Sunday, November 10, 2013

Coonie Mom Has Tons of Puppies!

I was thinking of saving this picture for Mother's Day but I had to share it. This is Juanita. She was rescued by a Coonhound Rescue group. Last night she (and a few humans too) were up all night. She was having puppies... slowly. One was even breech.

But by this morning look at all the puppies she had! I think she is an amazing example of womanhood. She was without a family and now has more family than she could ever dream of!


But I remember when I had my puppies. I didn't get to keep them very long. So I wish Juanita lots of love and coonie kisses and hope she enjoys her pups as long as she can.

And I hope they all find good homes... and I hope the best home is saved for Juanita. She sure deserves it!

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  1. She's a sweetie and if her babies are even 1/2 as sweet a her they'll be super adoptable!!


Thanks for your comment. Love, Cinnamon