Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Saved! Another Dog Rescued from a Fall in the Columbia River Gorge

It really scares me to read the stories of dogs who fall in the Columbia River Gorge. The trails are steep, the gorge has deep drop-offs and it can be wet and slippery this time of year.

So I winced and blinked my coonie eyes when I saw the news. A dog broke his leash and ended up falling in the Gorge. Luckily the good folks from the Oregon Humane Society rappelled  down to him and SAVED HIM. Read the whole scary story here.

So, of course, you will want to re-read my hiking safety article, right? I guess I should add to the list of things.... "wear a strong leash and harness."

Don't do this!
Meanwhile, I'm packing to go visit my Country Cousins. I hope to have a great time visiting and will tell you all about it.

Love, Cinnamon

Thursday, December 25, 2014

It's Christmas Morning!

Merry Christmas everyone!

This morning was really exciting. I got to open that big red present I had been eying. It appeared on the hearth one day and I just knew it was for me!

This morning I got to open it. I wondered if it was a toy. I thought it might be a new ball. But when I finally got the paper open I saw that it was filled with TWO BAGS OF TREATS!
I can open it NOW?
Hmm. Why did she put all this tape on it?

What's in here?

I see the treats! Can you please go get the scissors and
open the bags?
One of the treats was bone shaped and the main ingredient was sweet potatoes. A sweet treat!

The other bag was filled with rich salty jerky. I couldn't wait until the jerky was open. I love jerky... I just love it!

After I had a treat from each bag I sat and thought.... where were the toys? Doesn't a dog deserve a new toy at Christmas?

Then I remembered, I already opened the new toy bag. I found it in the garage by the Christmas tree way before Christmas and carefully removed all the new toys. I even played with them.

Did I ruin my Christmas? No. I was happy to have the special treats.

Feliz Navidad a Todos!

Love, Cinnamon

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Cinnamon's Christmas Eve

I'm writing because I'm tired of chewing on my Nylabone and not much is happening around here right now.
Here I am having a lazy Christmas Eve chewing my favorite Nylabone.

Earlier today I got to go to Home Depot to visit with some of my friends. The lady at the "returned items" counter HAD TREATS IN HER APRON! Jackpot!

I got to see Sue and another employee who LOVES ME AND PETS ME! So that was pretty much the highlight of my Christmas Eve.

Now that I am converting to Catholicism (bet you didn't know that!) I have been looking for a Christmas Eve Mass that allows animals in the church. So far no luck on that. I am sure that Pope Francis would not be pleased.

Oh you are wondering why I want to become Catholic? Haven't you heard that Pope Francis hinted that animals and people both go to the same afterlife? He said: “The holy scripture teaches us that the fullfilment of this wonderful design also affects everything around us.” Hey, I'm around people and I like people. That's why I want to believe that I can be in heaven with people... when the time comes.

But on to more Christmas Eve musings. I noticed something new on the hearth. Along with the Christmas decorations and animal carvings from my home state of New Mexico there is now A BIG RED PRESENT. I am wondering if it is for me. What do you think?
This is what I saw on the hearth. What do you think it is?
Is it for me? I sure hope so!
Love, Cinnamon

Wordless Wednesday: Merry Christmas from Cinnamon

I am blessed!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Moving trade-offs: New Park

Well today I explored the park across the street. My new neighborhood is like a park... full of trees. But in the actual public park there are lots of trees and a few smells to sniff. It isn't as big as the Burnt Bridge Creek Parkway which was the closest park to my old house. And it lacks ponds, rabbits, frogs and the like. I miss the creek, dipping my paws in the soothing water on a hot day and the expectation of finding a rabbit on the path.

Here I am in the park hoping to spy a few squirrels
Such is moving. I love my new house with the BIG BACKYARD but I had to give up the best park ever. So I have a little park to explore. It's one of those suburban city parks.
Here's the park and the SHORT trail.
What I found out today was that there were NO SQUIRRELS IN THE PARK! I figured out why. There are many squirrels in my yard just across the street. The lady who lives behind us feeds peanuts to the squirrels. So why live in a park? They just live close to their food source.
Here's a pile of branches from the last storm. It's worth a sniff or two.
Well, that's ok but know what they do with the peanuts? They litter my yard with the shells. And they bury some in my yard digging little holes. Of course when I find the whole peanuts, I dig them back up and EAT THEM!

So the park is different (that's a nice way of putting it). There are quite a few trees. There is a playground for small humans and a bench or two.
Here's the playground for small humans.
I love my new house and my yard but am only slowly adjusting to the teeny park in my neighborhood.

Thats all for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Love, Cinnamon

Friday, December 19, 2014

Becoming an Apple Dog

Apple Dog
Some of you know that our big desktop PC's hard drive CRASHED and BURNED! It had many of my pictures and notes on it. I asked if we could send it out for data retrieval but my owner said "NO!" As of now, she says we just have to do without that costly service.

So I'm having to re-do, re-learn and WORK! I haven't been posting so much because I have to learn to use an Apple MAC. That is what she chose to replace my computer. I have spent hours trying to figure things out.

To get on the Internet I have to use Safari, not Firefox, so that got me really confused. I really didn't like the idea of going on a Safari and seeing huge wild animals. I was scared to click on it. Why can't we have a web browser like "Puppy," or "Treats," a name I'd like!

Oh well. there are things I DO like about my new Apple MAC. It doesn't have as many cords and looks pretty in my room (well, I share the den). I typed all this on the little white keyboard, see?

So that's about it for now. I'm sick of computers. I think I'll go outside and scare a few squirrels.

Love, Cinnamon, the Apple Dog

Sunday, December 14, 2014

I just realized.... OMD!

There is a photo of me circulating on the Internet. In this photo, in what I was told was a simple Christmas photo, there is a picture of me, Cinnamon on MY BENCH,
Here's where my bench is now. On the front porch
with a Christmas pillow on it.
Now I hadn't seen MY BENCH since we moved. Usually the bench is in our backyard so that I can lounge on it when it is sunny or relax in the shade on it when it is hot. It is MY PLACE. I like having the bench. I can sit up high and get off the ground to relax.

So imagine my surprise when I found out where MY BENCH was! It is ON THE FRONT PORCH! I had the privilege of sitting on it for my Christmas photo. Do you remember when we had the survey to see what color MY BENCH should be painted? Well, turquoise won out and my bench was a brilliant turquoise.

I AM REALLY UPSET. MY BENCH is located where I can't even use it. I am not allowed in front by myself. The bench is under cover, presumably because it is old and needs to be protected from the elements. Well, that's what my owner says.

She is refusing to put MY BENCH back in the backyard where it should be. So now MY BENCH is a "pop of color" on an otherwise dark front porch.
Here I am relaxing on my bench before it was painted.
Well, I thought you'd all like to know.

Love, Benchless Cinnamon

Friday, December 12, 2014

Squirrel Tourism

Bratty little squirrel
I just got back from the best car tour EVER! In fact, it was so fun, I've decided to invent a new type of tourism. There is agri-tourism and even atomic tourism. This I will call SQUIRREL TOURISM, one of the best ways for a dog to tour a town!

Last night we had a big wind storm. The trees swayed and blew down lots of branches. The branches covered the streets. I imagine the squirrels were really scared last night.

So, as we did errands (again) we drove down some neighborhood streets that were covered in little Douglas fir branches. And, guess who was scampering among the branches and crossing the streets right and left? SQUIRRELS!

As we slowly drove the streets I barked at one squirrel after the next. THIS WAS FUN! I had the greatest car ride.... touring neighborhoods with storm damage and SQUIRRELS IN THE STREETS!

I think someone like Santa Fe Travelers, who take people on tours, should develop a side business. How about SQUIRREL TOURISM, Billie and Steve? Don't you think dogs would sign up for the tours? I sure would!
For the best squirrel tourism experience, sit in the front seat.

I did so much barking and looking out the windows, I got all worked up. When I got home all I wanted to do is CHASE SQUIRRELS!

I think I am over my stomach ailment. Arooooo!

Love, Cinnamon, the Squirrel Tourist

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

What to do about a vomiting dog?

Sick Day
Disclaimer: The following discussion my be offensive to some humans

I got sick yesterday afternoon. I was fine in the morning but by early afternoon my stomach was really upset. I vomited all my breakfast. And then I went outside and vomited four more times until there was nothing more in my stomach. And then I stopped.

But my owner was worried. She'd read about really bad problems like Bloat and Intestinal Blockage and more. She was scared and called the veterinary office.

First off they told her it couldn't be Bloat because a dog with Bloat can't throw up anything but is trying. The dog has the dry heaves and looks bloated. This is serious. This means you need to take your dog to the Emergency Veterinary Office unless your vet is in and can see your dog right away. I learned about Bloat from this video.

They asked many questions like... was I eating mushrooms in the yard or something I am not used to eating? Did I eat part of a toy?

They got me in right away and by then I wasn't vomiting any more. The doctor was very concerned and did a thorough exam. There is so much to look for when a dog is vomiting. It could be just an upset tummy or it could be something much more serious. Here's a good article about veterinary care for a vomiting dog.

So the doctor said I couldn't have dinner and could have only a little water. I didn't care about dinner anyway. I did drink a little water when I got home. But mostly I wanted to go to bed and rest. It had been a traumatic day. I don't know what was worse... the vomiting or the veterinary exam!

So now it is day #2 of sick dog. I slept a lot last night and got up late. I went outside but didn't chase the squirrels too much. Well, maybe a little. I did decide I wanted to eat. I only was given a 1/4 of what I usually eat. I was told it was for my own good. My owner followed me around all morning so I didn't eat grass or anything (I didn't want any).

I took a nap and then got invited on a car ride. We did errands in the rain. I enjoyed looking out the window. I felt better than yesterday. When I got home, I went outside a little and then decided to take a nap (again).

So if I keep my TINY BREAKFAST down, I can have a TINY DINNER and see how that goes. So far, so good.

My advice to a dog who is vomiting multiple times is to CALL YOUR VET AND ASK THEIR ADVICE. I'm glad I did.

Love, Cinnamon on the mend

Monday, December 8, 2014

I get into MORE Mischief!

Here's the squirrel toy. Looks real, doesn't it?
Today my owner had to do errands that took up THE WHOLE CAR! So I wasn't invited to ride along.

Instead, since we cleaned up the garage, I was ushered to the garage to stay while she was gone. It wasn't too bad. My bed was there, freshly draped in a blanket. My crate was there and a ball to play with (A MEASLY BALL!). I didn't get too upset because I had a plan.

Once she drove away, I checked out the bags and boxes that were left in the garage after our move. I was on the hunt for something good. No food was found.

But in the back, near the Christmas decorations I found a VERY INTERESTING BAG! Inside the bag was something very clearly meant for ME! Now, I can tell the difference between dog toys and other things. I'm very smart that way. And in this bag were TWO DOG TOYS!

I got so excited! I pulled out the squirrel looking toy and chewed on that for awhile. It squeaked. Then I went back to the bag and pulled out a large floppy toy. I shook it. I chewed on it. Boy was that fun. TWO NEW TOYS!  Life was good, even if I was locked in the garage.
Here I am with my new toy.
Notice I am keeping an eye on the squirrels outside while I play with it!

When my owner got home she took one look at the toys and let me in the house to play with them. Then she told me. THOSE WERE MY CHRISTMAS TOYS! I found a bag with my gifts. They weren't wrapped yet.

Now I feel bad. I wonder if this means I won't get anything for Christmas!

Love, Cinnamon with two new toys

Why Cinnamon Felt Punished!

When we moved, I had to spend most of the time in the car sleeping.
Well, I am settling into the new house, chasing the squirrels away and adjusting to limited Internet. We still don't have that magic cable that will bring us full service including TV.

I have to say, there was a "little" incident when we moved in and I truly felt I had my Internet privileges taken away because of it. I didn't understand the cable issue. SO I THOUGHT I WAS BEING PUNISHED!

You see, when we moved in, the BIG movers brought our furniture inside. They brought furniture in the front door, the back door and all around. It happened pretty fast. Once they left, my owner wanted to go back to the old house to clean, so off we went.

When we got back, I wanted to go romping in the yard. So she let me out. And then it happened. I spied an open gate. OPEN! FREEDOM! I ran through the gate and into the cul de sac. The movers had forgotten to close the gate and my owner didn't check!

I didn't even look back.  I trotted across the street and went down the sidewalk. I love being free! I made it about two blocks and then decided to turn onto a side street.  I thought there were tons of squirrel trees down there. I kept going and then, since I didn't see any squirrels, thought I'd look for people with treats. I didn't think about going home because I think I forgot how to get back!

I smelled dogs at a nice house so I walked up to the door. No one opened it. I guess you have to ring the doorbell first. All of a sudden a young man came out of the house next door. He said, "Who are you and what are you doing here?" He looked at my collar... my dress collar with my name, phone number, and home town. So then he asked the lady in the house if she was taking care of me. "Nope, I don't know who she is."

So then the young man called my owner. I wasn't sure that was a good idea. I wanted to explore some more. I wasn't ready for my freedom to end. I'd only been on the lam for 20 minutes!
Here I am in my dress collar with my phone number on it.

After a second call, my owner came driving down the street. DRAT!  She was really happy to see me. She told the people she'd been walking all over the park calling my name. She clipped my leash on and I wasn't sure I wanted to get in the car. I LIKE FREEDOM! But I gave in and went in the car. Home again! GATE LOCKED!

So when I wanted to get on the Internet to tell everyone about my adventures, THERE WAS NO INTERNET! I really thought I had my Internet privileges revoked. I THOUGHT I WAS PUNISHED!

But I wasn't. I was ok. I won't say I wouldn't do this again. I never think of consequences when I see an open gate or a hole in a fence. I just consider the possibilities!

Love, Cinnamon

Friday, December 5, 2014

Cinnamon breaks the silence - Moving and Doing Errands

Well, I finally got permission to use the Internet. My owner doesn't have cable yet but she's using a Verizon signal to get some Internet. She said if I didn't use too much data, I could write and blog. YAY!

I hate not sharing the ups and downs of my life. So now I can tell you what's really been going on and let you know that I am ok, really!

So as most of you know we moved. It was a gradual torturous transition. I got to play in the yard at the new house about an hour a day... that's all. All she did was pack and unpack and talk to Mike the painter.  Finally we said good-bye to Mike and it was MOVING DAY. Moving Day was the most boring day I have experienced to date. 

Here's the truck in front of our old house. They did a great job!
At 8:15 a.m., a BIG truck pulled up in front of our town house. It was BIG Al's moving service. Out of the truck came three guys. And two of them were REALLY BIG. You see, the company is owned by a Samoan family and these Samoan men were REALLY BIG. They could lift anything.  I have to say that the average sized guy was strong too! They were very careful and even asked that we wrap my dog bed in plastic.

I got put in the car while they loaded up our furniture, including my crate and cushy bed. I didn't get to help. I didn't get to say hi to them or ANYTHING. I just stayed in the car and slept. I was so bored.

Within a couple of hours, the BIG AL van was loaded with all of our furniture. We headed over to the new house. I thought I'd get to romp in the yard for the rest of the afternoon. BUT NOOOO!

I got only one break and then it was back in the car while they unloaded our furniture. Since they were SO BIG it didn't take them much time at all. I got to play in my yard a bit before we went back to the old house to clean. Boring!

So what's life like in the new house? Well, we started doing something instead of going to the dog park. It's called "doing errands."  I guess there is lots to do in getting a new home fixed up. We go to Home Depot (where I get to walk around and see my friends in the orange aprons). We go to Pier 1 imports and I have to stay in the car. We go to the glass company, and I have to stay in the car. Mostly we just ride around and I HAVE TO STAY IN THE CAR.

Here's my friend at Home Depot. We do lot's of errands there.
I'd much rather be in a routine where we go for walks, shop at Petco, and go to the dog park. WILL IT EVER HAPPEN? I guess not as long as there are things to do for the house. WHEN WILL IT EVER END?

Here I am enjoying a sunbeam in my new home. This is a rare opportunity because
See the artwork on the floor? It isn't hung yet because we have to
DO AN ERRAND to get picture hooks. Jeesh!
As always, sympathy is welcome!

Love, Cinnamon