Saturday, August 30, 2014

Exploring Dog Friendly Kitsap Peninsula: Point No Point Lighthouse and Beach

Like I said yesterday, I wanted to explore more of the Kitsap Peninsula. So as soon as it stopped raining today, we hopped into the car and headed north... to Point No Point. What's the point? (ha ha) Well, we were told that Point No Point Beach was a great one for dogs like me!

They had lots of these in Haida Gwaii
We drove through the woods. It wasn't all that far from the Poulsbo area. We were on the road to Hansville.

Soon I saw the Salish Sea (I guess they also call it Puget Sound). There was a float plane flying overhead which reminded me of Haida Gwaii. I was worried that it might be crowded at Point No Point because it was a holiday weekend. I don't like to be bothered when I am exploring beaches!

Imagine my surprise when we pulled up to the parking lot right at Point No Point Lighthouse. There was plenty of room for ME! First thing we did was head for the beach. It's a Kitsap County Beach so I didn't have to use any of my blogging income for fees. Yay! This beach had nice sand, driftwood and plenty of shells. There were some people fishing. One guy caught a Silver but didn't offer to show it to me. Others were off shore in fishing boats trying to catch SALMON!
Here I am on the Point No Point Beach. I love beaches!
As I walked down the beach, I was left pretty much alone to sniff the sea life, climb on driftwood and enjoy the sea air ruffling my floppy ears. Crows cawed at me.

I loved my time there listening to the water lapping on the shore and hunting for stuff in the sand. I found a driftwood shelter and thought it would make an amazing beach house for ME, CINNAMON!
Don't you think this would make a great driftwood beach house for ME?
Reluctantly I walked back to the lighthouse area. I was really surprised when the docent at the lighthouse INVITED ME IN AND OFFERED ME SOME WATER! Wow! I soon learned that the Point No Point Lighthouse is the oldest on Puget Sound. It was built in 1879. They sure take good care of it. There was lots to see in the museum including a huge fog horn. There was a ladder up to the fresnel lens but they wouldn't let me climb up there. They offered us a guided tour but I just preferred to sniff around and look for dog-related things.
Here's the light station. They were really nice to me there.
Soon we left the lighthouse and went over to a two story house that once housed the lighthouse keeper and his family. But now people (but NO dogs) can stay there overnight. I'd love to do that, especially during a storm, but I guess that won't happen.
Here's the Keepers Quarters
We walked back down on the beach for a little bit and I loved looking at the boats. I wished I was on one... fishing.
Dream on, Cinnamon. Dream on!
Oh yes, wanna know why Point No Point is called that? Well, back in the 1840's the Wilkes Expedition arrived in the area. They thought the point there would be a really big one. But it wasn't. It was just a small point. So they were disappointed (pun intended) and named it Point No Point. Sour grapes, I guess.

I liked it there. It's a great place for a walk, for beach combing and maybe even for a stay in a driftwood dog house!

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