Sunday, December 29, 2013

Cinnamon's Year in Review: 2013

I can't believe 2013 is almost over. It has been an event-filled (and somewhat stressful) year for me, Cinnamon, the Coon Hound. It was the year I was convinced to start my blog. Here are the most important events of 2013 for ME!

In March we packed up and left MY HOME TOWN of Santa Fe, New Mexico and drove cross-country to my new home of Vancouver, Washington. I rode shotgun all the way. I had many exciting adventures on the trip but was really, really glad when we moved into our new house. I blogged all about the trip on my owner's blog. She didn't blog because she was too busy driving.  Here's where you can read about my trip and my adventures.

Here I am at the Continental Divide in New Mexico (one of many potty stops)
In April, I thought I was going to get a rest. But noooo, my friends who had been reading my blog during the big trip wanted more. So I started MY OWN BLOG. I blogged about life in my new town of Vancouver and about my first trip to the ocean. I blogged about my backyard and about how I never got my way in the house. I even joined Blog Paws, a pet blogger network. Yep, this is when it ALL STARTED!
Here I am in my new house watching out the window.
I thought this was MY room, but it wasn't really. See the furniture? I'm NOT allowed on it!

I started exploring the area. I went to a dog friendly brew pub in Portland, to a tulip festival, wine tasting, and hiking. I found out that people in the Pacific Northwest go crazy in spring. They've been cooped up all winter so they do all kinds of fun things in spring. I explored the wonderful dog parks of Vancouver and got to meet some dog friends. I found out that there were critters in the woods near my house. I even scared frogs on the Burnt Bridge Creek trail.
Who me? I wasn't scaring any frogs!

I found out I had relatives in Washington State. They live in the woods. One was mean and one was nice. I enjoyed going to this treat-filled house and learning about life in the woods. I even got in trouble!
This is the nice lady at the Hunting Lodge.
One of my cousins wasn't nice to me when I got there.

Then things got really interesting. I WENT ON AN ADVENTURE! I got to go to the wilds of Canada. I went hiking, fishing and tidepooling. I saw A BEAR! I got bitten by mosquitos. I got scared by totem animals and I had to ride in steerage on ferry crossings. But what I found out was that I loved being a salty old sea dog. I loved the ocean, the smell of dead fish and hunting those crunchy crabs. I LOVED CANADA!

Here I am in the fishing boat.

I was sent away to a Survival Training Camp to toughen me up. I got toughened up all right. I got bit right on my nose. I was scared that my modeling career was over. I never had to go back to that camp. I now go to a doggie Country Club for boarding! And, thankfully, my scar has healed.
This is the scar I got in the BIG FIGHT at the Survival Training Camp.

As if one trip to Canada wasn't exciting enough, we went for a second time. This time I did lots of walking in Sandspit from the B&B all the way to the airport and to the Coast Guard dock. I liked to chase the big birds out there. But when my owner packed up, SHE FORGOT MY BED! I suffered for months without my bed. It never did arrive from Canada so we went on a search for another bed... the best bed ever!
Oh how I suffered without my bed. Here I am curled up on a crate mat.

While we were waiting for the bed issue to be resolved, I went to visit my Country Cousins for Thanksgiving. I was mostly thankful that a new cousin, Cousin Samson, came to visit. He was FUN! We played all the time. One time we got in trouble running on the stairs. I LOVE COUSIN SAMSON.
Here I am getting wild with Cousin Samson

After getting input from my readers, we (meaning my owner) found a bed just for me. It wasn't quite the movie star bed I had wished for but it WAS COMFY, soft, billowy and a big step up from what I was dealing with on the floor. I LOVE MY NEW BED!

After way too much waiting, my new bed was delivered.

Christmas was good. I got some treats. But Samson wasn't there. Oh bother! But I got lots of presents. My family put together a Squirrel Hunting Training Kit for me because I was having such a tough time with my new job of Official Squirrel Guard. It was fun and I learned a lot. But when I got home all I wanted to do was sleep. I think 2013 was a stressful year and I needed to rest up!
This was part of my squirrel hunting training kit. Grrrrr!

I refuse to move to a new house in 2014 so don't look for that!

I hope to go to the beach again. I love the beach. I love the waves on the Oregon Coast.

I'm going to be doing more dog product reviews. My owner insists I earn my keep. So I'll blog alot so that she doesn't give me a second job like she did during the Official Squirrel Guard job fiasco!

In January I will have been adopted for TWO YEARS. I'm going to tell you my story... one that you don't know about me. It all took place in Santa Fe, New Mexico. So keep watching my blog for that!

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Love, Cinnamon


  1. Absolutely ADORABLE - oh how I wish I could have a pet here in Asia!

  2. Cinnamon, sounds like you and your Mom did a lot in 2013. I'm looking forward to following along on your 2014 adventures. I'm sure she'll pay more attention to remembering your stuff after the bed fiasco. P.S. How many legs does your mean cousin at the hunting lodge have? If the answer is "2", that is definitely worth a blog post. I suspect that bridge has already been burned, so no worries about offending anyone. ;-)
    PPS: Happy New Year to you and your mother.

    1. Cinnamon says, "The not so nice cousin was the big black dog. But on visit #3 he was nicer... well, at least he didn't growl at me when I got there!"

  3. Thank you for adding me to your blog post! I love your squirrel, I have the same one too and love him! May you and your family have a wonderful New Year!!!

  4. Beautiful dog and so well mannered.

  5. Pretty and prolific, too! Quite a dog:-)

  6. Happy Woof Year Cinnamon (and Liz)! 2014 is going to be JUST PAWSOME....I can feel it in my paws. Thanks for including my 'year in review' blog too. Looks like in 2013 we both hit the 'JACK pot' to bark. Here's to an equally fun and crazy 2014! I'm ready to "hit the road jack"....that's what jill always says when we are on our way somewhere! You take good care of yourself Cinnamon.....we models have to stay on top of it all for the camera after all! Bone Voyage on wherever your next trip takes you! I'll be roaming around New Mexico you can bet your bones on that!


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