Monday, November 11, 2013

I am NOT a cow!

Here I am looking for the absolute best grass.
It was a great day at Ross Dog Park. It was a great day for eating grass. I love the delectable broad leafed long grasses lightly dressed with a hint of dew. I know exactly where the best stands of grass are at Ross.

But today, as most dogs chased balls, chased each other and romped with frisbees in their mouths, I spent most of my time EATING GRASS. I love the stuff. This is Farm to Table at its best. I spent so much time eating grass, passersby noticed me. "She must be a COW!" "That dog must have an upset stomach."

My owner, basking in the sun, was a bit more patient with me today. I got to eat about as much as I wanted.

When other dogs came by to see what I was doing, I ignored them. If they wanted to play, I scowled at them. I was busy eating.... GRASS!

Just so you don't worry, I eat good dog food that includes peas. I've always eaten grass. It's nothing new. Now just leave me alone!

Why do dogs eat grass - From PetMD

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