Saturday, May 3, 2014

Photo Essay: 2014 Humane Society for Southwest Washington Walk Run for the Animals

 I did it! I walked the 3 mile walk for the animals at the Humane Society for Southwest Washington. Today was such a great day. We animals with loving homes walked for those that do not have homes. But between you and me, it was all about TREATS AND DOGGY FRIENDS!

I've put together a photo essay so you can see you great this event was. It was the best dog event I have ever been to. It was well organized and focused on MY FUN AND MY COMFORT! I loved it. So here's the photos:
Good Morning. It's walk day. Here I am half asleep.
But I have my official walker scarf on... ready to go!

Here I am checking the weather. I am glad the sun wasn't out.
I didn't want to get overheated

Here I am carbo-loading.
I needed a good breakfast because I was going to walk 3 whole miles!
We arrived at the event early. Here's the famous Vancouver Salmon Run Clock Tower
But Look! There's a huge bull next to it!
We checked out that bull but what we dogs were after
were the treats! See how this dog is pulling his owner toward the treat tents?

Here I am getting a treat from the Battle Ground Barkery.
They work with students with disabilities in the schools.
I loved the treat! The lady was nice to me, too!
Here's another nice lady. She gave me a treat and a striped scarf.
She was from Unleashed by Petco. It's a special boutique store.
I also stopped by All Natural Pet Supply, Daisy May Dog Treats, Mud Bay and Clark Dog Paw. Most of the booths with treats gave me coupons too! I have never seen so many dog-oriented booths and they were all so nice to me.

I liked this booth with the cuddly stuffed dogs.

At the Clark Dog Paw booth I met this nice lady with a parrot!

I also met this bulldog!

Here I am with my friends from Clark Dog Paw. I am a member!

This dog gets my vote for the cutest at the event!

Here's another pretty cute dog raring to go!

I even saw a miniature horse. This horse walked the whole event!

This beautiful dog is a die-hard Blazer fan.

Things got started with Mayor Tim Leavitt talking about how
dog friendly Vancouver is. I totally agree.
But he then admitted he is too busy to own a dog.
He's missing out!

People started moving to the starting line. Runners went first.
I made sure to got near the front because I am a fast walker and
I was full of treats and energy!

There go the runners!

We were off on our BIG WALK. It went by the Mighty Columbia River

There must have been hundreds of dogs!

The lines of walkers went as far as the coonie eye could see.

They had plenty of water for us... and a first aid tent too.
 I had about the best time any dog could have. I walked fast, didn't stop and sniff much and stayed away from the overly intrusive dogs. I did 3 miles in an hour. I AM WALKER CINNAMON!

I am going to do this event every year. Thank you HUMANE SOCIETY FOR SOUTHWEST WASHINGTON for a great day and for caring about us animals!

And thank you to my donors and supporters. I love you!

Love, Walker Cinnamon

If you are in one of the photos, help yourself for personal use. If you wish to use any of the photos for commercial or public use, just ask. They are copyright: Elizabeth R. Rose Larger sizes are available by request. Enjoy! 

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