Tuesday, November 26, 2013

More Bed Wars: It's a double this time

Here I am on TWO PADS!
Hi, it's me, Cinnamon. I'm home now. As the sun was setting over the Columbia River last night my owner FINALLY picked me up from the Doggie Country Club. I wasn't concerned, though. I was playing with my beagle friend. I was just a little concerned about who would be feeding me dinner!

Once I got home, I looked around and saw that my bed STILL WAS NOT BACK! I did find out that there is a reason for the delay and it is a sad one. But I won't go into that now.

So what my owner did was make a DOUBLE BED for me out of my two crate pads thinking that would make up for the absence of my real bed. I tried it but in the middle of the night ended up ripping the covers off and sleeping on only one pad. And then about 7 a.m. I scratched on my owner's bedroom door to see if she might let me on the furniture for the rest of my snoozing. Well, that didn't work. So I am going back to bed on my crate pad now!

I did find out that she is packing. I think I heard her say that we are going to visit my Country Cousins. Now that will be fun! I'll take pictures of me and my cousins around the Thanksgiving table and post them here. But for now, I'm still needing more sleep. The Doggie Country Club takes a lot out of me!.... all that playing.... all that socializing and networking.

Love, Cinnamon

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