Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Somethin's Goin' Down at MY HOUSE

It's been a weird day. My owner has been busy organizing. She took folding tables out to the car. She put some plastic bins in the car. There was no room FOR ME TO GO TO THE DOG PARK!

All of a sudden, this evening, I spied this.... my box of Merrick's Lamb, Apple and Rice food samples were out by the garage door WITH A NOTE. And the note was about ME! It said to feed me two packages for breakfast and two for dinner.


I'll bet I am headed for the Doggie Country Club. I'm always up for a little bit of play at the Country Club and some fun with the nice people there. But you know what? It is going to be in the 20's tonight. Do you think their private cabin heaters will be working? Will they adjust the thermostat if I get cold? I SIMPLY DON'T KNOW! I have never been to the County Club when it was cold out. Oh woe is me! What a worry!

Hey, do they have ice skating since the pool will probably be frozen over? Oh woe is me!

I know I am going. But it might be awhile before I can report back. Meanwhile, I'll quit fretting about my bed and just be thankful for my warm home for ONE MORE NIGHT!

Signed, A worried Cinnamon


  1. Girlfriend. Let us know how it goes. I feel ya. I get pretty anxious when I see my people take out their suitcases. Your phurry Philly phriend, Dino

  2. Cinnamon Says, "Oh Dino, we are doomed to a life of anxiety as we belong to travel writers!"


Thanks for your comment. Love, Cinnamon