Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Living it up at the Country Cousins'

Here I am riding shotgun on the way to the
Country Cousins' House
Yesterday I just wanted to sleep in but oh no.... it was in the car and off on a road trip! We were headed for the Country Cousins' home in rural Kitsap Peninsula.... in the woods where the rabbits and deer are.

I tried to stay awake during the trip. I even got to ride shotgun but that didn't work. I nodded off constantly and didn't perk up until we headed across the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. I looked down at the water and it reminded me of my time on the island in Haida Gwaii... those were good times. I was a salty sea dog then.
Here's where my cousins live

Soon we pulled off onto a country road and headed into the woods. I could smell those bunnies waiting for me!

When we got there Aunt Glenda had everything organized. Since there were going to be FOUR DOGS in the house for Thanksgiving this weekend, she wanted us all to be carefully introduced to each other.

I got to go in first and greet Uncle Tom. Then she brought out Remi. Remi, if you will remember, is the growly old one who is not sure he likes me. He did bark a little but then remembered that I was a cousin and mellowed out.

So then it was time for her to bring out Indy, the wild one. Indy was so excited to have company she barely noticed me. Imagine!

Here's me and my cousins getting TREATS!
So once we all got acquainted it was TREAT TIME! Uncle Tom ushered us all into the kitchen where we were offered treats if we behaved ourselves.

That began an evening of treats. Glenda was cooking and gave me tidbits. I had my dinner after that. And after that I licked Remi's and Indy's bowls. I was enjoying this treat-filled house and am beginning to find out what Thanksgiving is all about.

You might be thinking... what about the fourth dog? Well that dog is Sampson and he is a Black Lab and he is really young and full of energy. I am wondering if I can handle him. We'll see. I'll let you know when he gets here tonight. He's riding all the way from Spokane.

Meanwhile I'll go out in back and sniff for bunnies again. I like it at the Country Cousins'!

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