Monday, December 2, 2013

Shopping for a New Bed - Update

I've been getting some good ideas in the comments section on my post about choosing a bed. So far it looks like people are into the look of animal prints for my bed cover. Yep, I am a huntress AND famous... so that should work.

Here I am in the back of the car all dressed up for shopping.
So today we headed out across the bridge into Oregon to do some bed shopping. (Between you and me, we go to Oregon to avoid paying Sales Tax!)

I put on my best Italian Leather collar.... you know, the one with my name and phone number engraved on a plate.

I wanted to look good because I figured we'd be going to some toney boutiques and designers' studios to look for a bed befitting a dog of my station in life.


First we went to PetSmart at Cascades Station. It's a nice store, and all, but the beds were, at most, marginal. They were stacked to the ceiling. I inspected them all and concluded that they were flimsy, made of inferior fabrics and had no designer appeal whatsoever. (So, what would you expect from shopping at a big box store, anyway.)
Here I am inspecting the cheap beds at PetSmart
Then we packed up and went to Costco. COSTCO! Oh horrors. The only thing worse would be going to Walmart in Vancouvria. Really! I was so humiliated, I stayed in the car and sulked. She was in there awhile. Thank goodness when she came out she was not carrying a new dog bed.

So I'm still on the hunt for a bed. But shopping with my owner today was a shocker. I want something classy, with a pillow-top perhaps and... animal print fabric. Maybe I should go shopping with some of my houndy friends. I KNOW WHAT I WANT!


  1. Cinnamon, today is cyber Monday, you should be on line shopping. That's where the posh and large selections are. You might have to wait for delivery though.

  2. Cinnamon, I was going to say the exact same thing Marty said. If I were you, I would request several beds, so you can hang out comfortably in various places.


Thanks for your comment. Love, Cinnamon