was all about. Soon they took me back and I guess my owner left.

I got weighed, had my "glamor shot" taken and then they put me in a cage. I watched the other dogs do the same thing. Hmmmm. A cage. But I didn't stay in the cage long. They came to get me and shaved a patch of fur off my leg. What the heck? I soon found out. They stuck a needle in my leg!

This is what they call my Glamor Shot!
But that wasn't the only shot I got!

And then I woke up. When I woke up I was really drowsy and kinda dizzy. I don't know what happened. But they petted me and called my name and soon I was walking around, sniffing for treats and smiling at the office staff. They took me outside to walk a little and go potty.

They all told me how good I had been. Good at what, I thought. I didn't remember anything at all.

Before and After Shots - The Big Reveal

Soon my owner came and they showed her these pictures. These were labeled before:

You can see the calculus on my teeth and I had some sore gums.

These really needed a cleaning!

These were labeled after:
This shows how beautiful and white my teeth ended up.

This shows how weird and crooked my teeth are. I have a severe over bite.
So now I put two and two together. I had a dental cleaning. My teeth did feel a little sore but mostly I was very hungry!

After the consultation with the veterinarian, we gathered all the papers and went home and then... I GOT TO EAT DINNER!

After that I went to sleep and slept very, very well. The next day I felt better and asked Cinnamon why she wrote the article about space aliens because I sure never saw any at the dentists office!

Love, Francesca