Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Northwest Battle Buddies: Dogs Helping Vets (A Coonie Too)

When I saw the Treeing Walker Coonhound being trained in the Northwest Battle Buddies video I was really proud of this dog. I know better than anyone how great coonhounds can be as pets and as support animals. Be sure and watch the video. It starts out with the coonhound!

The effort to rescue, adopt and train shelter dogs to become service companions for returning U.S. soldiers is getting more attention and creating a waiting list for the group that started the program.

This past Memorial Day holiday, Northwest Battle Buddies launched a 60-day campaign to raise $200,000 to train and gift 15 dogs to 15 more U.S. service men & women.

The campaign is posted on the crowd funding website  For further details and to donate, click here. Learn more about Northwest Battle Buddies at

I, Cinnamon, think this is a great idea!

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