Sunday, June 30, 2013

What a lie! It was supposed to be cool here!

OK, I have endured a trip from Santa Fe to Vancouver, WA and was promised, in return, a much cooler, greener environment. Well, right now I'd agree that it is greener. But cool? NOPE! It was 95 degrees today and there isn't any river running through this property!

Mornings are ok. It is cooler and perhaps good enough for a little romping. But come afternoon it really heats up. I just gave up today and plopped down on the carpet like that old Millie dog that visited me. I JUST PLOPPED. TOO POOPED to play!

I am drinking plenty of water, but that doesn't help. Maybe I need to go back to the beach on Haida Gwaii. Yep, that's where I should be. I can go fishing, crabbing and wading.

I hear that it will be cooler by the Fourth of July. I surely hope so. This weather IS REALLY BUGGING ME!

Signed, Cinnamon, The Hot Dog in the "Couve"


  1. From the Urban Coonhounds FB page: "Your mom needs to make you some pup ice cream. Have her buy a 32 ounce plain vanilla yogurt n a small can of tuna fish in oil... mix the two together... pour in ice cube trays or other small containers ....freeze.. you can substitute peanut butter for the tuna fish if you would like that better. can be messy so eat it outside."

  2. Cinnamon Says: Well, my "mom" thinks keeping me hydrated is all she has to do!"

  3. Cinnamon says: "To be honest... she just went and got me an ice cube. I licked it once."


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