Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Walking Wednesday: Shopping, Walking and Scaring Geese in Portland

I was getting a little
over-athletic at Pacesetter
but they were patient with me!
Hello everyone. I am becoming quite a walking dog! I did the 3 mile Humane Society walk on Saturday and then today I joined my Wednesday Walking group for a walk in SE Portland.

I never know what to expect on these walks, they go to a different place each time and follow a map, except when they don't follow the map!

I hopped in the car ready for my Wednesday Walk even before it was time! I was raring to go. I just love the people at these walks. So finally it was time to leave. We headed south, into Portland, to Pacesetter Athletic on Woodstock.

What a great place. They have all kinds of athletic gear, shoes and, outside, a water bowl FOR ME! They are dog friendly and let me inside. I hung out socializing with my walking friends who were registering for the walk.
Here I am waiting while everyone registers and stamps their books.

Then I went outside and joined the other walking dogs who were waiting for the walk to start.

We were all getting a bit bored and were glad when the group photo was announced. That means the walk is not far behind! I got in front and even turned my face toward the camera (for once!). Since I had a bath yesterday I was certain they would want ME in the picture!

Here's the cute Corgis

And another volksmarching dog.
And then our leader, Joe, announced that he had modified the walk so it would be just 5km and not longer. GO JOE! That was perfect for me.

Off we went, through beautiful neighborhoods, down a wooded path on to the Reed College campus. That is a place where they have venerable BIG trees. And you know what that means? SQUIRRELS! I kind of wanted to go squirrel hunting but had to keep up with the group.
Here we are walking on the Reed College campus.
They have squirrel trees there.

Then we went to a very fun place, the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden. What a great place! I jumped up on the wall to have my picture taken but couldn't linger long because the walkers were headed down the path. There were gorgeous flowers everywhere and a huge pond.
Here I am on the wall at the rhody garden

What was really fun was there were plenty of geese there. And the geese were scared of ME! Even though I didn't chase them, they hurried toward the water as soon as they saw me. It was beginning to be really fun and I was thinking of chasing them a bit.

Here's the geese. I scared these two into the water!
It was then that we came across a whole family of geese. I want it to be known that I DID NOT CHASE OR SCARE THEM! (of course my owner had me on a tight leash as we passed them). The babies were kind of cute.
Here's the geese family that I DID NOT scare.

Then we walked up the path where I thought I saw a few squirrels. Once we got out of the gardens and were in the neighborhood headed back I WAS SURE I SMELLED SQUIRRELS! I looked up a few trees but was asked to keep up with the group.

Know what? I didn't even get tired. Thank you JOE TITONE for letting me, Cinnamon, go with the Wednesday Walkers. That's another volkswalk for my list. I think I'd better update it.

But for now, I think I need a nap.

Love, Walker Cinnamon


  1. Wow, looks like you saw all kindsa fun things!

  2. What a fun read. Thanks Elizabeth - Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden


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