Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sometimes a Walk is the Best Medicine!

This is the club that put on the walk.
I am a fair weather walker but they let me walk their event!
You all know about the rabbit escapade, right? Well, I just haven't been feeling good ever since. My tummy was upset, I was tired and I didn't really want to eat much.

I felt a bit better this morning so really made an attempt to drag myself out of bed. Why? There was a volkswalk scheduled in the Tenny Creek area of Vancouver and I wanted to go. I missed my Wednesday Walking and my weekend walking since I spent a week at the Country Club boarding place. So I got up and got ready to go. I didn't want breakfast (so what's new?)

We drove up to a big church where the event was being held. The All Weather Walkers had everything set up and we registered. I opted for the 6K walk because it was the shortest distance they offered. (I was still recovering, you know.)
The gardens in the residential area were beautiful.
But my favorite yard was the one with the squirrel.

We got a yellow map but I was smart. I just followed the people in front of me. Piece of cake! I didn't get lost once! I am fast becoming an experienced volksmarcher.

It was a nice walk through suburban areas and through some greenways and parks. But the best part of the walk was along one of the residential streets.

I was walking along, admiring the roses, and all of a sudden I spied a squirrel! I think the squirrel saw me first because he took off running. I tried to chase him but, alas, I was on my leash. He jumped into the bushes and then came out on the other side and climbed up a fence. I REALLY SCARED HIM!

That was really great. It was a dog adrenaline rush for sure. Another good part of the walk was the Tenny Creek Neighborhood Park.  I liked the trail and the woods. I didn't do much hunting there but it had potential.

Here I am sniffing around the Tenny Creek
Park sign.
As we went through a sports complex I heard my name being called. I turned around and saw MY FRIENDS from Wednesday Walking... Dick and Carolyn and the other Dick. They are 10K fast walkers but I like them anyway. I was excited to see friends and get petted.

After that excitement, it was time to finish the walk. (I was about finished anyway.) The All Weather Walkers were very dog friendly. They had a bowl of fresh water waiting for me. Thanks, guys!!
The All Weather Walkers had some water waiting for me.
They knew just what I needed after my 6K walk!

And, after the 6K walk, instead of feeling sick and tired, I FELT MUCH BETTER! I think a good volkswalk and seeing my friends was good for what ailed me. VOLKSMARCHING IS GOOD MEDICINE!

When I got home I ate ALL my breakfast!

Love, Cinnamon the healed hound


  1. That sounds like a pawsome walk-- I luvs seein' da skwirrelies on our walks and makin' 'em run up da tree...

  2. Yeah, chasin skwerrils is da best!


Thanks for your comment. Love, Cinnamon