Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving: Cousin #4 is the Best!

Late last night a dark shadow darted out of the newly arrived car. I was almost ready for bed. I wasn't quite ready for what happened.

Here I am meeting cousin #4 - The Best Cousin!
The black shadow darted into the back yard. The bundle of muscles and energy had arrived. I was told that Sampson was here!

I wasn't sure whether or not to be afraid or get excited. The other dogs were introduced first. Remi growled and was annoyed with the new arrival. Indy got excited.

Now it was my turn. The black bundle of energy made a run for me. I had to think fast... snap or play? Snap or Play? PLAY!

All at once I looked at this huge black furry animal and decided that deep down Sampson was only a puppy. AND SAMPSON LIKED TO PLAY!

Here I am playing with Sampson.
We played until we were kicked outside. And then we stopped and listened for coyotes. I showed Sampson how to sniff along the fence line for bunnies. I told Sampson how Uncle Tom would give us treats if we were good.
If we are good Uncle Tom gives us treats!

So Thanksgiving morning dawned. I gave up on watching Glenda cook as I had found a new best thing to do.... PLAY WITH SAMPSON!

We romped, we bit each other's faces and we got kicked outside many, many times! I love my new cousin. He is nothing but fun!

But right now, I think I'd better take a nap. There's going to be much eating and playing at the Country Cousins' house this afternoon!

Right now I am very THANKFUL for FAMILY!

Love, Cinnamon

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