Saturday, May 10, 2014

Please May I have this Sculpture.... Please!

The rain stopped and we headed down to Vancouver's Farmer's Market. It's a great place to go because I GET SAMPLES and people admire me. I always prance when I am headed for downtown Vancouver!

So today, we were looking for some Huckleberry Jam for my owner's friend, Carol. When we got to the jam booth, they had Huckleberry Jam and Marionberry Huckleberry jam both. My owner tasted the Huckleberry jam on a cracker. The lady at the jam booth even gave me a cracker! She was from Packer Orchards and Bakery in Hood River. They are on my "must visit" list for the Farmer's Market now. You can guess how people get on my "must visit" list.... that's right, they give ME samples!

So we enjoyed the steel drum music, looked longingly at the flowers (our yard is too small for more) and walked down by the recycled metal art. Suddenly I saw THE PERFECT SCULPTURE. It was a sculpture of ME made out of metal, a toaster and a kitchen utensil. I really wanted it. It was perfect FOR ME! But, no, I was told we had no room for this cute metal sculpture. Thanks to Sue Powers of 3 Sisters Nursery in Sandy, Oregon for letting me have my picture taken.
Please can I have this wonderful hound sculpture? Please!
So after that BIG disappointment, we went by a noodle stand. They had Maruku Southern Indian noodles in a bag. They were crunchy. I mention this booth because THEY GAVE ME A SAMPLE! We got a package to use for salad toppers. I thought they would be great sprinkled over canned dog food. But that's just my opinion.

All in all it was a good day. I love to go to the Farmer's Market. I am the best behaved dog there and people are very nice TO ME!

Love, Cinnamon, the shopper.


  1. That sculpture are so cool! We just gots a hound potholder dat looks kinda like dat - it were made from recycled car parts.

    1. Cinnamon wants you to send her a picture of "dat"


Thanks for your comment. Love, Cinnamon