Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Cinco de Mayo: Not as Bad as I Thought

This looked like a party that was not to include dogs!
Yesterday, I knew something was up. It was Cinco de Mayo, the celebration of El Día de la Batalla de Puebla, which commemorates the Mexican army's unlikely victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. But most people here just think it's an excuse to drink Margaritas.

Back to mi casa. There were papel picado banners being strung, enchiladas in the oven and tons of plates on the table. Somehow I knew it wasn't to be a dog party. Somehow I knew this celebration was not going to include ME!

So I wasn't all that surprised when after my dinner (of kibble, mind you), I was escorted up to the office where my crate is. First I was just shut in the office and I howled and bayed up a storm. I LOVE PARTIES! And my scratching on the door earned me a one way ticket into my crate. Ay! I new I wasn't invited for sure. So I made a fuss and then settled down for a long nap.
Here I am getting really ticked off about
the papel picado banners in my backyard. Grrrr.

Then I heard some of my friends downstairs... MY FRIENDS were at the party. Since they were people friends they were invited. They were laughing and talking and EATING... WITHOUT ME!

Around about 8 p.m. I decided to call it a night and curl up into a big coonie ball and drift off to sleep. It was then that my friend Nancy DEMANDED THAT I BE LET OUT OF THE CRATE TO JOIN THE PARTY!

It was fiesta time for Cinnamon. I woke up slowly. But when I got my striped party scarf put on me, I perked up. I WAS GOING TO CELEBRATE CINCO DE MAYO, albeit a little late.

Here's what they were eating at the party.
There was nothing left for me!
I ran downstairs and greeted nice Nancy and even some new people I hadn't met before. They were all nice. I got petted and admired. I love that.

I kind of made a fool of myself and rolled over and asked to have my tummy scratched. I made the rounds, got petted and the nice ladies took my picture. Unfortunately the enchiladas were all gone but I searched really hard for any scraps that might have fallen to the floor. That's my job you know!

Then I went out in the backyard for awhile. The partiers weren't too quick to let me back in but since I had my striped party scarf on they recognized me and let me in.

At the end of the evening as the people were leaving, I went out side and SAW AN ENORMOUS CAT on the railing next door. I got really MAD! I ran at the fence, bayed and told that Gato off, big time.
Here I am in my party scarf. Ole'

All, in all, I had a nice Cinco de Mayo. And, since I got to the party SO LATE I didn't even over-do the cerveza!

Sinceramente, Cinnamon

P.S. I want to apologize to everyone because I didn't take a bath yesterday. I didn't know I was going to join the party so I know I still smelled like the dog park!

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