Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bed Wars!

Here's how she thought I should sleep
I am totally disgusted. My bed was left (by my owner) at the B&B in Haida Gwaii. It won't be here until a few more weeks.

So I decided to adopt the green chair as MY NEW BED. That was met with "No, Cinnamon... OFF!

And, if you follow my life here, you'll know that my owner took my comforter (the bed substitute) and washed it. Then she took my crate pad and my beloved dog quilt and made a bed for me in her office UNDER THE TABLE.

I tried it out and DID NOT LIKE IT. So each time she left the room, I pulled the pad out further and further into the room to see if I could make it more comfortable. Well, that didn't work.
Here I am. I moved my bed substitute out from under the table.
Then I went on strike!

So last night I decided TO GO ON STRIKE! I refused to sleep on any of the so-called bed substitutes and just slept on the carpet. Now I stayed where I was supposed to be just to make my point. But, I am at war with the bed substitute idea.

There is nothing like my very own bed and I sure hope it gets here soon.

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