Saturday, November 30, 2013

Gettin' Wild on Thanksgiving

Here's Cousin Sampson and I getting wild!
Hi, it's me, Cinnamon. I'm home now resting up after a wild Thanksgiving at the Country Cousins' home. I could hardly keep awake on the ride home. I was so, so tired!

Well, if you read about my cousins you'll remember Sampson, the huge black lab. Sampson and I hit it off right away and liked to romp and play together. But it wasn't until after Thanksgiving dinner that we really got in trouble.

Here's what happened. We were all very good during Thanksgiving dinner. We laid on the carpet while the people ate all the TURKEY! We kept our noses off the table. We didn't whine and we didn't play. So you could imagine how much energy we had after the dishes were cleared and the people were having their pie in the livingroom.

Sampson and I exploded with JOY! We started slowly... playing "mouthy face." But then we started running around the couch. Of course we got escorted outside after that.

When we came in Sampson and I talked things over. I said, "If we go upstairs, we can play on the landing. That won't bother anyone.... LET'S GO!"  So we bounded up the stairs and romped around on the landing. We had a great time. Now the landing wasn't all that large so Sampson said, "I'll bet you can't beat me racing down the stairs!"
Here's Sampson and I after we were banished outside.

And we were off, we ran down the stairs (I beat Sampson, by the way) and ran up again and then circled the landing for a huge race down the stairs again. We sounded like the thundering hooves of horses. WOO HOO! Sampson made it down the stairs but Aunt Glenda was right there at the bottom. I was going so fast I couldn't stop. SHE CAUGHT ME! I yelped with surprise. I had to be going 60 mph! She held me tight and reprimanded me.

THE FUN WAS OVER! We were told to STOP! To calm down. And we did, reluctantly.

It was kinda like this story..... We were the best Bumpus Hounds ever!

So that is how our Thanksgiving ended.... we got in trouble.

Love, Cinnamon, the fast hound

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