Thursday, January 16, 2014

Neighborhood Cat Patrol

It's kind of boring in the house today. We're waiting for a repairman. So I decided to go upstairs and stand watch.

And what did I see? A CAT! It was one of the neighborhood cats who freely roam right by MY HOUSE any time they want. In fact, this cat sits on any porch he chooses to INCLUDING MINE!

So you could imagine how enraged I got when I spied the cat from my 2nd floor lookout. The cat nonchalantly walked over to a neighbor's porch and plopped himself down on their doormat like he owned the place.

Here's the cat allegedly sitting on my neighbor's door mat.
So here's what I did:

I stood up on my hind legs to give the cat "the evil stink eye"

I bayed and bayed and bayed. Arooooo!
And then I watched to see what would happen.
Job done! Time for a break!
So I took care of that cat in short order. Let's see if he DARES to return!

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