Thursday, May 29, 2014

Spa Day for Cinnamon: But not voluntarily

Hi everyone. It's me, Cinnamon. Right now I am running around like crazy trying to dry off. You see, I was treated to a bath and, although, I love being pretty, I really don't like baths. 

Here's how it went down. First, my owner informed me that it was time for a bath. I tried to hide on my bed (my safe zone, usually). That didn't work so I retreated to my crate. Since I wouldn't come out voluntarily my owner "helped" me out and directed me to the bathroom. Fully understanding that I had lost the "spa control battle" I voluntarily went into the bathroom. She turned the water on and I jumped in. (Aren't you impressed?) Yes, I jumped in but I had a dirty look on my face for all the world to see!

This expression is called "stink eye"
Then came the shampoo. I have a special pet shampoo so my skin doesn't dry out. It smells really good to humans. 

Then it was time to rinse off and towel down. That is the absolute best part. I love being toweled off and it also signals the end of bath time. Yay!

Here I am drying off. Notice that I get really close to the door so I can make my getaway!
Now after I get out of the bathroom, the fun starts. I run around like crazy, roll on the rug, play with my toys and even get a treat as a reward. 

You'd better put that D@#!M camera away or I'm calling the Humane Society!
Why did I have a bath? Well, I am going to the Country Cousins this weekend and something special is happening there. They are having a Fiesta for Samson's family. It is called a couple's shower. I'll bet it will be fun. I hope Samson is there so we can have fun like we did last time (the time we got in trouble for having too much fun).

I'll tell you more about that, but for now I need to get dry!

Love, Cinnamon the clean Coonie

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  1. I luv gettin baths, but I thinks dat are pretty rare.


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