Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Cinnamon Celebrates National Squirrel Appreciation Day

This bratty animal is celebrating today.
Yes, it's real. This truly is a whole day set aside for my arch enemy, the squirrel! So I have to appreciate those pesky little beasts that come into my yard and taunt me. But I do appreciate them and here is why:

1. Squirrels keep me alert

2. Squirrels give me something to look for when I am walking by trees.

3. Squirrels plant seeds and acorns (sometimes in my potted plants).

4. Squirrels are job security for ME

5. Squirrels are better than RATS!
Here I am smelling
where the squirrel has been

So I am going to celebrate by patrolling my yard for Squirrels. And If I see one, I will chase it away.... but not until I wish it A HAPPY SQUIRREL APPRECIATION DAY!

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  1. Happy National Squirrel Day to you as well!!! Squirrels are my mom and dad's favorite animal! Both for VERY different reasons! :)

  2. Oh man those peskies get a day of appreciation? ??

    I rammed into a fence chasing them last time

    1. Cinnamon says: "Peskies...that is what they should be called. Some people think they are cute. Can you believe it?"


Thanks for your comment. Love, Cinnamon