Friday, November 8, 2013

Don't Squirrels Hibernate?

He's saying: "Hey Dog, come and get me!"
I haven't seen squirrels out for a week or so now. I've hunted along the Burnt Bridge Creek Trail, at the Ross Dog Park and of course in my own backyard. I thought I might have scared away those pesky creatures or I thought maybe they were hibernating.

So I did a little Internet reading about squirrels and hibernation and found THIS out! Gray squirrels and their relatives: No, they don't hibernate. They build a leafy nest in a tree, and spend most of the winter trying to stay out of the wind. They come down to forage for acorns, beechnuts, etc on the forest floor, especially when the weather is calm.

So that's what's going on. They are just hunkering down during the bad weather waiting for a nice day to come out and BUG ME!
I'm saying: "I'm gonna get you!"

So yesterday, when the sun came out after the big wind storm, guess who was sitting there on MY FENCE! It was that squirrely squirrel. He was sitting there eating an acorn or something taunting me. He flicked his tail and that made me really mad.

So I ran out the sliding glass door and by the time I got to the fence, he had high-tailed it (literally) into the woods and back to his oak tree.

I could smell his stinky scent. I could hear his scratchy little nails on the bark. I HAD JUST MISSED HIM!

Well, now that I know that squirrels don't hibernate, I'll be on the lookout all over Vancouvria!

Vancouver, USA... my home which is full of squirrels, unfortunately!


  1. Emmi and Davie sympathies with you they have to deal with pesky Red Squirrels.

  2. Cinnamon says:"I'll be red squirrels are worse than grey squirrels!"


Thanks for your comment. Love, Cinnamon