Saturday, February 18, 2017

Wine Country is Not Always Dog Country

I've always loved going wine tasting with my owner. Why? Well, I don't taste wine but I did find out that many wineries like dogs and let them come in the tasting rooms. Once I get in there, I usually get all kinds of attention! I like that.

So I was thrilled when I was invited to go along on a rainy day wine tasting adventure to the McMinnville area in Oregon. I got my harness on. I had a sheet and towels in case I ended up with muddy paws and I was so excited to jump into the car.

It was a long drive to wine country so I just slept most of the way.

First Stop
Our first stop was at Maysara Winery. It was beautiful, even on a rainy day. I got to get out and walk around a bit. I looked up on the hill and saw vineyard workers and some cattle. I kind of stared at the cattle to make sure they weren't going to chase me!

I got really excited when we went over to the tasting room. We opened the door and I stuck my head in. But then we found out there were NO DOGS ALLOWED. Just service dogs. I got a good enough look to know I would have loved to go in. There were dark red Persian carpets on the floors and nice people at the bar. I suppose they didn't want me in because of the carpets.

So it was back to the car for me and another nap.

After they enjoyed their time at Maysara, I did get to walk around the huge building and check things out. There was water running in ditches. I waded a little bit. I tried to eat some grass but they wouldn't let me!

Second Stop
Our second stop that day, after driving down roads that were beginning to flood, was at the St.
Innocent Winery. I got out and walked around a bit. They had a pretty fountain going... even if it was raining. And, I found out that THERE WERE NO DOGS ALLOWED IN THE TASTING ROOM!

But the reason, this time, was not the carpets. It was that there was a winery dog. A little poodle who was 18 years old was hanging out in the tasting room. I think I would have scared the little dog if I came in. So I stayed in the car, once again!

So after a day of riding around in the car, I slept all the way home. I got to go to wine country but didn't find any dog-friendly wineries that day. I wasn't sad, though. I had the company of people and I got to go on a car trip!

If there are wineries out there that love dogs, please leave the name of your winery in the comments. I'd love to visit your tasting room!

Love, Cinnamon

Francesca's Dog Talks: Dog Park Rule #2

Hi, It's me Francesca. I've been giving talks on the Internet about Dog Park Rules. My first rule was kinda funny. But Rule #2 is very serious. Once a little dog was killed at a dog park near my house. The culprit was a Huskey whose prey instinct kicked in. No one could save the little dog. That was sad. So here's my next talk:

Love, Francesca