Friday, December 20, 2013

Cinnamon Gets an Edible Christmas Card!

This has been a week of treats and surprises. I LOVE CHRISTMAS! Yesterday I got a red envelope in the mail addressed to me!
This is what came in the mail TO ME!

It looked like any normal Christmas card but when we opened it, there was something special inside... it was a Christmas card that I COULD EAT! Well, play with, anyway.

It was from my #1 fan in Arkansas. She is so good to me. She's the one that sent me my special Doggie Quilt. So I was given the card to play with (and chew). Crunch Cards are 100% natural rawhide and non-toxic ink. But it does say that dogs have to be supervised so they don't swallow big chunks of the card or anything.

This is one card I am allowed to chew on!
So when my owner left the room she put my Christmas Card up on the counter. She was upstairs and I sat in front of that counter and barked for it! So she came back down and let me have it for awhile more. It is a real treat. My teeth are getting a good work-out.

So #1 Fan.... Thank you for this really neat Christmas Card!

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