Sunday, November 17, 2013

Food Pick Up Day!

Today's the day! Today's the day! We got to go pick up MY FOOD! We belong to a group of dogs and dog owners who are lucky enough to get their food at wholesale prices AND get extra treats and samples thrown in. I love it! I loved today!

Here I am with ALL MY FOOD!

I was thinking of doing a "Haul Video" but my owner nixed that. She's still not feeling tip top. If I get to do a Haul Video some time I'm going to go through all the packets of samples and foods and tell you my opinion of each one. It would be SO MUCH FUN! Maybe, then, I could invite some dogs over for a tasting. We'd all rate each food and come up with a score... kinda like Wine Spectator Magazine.

But back to reality. This was fun enough. I ended up with a 30 pound bag of Merrick's Lamb, Apple and Rice food. Then I got some Merrick's Lamb Treats and some canned foods to try. I like them mixed in with the kibble for something different. And then I got some bags of treats and food samples. I have enough food that I am ready for whatever disaster might befall us... a storm, a tree falling on the house, a squirrel invasion or even FIREWORKS!

All this should last me at least two months and if I ration out the treats, maybe longer. And if I don't have my friends over for a tasting party.... even LONGER!

I just wanted to share with you my good day and ALL THE FOOD I GOT!



  1. What a great idea. Bogie wishes there was something like that in Tucson. Maybe there is and he just hasn't sniffed it out yet. Better get searching.

  2. Please add me to the invite list for the tasting----Your phurry Philly phriend, Dino


Thanks for your comment. Love, Cinnamon